Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday again

Another Friday and Anastasia came to work with her daddy, so she could spend 
Time with grandma 

Unfortunately soon after she arrived our power went out, we were having extreme winds
Lots of trees were going down everywhere 

We needed to keep the hours warm, so grandma lit the fire 
Here we are playing in front of the fire with Trixie keeping Ana safe by positioning herself 
Between the fire and Ana 

Grandpa came to stay with us in the afternoon, so as to give grandma a bit of a rest 
Thankfully the power came back on around three so they could sit and watch 
ABC kids together 

The winds have died down considerably and the sun has come out 
But many homes in the area are still without power 
Hopefully it comes back on soon 

We are now starting a four day weekend 
The Melbourne cup is on Tuesday so we have decided to give the boys the day off on Monday as well 

We are exiting lockdown as of tomorrow 
And I can start swimming again next week 
Life is slowly starting to look normal again 

Fingers crossed it stays like that 
See ya xx

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hat parade

Our first model is Anastasia wearing her lovely orange bonnet 
It’s a tad big but I’m sure she will grow into it 
Doesn’t she look lovely 

Our second model is teddy 
He’s wearing a scrappy hat made from another pattern 
It did quite work and then measurements have to be tweaked 

But he loves his new hat and wears it proudly 
Grandma did have fun making it for him lol 

It’s the weekend 
And once again we have had a bucketful  of rain

Too wet to work outside 
So inside we will stay and fine things to do to pass the time 
The fire has been relit
So at least the washing will dry quickly 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sun bonnet

Ever since I saw the little house on the prairie I’ve wanted a bonnet 
I love the little sun bonnet Sue’s and I’ve actually made a quilt with them 

Today I searched and found this you tube 

I wanted to make sure the bonnet will fit Anastasia for the summer so when I sent the links to the pattern
I asked my son to print them larger 

The problem was I didn’t tell him on the second part of this pattern. 
And as I sent him about four different patterns to print he only increased on the one
He wouldn’t of know they were the one pattern

So when I cut the pieces out and tried to put them together no way was it going to work
So I had to cut an extra piece and join them 
I’ve made a note on the pattern so I’ll remember next time 

Here is the finished bonnet 
You can’t really notice the extra piece. It’s just a small join at the back of the bonnet
The other thing I would do is use a cotton similar to the fabric. But I had nothing 
I just use white or cream while making quilts 

Other than those two little issues I’m happy with it 
It’s perfect for wearing around grandmas house 
I think she will look adorable in it 

Life is moving along
We are coming out of lockdown on Friday with some restrictions 
Hopefully the weather will start to warm up so we can enjoy time outside with our families 

Hope your all well 
See ya 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Today the last of the beetroot and leek was pulled out and processed to make way for 
The next crop 

These little bags have chopped up leek, I’ll freeze them and use them in stews and soups

Vegetable seedlings have been hard to come by 
A friend of mine found some and bought extra for me 
She even did a contactless drop off on her way home 

I left the money and a bottle of lemoncello for her as a thank you 

Hubby came home from work early and together we got the new plants into the ground 

You can’t see but the seeds I planted under the mini hothouse, made from drink bottles,
Have started to germinate 

I had three empty wicking beds so I planted the new tomato seedlings in those 

This is perpetual lettuce. I’ve been harvesting and eating fresh salad for weeks 
They need a good hair cut so I’ll keep eating them to help them grow 

Tonight we have beetroot salad, I’ve boiled up the small bulbs and green tops
We also have roasted beetroot and leek with chicken 

Hopefully our coming harvest is as abundant as our winter crop
It was so lovely to have a good friend who was able to source the vegetable seedlings
I’m so blessed to have so many good friends 

All that work has worn me out 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya xx 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Lemoncello #2

The lemoncello I made a while ago was a hit with hubby and with wonderson 
So I was asked to make some more
I didn’t have any more grappa so I bought some vodka 

I didn’t add as much water, as the vodka was under 40% alcohol 
I only used a litre instead of 1.5 
I tasted it and it’s really nice 
But unfortunately it doesn’t go that lovely creamy yellow colour of traditional lemoncello 
It’s a clear yellow

But other than that. It’s just as good 

 If you have never made it. Give it a go
I’m going to try and make some with gin next 

I’m having lots of fun experimenting 

If you do make some let me know. 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Friday, October 8, 2021


Today grandpa came home early to spend time with me
We played on the floor with Trixie 

We played on the PlayStation and Trixie gave me her toy to play with. She placed it at my feet 

Then grandpa fed me some fruit for lunch 

It was really yummy it had blueberries banana and strawberries 

And then I had a bottle with grandma and fell asleep 
I didn’t feel well I’m teething so grandma held me while I slept so she could pat my bottom whenever started to stir. Keeping me asleep for longer 

My mummy came to pick me up and take me home around six. Grandma and grandpa have been relaxing since 

I’m just a pocket rocket full of energy and tired then out
Good thing they love me so much

Stay happy and healthy 
See ya 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A lovely day

Today I met my daughter at the local botanical gardens and had a lovely time walking around seeing all the flowers and using the children’s interactive play areas 

I miss them all so much 

The sun was shining and it even got a little warm 

All too soon it was time to go

Hopefully we can do it again soon. The girls really loved it 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dietary restrictions

I’ve been following a low carb diet for a while now 
And usually it’s easy. Some sort of protein and salad and or select veggies 

But that does get a tad monotonous 
Over the weekend I saw a lady make a lasagna and used lots of veggies that i can eat 

It gave me ideas 
So here is my gluten free,  low carb lasagna 

I thinly sliced eggplant and fryer them 
Then I made my sauce using leek and silverbeet from my garden 
Tinned tomatoes and herbs 

Instead of a sauce thicken with flour I broke up mozzarella cheese and placed it all over the top 
It melted and covers it all. 

I haven’t had any as yet but it smells awesome  

I wanted something that I could have as a treat so I made these chocolate chia puddings 
I used low fat milk, and a sugar free chocolate powder 

This is the chocolate I use. I have it when I want a hot chocolate 
It’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit 
It doesn’t spike your sugar levels and has no carbs

Best of all it tastes like real hot chocolate 
Trying to keep the weight down during lockdown is hard 
Not being able to swim my back is now too sore for me to take long walks
And the medication to help with the pain has a side effect of weight gain 

So being careful with what I eat is really important 
Not to mention my digestive issues I have from the fibromyalgia 
Which means if I eat the wrong thing I end up in even more pain
And stuck in the bathroom

Hopefully hubby will like these and I’ll make them again 

Hope your all well 
See ya  

Monday, October 4, 2021


If finished the giant granny square blanket 
I had a few balls of carron cakes of blues and greens that were left over 
From other projects and they have been sitting around a few years taking up space 

I have now used them up and made this 
It will go into our caravan to use as a spare blanket if and when needed 

We are still locked down, although we are allowed to travel upto 15 kilometres from home now to 
We are aiming for more freedoms on the 26th of this month when we will hopefully 
Have 80% vaccination rate 

In the meantime the weather is keeping me inside 
As I type we are having rain, thunder and lightning 

Other than that. Nothing much happening 
Just hanging on to my sanity 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya