Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday holiday

We have a public holiday today. Our football grand final is tomorrow so we all get the day off today to prepare 

Me well I started on the rose garden   Those reefs are very annoying 

I cut them down and pored salt all over the fresh wound 
Hopefully some of them will die or I might have to resort to poison 

There were also normal weeds which I just pulled out 

Hubby arrived and helped me finish the job it looks so much nicer. 
As you can see it’s a beautiful sunny day   Perfect for spending time outside 

The potatoes I planted a few weeks ago have started to come up. Might get a decent crop this year 

And just because. My lilac is flowering. It smells wonderful 

We are both sore now so I guess we are done for the day 

Hubby finished cleaning the concrete with the pressure cleaner and it all looks fantastic now 

So another job has been ticked off as done 

It’s never ending when you have lots of space. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

moving along

This area needed cleaning. It was going green with moss  and a few pots needed revamping 

I started by moving all the rubbish out and sweeping up the bulk of the leaf litter 

I then got stuck into scrubbing the table. You can see how bad it was 

It looks much better now 
I’ll have to get the sealer and spray it now it’s nice and clean 

I hosed most of the dirt out from the area but it really needs to be done with the pressure washer 

That’s just too big for me to handle so I’ll leave it to hubby to bring over 

I’ve planted up the azaleas and the flowers have brightened the place up 

It looks much better and now I don’t have to worry about creepy crawlers hiding in the leaf litter waiting to attack me lol 

Now for putting my feet up and having a nice cuppa 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

An energetic day

This morning was day two of swimming. Only an hour a day.   But it’s better than no swimming 

Then coffee and  quick shop, then home to do washing. 

I got a message from Nancy asking if I would like to go for a walk around the gardens 

We haven’t walked since coming back from und uk so I said absolutely yes. 

We did about three kilometres wandering around looking at all the spring flowers then another coffee 

I bought some Christmas stocking fillets for the girls at the gift store. 

Then Nancy needed to stop at the supermarket 
Where I picked up some azaleas 

Don’t know why it’s upside down but you get the gist 

Now cooking some chicken and rice in the oven 

And some chow mein 
It always tastes better the next day.  This is for tomorrow 

Once I’ve cooked and cleaned up 
I’ll sit and rest with my crochet 

I’m aiming to make it three days in a row for the pool. 
I’m going to kick myself in the bottom to make sure I get there 

Monday, September 25, 2023


 Ought some tops last week. 
They were on sale so they were a good deal 

Only problem was they had elastic along the bottom attaching the binding 

This made them hook under your bottom and make you look way fatter than I am. 

So I removed the binding and elastic 

And then did a little hem. 

Now they sit flat and give me a much nicer shape 

And I need all the help I can get 

All three tops are now done
Way better than putting them in the back of the wardrobe and forgetting all about them. 

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunny Sunday

It’s a lovely sunny day today 
Hubby decided he would weed this garden Bed and re mulch it for the coming summer. 

I had been asking friends to save newspapers for me. I had a good amount and started laying them down in a thick layer 

Wetting it down as I went. 
The hubby got the mulch and using the front end loader gently tipped it over the fence 

A wick going over with the rake and it’s done. 
Although I did get home to remove a section around the plants so they could get some  air 

In between laying papers I weeded pots and watered garden beds 

I also worked on the blanket. 

It’s getting longer and I think I’m half way done 

Sitting in the outdoor area. The overhead fan going and the blinds up to let any breeze through, it was quite comfortable 

Hubby is still playing, I mean working, with the tractor 
Other than that it’s very quiet with only the birds making noises. 

Absolutely bliss. 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Investing in family

Remember I told you all we bought a second hand caravan for the kids to use if they want to 
Go camping at the farm. 

Well I finally got some photos to show you 

Hubby put it up while the sun is out to let it air out a bit 
I haven’t been inside but I think it needs a wipe down with some fresh smelling cleaner 
Apparently it was sold off by a person involved in a nasty divorce, and it had been sitting 
Closed up and not used for a while 

As you can see the beds are at each end and pull out. 
To pack it all away they slide back into the van and the lid comes down 

We had one very very similar when our kids were little 
We spend manny weekends away in it. 

