Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Potatoes and other things

I bought nine of these grow bags. I had to get them from Amazon as there 
We’re no bags at all at bunnings 

All bags have two potatoes each. Once they sprout I’ll cover them with more 
Potting mix and with a bit of luck get lots of spuds to share with my kids 

The last of the pumpkins. These had grown just as I harvested the big ones so I left them 
To see what they would do. 

They have changed colour so maybe they are good to eat. 
I’m sure they are perfect for slowcooker stews 

This is what I got from my sweet potatoes 
I’d already harvested a few big tubers but the vine has now completely died away 
This was what was under it 

Once I’ve cleaned and cut them up 
They can go with the little pumpkins into the slowcooker 

We have had lots of rain. So much rain! 
We now have mushrooms growing on our mulch 

That’s enough for today I’ve been to swim early,
Washed sheets
And fixed my painting. I had put clouds in but I didn’t like them at all 
So I’ve painted over them 

I’m now going to have a little rest before going to meet the knitting girls for lunch 
At the sports club 

I’ll tackle the roses tomorrow 
It’s all about balance these days 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Busy but slow

I’ve started on pruning the roses. 
I know I’m a tad late but circumstances kept me inside 
And even though I felt good this morning, I had a long needed sleep in,
I only got through five rose bushes before I had to stop 

Even with my new toy, a mini chain saw, that works wonderfully on the thicker 
Branches   It’s still hard work. All that bending and trying to get into little areas
Without losing skin or even an eye! 

Hubby helped by removing the branches for me 
I had quite the pile. 
I did do the five worst plants first. 

After feeding the chickens, I even gave them the weeds I pulled in the rose garden 
I started on another paining
I think the hardest thing is waiting for the layers to dry 

I did try doing one layer, trim a rose bush, do another layer 
And that helped 

I’m now inside 
Having a rest 
If I feel good this afternoon I may go out and cut back a few more roses 

Monday, June 27, 2022

We begin

Today hubby took me to get some paints so I can practice at home 
I was only going to get some basic colours and use the outside table to paint on. 
He thought that was a bad idea and bought me am easel. 
The one he first looked at was very expensive. I didn’t want to spend lots on one 
And then decide I’m never going to get this  painting thing so I picked a cheaper one 

It’s perfectly ok for me right now 
I’ve set up an area just outside my craft room 

I even found my old paint holder that. Used when I did folk art many many moons ago. 

So I started by playing with colours 
Mixing and blending 

And then I tried waves. I’m having trouble with waves 
That’s what I’m trying to practice 
Waves and clouds 

While waiting for paint to dry between layers 
I made these sausage rolls 
I’ve had one for lunch and we will have some for dinner 
There should be some left for hubby’s lunch tomorrow 

I’ve stopped painting for today 
I’m back inside, listening to an audiobook and about to pick up my crochet hook 
I’m much more confident working with yarn lol 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Working in the rain

Woke up this morning and it was raining. 
So I decided to feed the chickens under the tarp. No one likes to eat in the rain. 

Yesterday we went off to garden world a huge nursery to get me some fruit trees 
They’re mostly dwarf varieties and two of the the three apples grow in a column
So straight up.  So they don’t need lots of room between them 

We also got some thornless blackberries a couple of blueberries and a couple of raspberries  

I started by placing them around and seeing what I wanted where 

Then hubby started planting I went along and added plant food into holes and scattered 
Around each after they were planted 

We we’re almost done when it really started to come down. 
But we stayed out there till the job was done 

The chickens were not as silly, they knew to get in out of the rain 

So all plants are now safely in the ground 
The whole bed is higher than the ground around it. So hopefully they don’t get bogged 
So now all we can do is wait for spring to see then all come to life 
With a bit of luck 

Back inside 
Showered and going to spend the rest of the day in front of the fire 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Chickens and ducks

As usual I prepare the tray of bread, chicken mix seeds and some greens for the 
Pampered flock of feathered friends 

They await their breakfast and always attack it with zeal 

Lately I have been having to feed a couple of wild ducks 
They are very brave and will come right up to me while I’m preparing the morning meal 

They they go off to eat their little bit of bread either in the actual dam or in the little river beds
We made 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I’m here

