Friday, July 29, 2022

A day at grandmas

We had a busy day at grandmas today 
First we did some art 

Then we had to feed the baby 

I took my baby and waved goodby as I walked off to find a good place to put her to bed 

And we had some yummy lunch and made faces at grandma while she was taking photos 

Now daddy is here and we will be going home soon 
Grandma is exhausted 
But we had oh so much fun 

Thursday, July 28, 2022


After today I’m as free as a bird 
And back to my usual routine 
Although I might still take it nice and slow

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Feeling better.

Hubby and I are feeling much better. 
All I have now is the occasional coughing fit, 
It’s great to be able to just sit and rest and keep warm with my blankets, fire and Crochet 

I went outside to bring in anything that needed harvesting 
I defrosted some meat from the freezer and a few tubs of the summer veggies I’d process 
And with todays harvest I’ve got two big meals cooking 

In here I’m making a kinda chowmein, spicy meat dish.

In here there is osso bucco again with lots of vegetables from the summer and current gardens 

It’s very satisfying knowing I’ve grown everything in these meals. 
We will be able to have lunch and dinner for the next few days all ready to just 
Heat and serve! 

It’s now raining, again. 
Although we haven’t had the amount of rain they have had up north. It’s still rather wearing 
You have to swim to get to the chickens and the mud is everywhere 

So now I’ll rest and keep working on the new mosaic blanket
Once the second pattern is done I’ll give you a preview 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Saturday covid style

I’m sitting under a blanket working on a new mosaic pattern trying to keep warm 

Besides cooking I’ve not accomplished much. I’m so very tired   Even feel asleep in front of the fire 

It’s currently raining, again, so staying in isn’t a hardship 
I’ll probably be in bed early again tonight 

Covid isn’t nice at all 

Friday, July 22, 2022


It had to happen 
Our worker Terry got it 
Then Mathew got it 
Then hubby and I got it 
Also why my pain levels are through the roof 

Hubby came home lunchtime and slept for the next five hours 
I plodded along and did what I could 
Both in bed by eight 
I’m awake, but he’s still fast asleep 

I know I should of used a mati pendant to protect me 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Tin man

No I’m not watching the wizard of oz 
This is exactly how I feel. Like all my joints need a good dose of oil 
I woke up at five and I couldn’t even get out of bed without crying out in pain. 
It was so cold I turned on the ducted heating and got back into bed 

The last thing I was going to do was get undressed and go swim in a cool pool 
Even though I need a walking stick to get around outside. I usually don’t in here as there 
Are plenty of things to hang on to if  my legs go from under me.  And who will see me fall 
No one except the dog. But this morning I can barely get one foot in front of the other 

After letting the heating do it’s magic for almost and hour we got up 
Hubby attended the fire while I made myself a nice little warm nest on the couch 
Even my neck is sore and turning my head is a no go right now 
So even if I decided to go swimming I can’t drive safely if I can’t turn my head to see in the blind spots 

Definitely a pj day 
Poor hubby is last man standing at work. Both our son and our long time, adopted son, worker 
Have the dreaded rona! 

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise’s not being able to go out and about
At least I haven’t had the virus, well not yet anyway 

I pray all the countries going through heat waves, and especially the ones on fire, get some relief 
And I hope all in australia stay warm and dry 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Spending the morning with grandma

Breanna being the younger daughter has never stayed with me on her own. We were always with melody 
Melody is at school now and her mummy needed to go to an appointment so Breanna came to play 

We visited the cows, she’s making the moo sounds 

We played with the cat, Agatha is gentle but Bella is the grumpy cat. We don’t play with her 

We visited the chickens and helped to feed them 

We also fed the wild ducks 

Then we went and visited the sheep and alpaca’s with grandpa 

We loved spike 

And tweetie 

But we especially love trixie and had lots of fun playing chase around the house 

It was a fun packed morning 
And now grandma is exhausted 
She’ll need a few hours rest before packing all the toys away 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Moving along

Woke up this morning and it was cold. Really cold 
This was the temp when I got back home after being at the pool for almost two hours 

I then had an ouchie massage and was told to take it easy for the rest of the day 

So I started a new mosaic blanket 

This is the first part of Rosina crochet called 
Flora’s fauna 

I miss calculated and my ladybirds are black. But the pattern is a double repeat so I’ll make sure the next set are red 

I’ve been a good girl and staying inside resting and feeding the fire with firewood trying to keep the house warm 

Hopefully it’s a tad warmer tomorrow morning. Took ages to defrost my car 

Monday, July 18, 2022

A big project

After three months of working on this off and on I’ve finally finished 
It’s not perfect. I’ve made a few boo boos. But since it’s for me I don’t care 
It’s nice and warm and a little heavy which is perfect 

Now to start another of the many patterns  I’ve accumulated 
So much to do. So little time lol 

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Simple Sunday

Today I’ll be going nice and slow. 
Yesterday I started working on the double border 
And I’ll be continuing working on it today 

Yesterday we finished our first masterpiece lol 
Our wonderful teacher has taken them to be framed. 
The first one is special 

I’ll show you a pic once I pick it up next week

Meanwhile I’ve cleaned my palette plate and gessoed my canvas. So when I need to move around due to sitting too long I can start a new practice piece 
I love mixing the colours and seeing how they work together 

It’s grey outside so I’m thinking more rain is coming 
We really have had enough for now. Thank you very much 
We want to send it to those who need it. 
Enjoy your Sunday 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Clever hubby