I hope my kids enjoy it with their children 
Now I’m off to keep working on the crochet blanket. I’m going to need a few for in here 

Thursday, September 21, 2023


We have had a return to winter weather 
It’s not great on achy bodies. But we just get on and get going 

This morning was cleaning day. I got the house ready for the lovely cleaner to come and give the whole house a once over 

Then Trixies groomer arrived to made Trixie beautiful 

After all that. I’ve settled down in front of the lit fire and continue to work on the blanket 

It’s coming along nicely I think 
I’ve got lots of purples and pinks I’m using up 
This is made in wool. So it’s really warm 

I’ll be resting the rest of the day. 
Ready for act two tomorrow. Toddlers are so very active and full of energy lol 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Anastasia day

My poor little lamb was not well over the weekend 
Her mummy stayed home Monday to look after her but on Tuesday she was sent home from daycare because of a spike in temperature 

So today we had an extra Ana/ grandma day 

She asked for crackers for her lunch so that’s what she got. As well as cheese and apples 

All went well and hopefully she will be good at daycare tomorrow 

Friday is a normal day at grandmas 
Fingers crossed it’s nice weather so we can at least go outside to play 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Hodge podge

Today we have a little bit of everything 


Seedlings coming up 

Cattle coming home 

Dam reefs coming back. I might try cutting them and covering them in salt   Might dry them out and kill them especially in their open wound. So to speak 

I’m slowly coming to the realisation that swimming isn’t helping me any more. It’s making my back worse. I have to stop and get out of the pool because the pain is getting bad while I’m in the water. That’s never happened before. 

I’ve bought this cushion and it’s really helping me while sitting at night watching telly. 
I used to use lots of pillows and cushions. This isn’t moving and seems to be a better choice 

I did swim yesterday and was up all night with pain. I gave it a miss this morning just because I was just too tired. 

So if I’m needed I’ll be out here. Enjoying the warm breeze and working on my blanket. 

I’m sad to think I’ll have to give up the pool. 
I’ve made lots of friends and it’s fantastic for mental health. 
I’m still deciding on what I’ll do. But for now I’ll go when I can and not put pressure on myself 
That’s all I can do for now 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Admitting defeat

I’ve been trying to not crash or get sick. 
But the weeks of being very productive have finally caught up with me. 

I’m currently sitting up in bed, listening to an audiobook and working on a new blanket I’m making for camping 
I even had to skip art! 

I’m going to use up all my pure wool not following a colour pattern. Just 
Mixing them up. It’s a simple pattern that looks good in just a plain colour 

I’ve got all the half balls out which i will use in between that burgundy you can see 
I’ve got a few balls of that. 
We have purchased a second hand pop top that the kids can use if they want to go down and camp at the farm 
We had one similar as our first van. They’re perfect for young families. The beds pull out at each end. 
We slept in one. And the kids in the second one. 

So I now need blankets to keep them warm
I’ve still got lots of tea towels so a few quilts will be made and put into the van as well 

At least I can keep busy even if I’m stuck in bed. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Early start

Woke up this morning and decided I’d get stuck into my chores 

Bed striped and hung out by 7.30

Then I popped next door to get some cactus potting mix and some pots. My Christmas cacti needed repotting 

He had different coloured cacti so I got two more. 
A purple and a white. To go with my two red ones 

As usual I couldn’t resist some Nick nacks for the garden. The girls love exploring and finding them all 

All potted up and watered in 

For now I’ll leave them here. Once the really hot weather arrives I’ll move them deeper into the sitting area to stop them burning 

Miss Bella. Having a sticky nose. 
She’s never far way when I’m working 

Next job will be to clean and reseal this table. 
Lots of moss growing on it after the long winter 

 I need to do a Bunnings run to get the sealant spray 
Always jobs to do in the garden 

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Sunny days

I had a sleep in this morning. I’ve not been sleeping well at night. 
I really needed the extra sleep this morning 

It’s a lovely sunny day today. I really wanted to attend to this little corner of the yard. 

The beds were all overgrown with weeds and needed clearing 

Hubby came over to give me a hand   I just can’t bend or get down on the ground to do the lower beds 

In just under an hour we were done 
This area looks much better now 

I harvested enough for our dinner tonight. Which I’ve already made. A spicy mince meal I concocted 

I’ve watered the veggies that are still growing 
And topped up a few areas with a  compost mix 
They’re now ready for what will be planted next 

And finally some irises are starting to come through 

Washing is on the line drying in the sunshine 
I’ve got my free vitamin D for the day. 

So now I’ll rest. 
I’m exhausted. Definitely out of practice I think 

Sunday, September 10, 2023


Even though we have had a return to winter weather 
It definitely is time to get the seeds started for spring planting 

I went through my seed bank and choose these 

I need to get more capsicum and sweet chilli seeds 
Or I might just “cheat” and buy seedlings 

Here are all the little pots 
The big orange one is the one with tomato seeds 

They have been zipped up after a sprinkling of water 
Fingers crossed they start to sprout 

And just to prove that regardless of the weather. It really is spring. 
My first rose of the season 

Garden work is coming along slowly these days. 
But I’m am getting through it 
And that’s what counts