The week started off well. Went swimming both Monday and Tuesday 
Did at least two hours both mornings and did coffee and shopping on Monday 
Tuesday I had the sudden urge to get home. Usually this means I’m needed 
And I was correct. Come one o’clock there is a call from daycare saying Ana is running a fever 

So daddy goes and gets her from daycare and Ana spends the rest of the day with grandma 
Wednesday I slept in. I obviously needed it and spent the day getting everything done in the house 

Too wet outside and a tad cold lol 

Wednesday night I get the call can I watch ana Thursday. Of course I can 
So she is here today. Currently having a morning sleep 

Tomorrow is here day to be here anyway so I’ll have her again 
She is not a well little girl  so many germs going round and I think we are all more susceptible 
After all the lockdowns of the last few years 

While she’s sleeping I quickly fed the chickens and did a few things outside that needed attending too 
Now I’m back inside, having a coffee 

Hopefully she will be much better by next week 
Either way I’m always here as an emergency caretaker 

Hope your all well and happy 

Monday, June 20, 2022

From the garden

Today I harvested one mini cabbage, some celery, two leeks, some perpetual spinach and one radish that was missed  

I’ve put the cabbage, half the celery and one leek in the fridge for tomorrow 

The rest was made into chicken and rice 

It smells yummy 
I bought a 2 kilo bag of chicken drumsticks and I’ve also cooked Greek chicken soup. 
Some of which I’ll freeze for when I’m too tired to cook

Besides the rice, which I had in my staples, the lemon and eggs were given to me by friends  so only the chicken was bought. It cost $7.  
Not bad for two different meals one of which we can have on at least two occasions 

Now that’s my idea of a bargain 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Winter work

The tarps on the coop were holding water. So much water it was in danger of collapse 

Hubby found this length of pipe, we don’t throw out anything. And fed it through. Under the tarp but over the wire 

We now have a peak and the water runs off. 

The old trees that had to come down. They were in danger of falling on the house, have been drying out for a year. 

The ground is really wet. There is hardly any wind 
And it’s not bitterly cold. A perfect day to burn it 

We have water on standby just in case. But seriously it’s pretty much sitting in a bog. 

While it was burning away hubby used the rotary hoe to break up the ground so we could spread it and plant 

Three passion fruit vines will hopefully grow up and along the fence 

And our first fruit tree. I’ve had it in a pot and it’s not progressing. I think it will like being in the ground much better 

I think it’s a peach. Pretty sure anyway. 
I don’t mind. I’ll eat whatever fruit it grows lol 

And here is a pic of the chickens. 
Ya know. Just because 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Art class

Had my first, definitely not my last art class today 
It was so much fun.  There is only one other student who’s as nervous as I am. But our teacher was great. 

The pic is what we are attempting to paint. Today was all about learning where the horizon is and how we see the pic and what focal point we wanted 

After an hour, that flew by! 
I had this 

We have committed to going each Saturday to continue. 
I think this is going to become another fun past  time. 

I may never become an artist. 
Actually probably  not lol. But it really is fun playing with colours. 

At least my hands look like an artist’s hand 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Post #2

Soup cooking. Chicken,veggies and noodles 
Soda bread in oven 

Here you can see just how much rain we have had 
This is the path to the chickens 

It was wet and muddy in here so hubby added lots of hay 
Got to keep the chickens feet dry and clean 

And here are lettuces growing. I just chucked in some seeds 
and they have sprouted. It’s in one of the covered wicking beds. I’ll harvest leaves as I need them

Soup and bread was delicious 
There is enough for the boys lunch tomorrow as well  

Bag is packed ready for swimming tomorrow 
Have a great week 

Feeling better

I’m finally feeling human again. 
Just a cough really now. 

So I went out, since the rains have stopped for now. And checked on the garden 

I’ve harvested kale, broccoli, celery and silver beet 

I’ve even got some sweet potato and a leek 

Not sure what I make. But I’m leaning towards a veggie soup 

It’s really wet out back so hubby is putting more hay down to keep the chickens nice and dry 

I went out with him to feed and visit.  Oh my I’m sure they have doubled in size   

They’re looking so healthy and happy. 