I’ve been pulling up weeds to feed to the chickens every day 
But my hubby has sectioned off the area next to the chicken coop let the gang 
Our to eat their fill 

I was talking to the lovey lady I bought all the chickens from and she asked for an 
Up to date pic of them.  Especially the rooster 

I told her he was growing and now crowing 
And she informed me that Brahma roosters don’t stop growing until they’re Three
Years old! 
He’s going to be a big boy 
He may be big but he is a gentle boy and looks after his girls 

Ana was here today and she was so much fun 
She’s definitely not a baby any more. She’s a toddler and so into playing with grandma 
She loves reading books 
Climbing on the couch and then jumping into my arms
And sharing her food with Trixie 

It’s been a wonderful day but I’m exhausted 
Luckily I get a whole week to recover before I get to enjoy Ana for a whole day again 

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Home stretch

I finished off the pattern part of the blanket today. 
This was the start of the last line 

Then I spent ages knotting all the loose ends 
And then I trimmed them all right back. 
Kinda like hairdressing for blankets or 

Here it is. Ready for me to start on the double border 

It will have to wait until next week now. 
Tomorrow is princess Anastasia day 

The weather is still cold and it’s rained most nights so it’s still really wet outside 
I’m now getting over the winter and want to hurry up and get to moaning about the heat of summer 

I hope the weather where you are is nice and not too extreme 

Sunday, July 10, 2022

A sneak peek

Sparkling merlot wanted a pic of the painting I’m working on in art class 
Our wonderful teacher is so supportive and the other student is so lovely
You just want to paint and you have no pressure on you at all 

She thinks we will spend another two lessons on this and then we will go onto something else 

I’m having so much fun 
I love spending that hour, that goes way to fast, every week painting in class 
I’ve painted three practice pieces here at home
And I use them to learn different techniques 
So I’ll pull them back out this week and tweak them 
Trying different methods 

It’s all practice and learning 
I’m determined to prove that art teacher wrong 

Saturday, July 9, 2022


We have rain. Lots and lots of rain 

Before redoing the drains this would of been a giant lake. 
This looks like lots of water but for the rain we have had it’s really not 

The trees look like they’re flooded but it’s only just on the surface 

You can see we raised the level. We left the grass there for the chickens to snack 

And their coop is really dry 
We will continue to add hay so they’re not walking in mud 

I fed the breakfast of a celery I harvest from the garden and a mix of chicken grain feed and layer pellets 

Pendles has started crowing so cool 

The calves are busy eating their breakfast 

Ana is here for a few hours today 
And I’ve got art class later this morning 

Meanwhile I’ll stay in here where it’s nice snd warm 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


It’s been so cold this last week
Definitely been feeling it in my bones, sinew and everywhere else! 
This was yesterday. Total white out. I had to drive to the local supermarket, 
Thankfully it’s in the next street over. I got some supplies and headed off to see my 
Baby girl and her babies 
It has been ages since we caught up my how those girls have grown 

This morning. No fog but white everywhere 
I’ve just taken these and it’s nine in the morning 
The sun is up and the ice is melting but you can still see the lawn is still pretty much crispy white 

You can. See it on the new mulch as well 

Here you can see it’s melted in the sun but where the sun hasn’t hit yet you can see the white 

I’m not doing well. 
Pain is off the scale and because of that I’ve not slept 
Hubby said I tossed and turned all night 
Sorry hubby I didn’t mean too 

So I’ve decided a big pot of soup
Made from pumpkin and sweet potato from the garden is just what I need 
Then a Harry Potter marathon snug on the couch working on my blanket 
It’s so big and heavy now it keeps you toasty warm 

For the Aussies living in the flood zone stay safe 
Hopefully the rain stops and you are all nice and dry again very soon 
Stay warm 

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Change of plans

Today hubby and I went out into the rose garden to continue pruning. 
It was much easier with a second pair of hands 

It was getting towards lunch so I got out a small container of what I thought was spaghetti sauce 
I defrosted it and it was chicken with sauce and veggies. 

So I boiled up some rice and made a kinda cheats risotto 

But as usual I cooked too much rice 
What to do?  I could of left it in the fridge to make fried rice tomorrow but as hubby was so busy outside 
I wanted to make him a treat 
He loves rice pudding. 
I had it so much as a child I haven’t made any for years. 

So I looked up the recipe and off I went 

We have both had a bowl after our lunch and this is still left 
There is enough of the risotto for hubby’s dinner and he’ll be able to have rice pudding for afterwards 
As well as tomorrow 

The rose garden is slowly coming on 
It’s looking much nicer. 
Only three rose bushes to go. I think?

I planted one little piece of pigs face two years ago and 
It took off 
It covered that wishing well and almost killed my rose bush 

I tried to start ripping it out but it was really stubborn so hubby took over 
He will get rid of the pile and he’s got some more mulch to add 

I might go back out tomorrow and see if I can finish the pruning 
It’s annoying how I can’t just do it all in one go anymore.  But it’s just not 
Worth the pain if I try 
The sun is shining at least so it was lovely just being outside 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Another Friday

Another Friday has come and gone 
This cheeky monkey is now walking everywhere and grandma is kept on her toes 
She’s still a little wobbly but oh my she gets going and goes and goes 
The whole time giggling and being so very proud of herself 

They’re really not babies for long. 
Before we know it. She’ll be off to school 
For now. I’ll treasure every day I get to spend with her