As soon as we can get out there and build a fence to enclose that paddock we will start to let them out to free range every day 

The sky is blue this morning but still cold 
Winter is definitely here 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

It’s not covid

I have caught Ana’s lurgy. Not covid. I’ve got a block ear and sinus. 

I did have it on the right a few days ago but some ear candling cleared it.  Woke up this morning snd it’s the left side. We have treated it with warm olive oil and tonight we will eat candle it before bed. 
Hopi that will clear it 

I’m bummed as I had plans today. 
I’ve been keeping a secret. I’m going to have art lessons. 
Don’t know how good I’ll be. The wonderful lady that pained a pic of my house wants to see if she can teach adults do I’m the practice person. If she can teach me. She can teach anyone. 
My art teacher at school told me I would never be an artist and I really think he was right. But I’d love to be able to paint. So hopefully I’ll be better soon and we can start 

Other than that. I’ll be on the couch, hubbys strict orders ,
Working with yarn. First job is to mend this. It’s coming apart 

It’s a long weekend for the queen’s birthday. 
Yeah her birthday is in April but we have it in June 
Happy birthday your majesty. I hope he have you around for at least another dozen years. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Winter woolies

Today I had ana as she’s still not 100% so she came to play with grandma 
Unfortunately since grandma is the one that makes her eat and go to bed, she decided that 
She didn’t want to stay with me. So grandpa had to come and play with her most of the day 

Grandma was a tad upset, but by the end of the day she wow happily chatting to me and waving as she pushed her walking toy around the place 

Grandma wasn’t perfectly well either.  
But I too am feeling better. 

The weather is COLD  so I’m thinking I need to do some knitting for me 
I’m after a simple knit top down sleeveless vest.  So I can wear it over a long sleeve tshirt 

If anyone has a pattern they think I’d like, I’m a beginner knitter, please send me a link

Hope your all well and warm 

Monday, June 6, 2022

Busy few days

Friday I had Ana and she wasn’t her usual bubbly self. 
She is teething again and she was not happy about it. 

She wanted cuddles and soft food because it hurt to chew. 
Trixie was keeping a close eye on her. 

Saturday we went and saw Ursula Carlson the comedian 
She was so very funny. If you get a chance to go see her. Do it 
We continued laughing all the way home 

Sunday we had friends over for lunch. It was a thank you as don was able to go to 
Their farm and gather a big truck load of firewood 

This morning I did swim, had coffee with the girls 
Did a quick shop in Cole’s and now I’m home and that’s where I plan to stay 

The fire is roaring but it’s so cold and miserable I’ve even turned on the ducted heating. 

Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli soup on the stove 
I’m thinking audiobook and crochet for the rest of the day 

Thursday, June 2, 2022


Today the sun is shining but it’s still cold 
Sitting inside with the fire going you could almost convince yourself it’s a lovely day outside 

I’ve been washing clothes, folding dry laundry and hanging the wet Landry on clothes
Horses to dry in the warmth.  I don’t have a dryer so during winter it’s all dried inside 
I do have a line under the back veranda. I’ve hung the bath towels and tea towels on that. 

Because I need to concentrate on the current pattern on the blanket 
I’ve spent my down time on the pile of scarfs I’m making for the gifts basket 

I like to make bits and pieces during the year and gift them at Christmas 
These patterns are simple and I can jump up and down, while working on them, and not make mistakes 

Today I defrosted a packet of chicken thigh fillets so I’ve got Moroccan chicken and veggies in the slow cooker
And I used a few fillets to make Greek chicken noodle soup 
The soup was eaten for lunch by hubby and son.  I even had a small bowl 
Left overs have been frozen for when I can’t be bothered cooking 

Moroccan chicken will be ready for dinner 

Tomorrow is Ana day. So I’ll spend the rest of the day resting 
Currently listening to the new hunger games novel, the ballad of songbirds and snakes 
I really love audiobooks. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Lunch menu. Left  over vegetable soup

Greek spinach pie 

Cake cooking for afternoon tea 

Listening to this 

While working on this 

Enjoying the fire 

Where ever you are. Have a great day xx