Friday, July 30, 2021

Our anniversary

On this day 33 years ago we were married 
Not many thought it would last lol 

But here we are 33 years later 
Two beautiful children 
Married to two wonderful partners 
And three granddaughters 

Very blessed we are 
Hard lockdown is over so we are going out to eat 
It’s exciting after all the weeks of being locked in 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

For me

Before  lockdown number  four I got to go to the quilt shop and I bought myself some stitcheries 
I love sitting and hand sewing and I especially love something not too complicated 

I then make a quilt or wall hanging with the finished pieces 
The problem is my hands are now not as strong and they ache, especially in horrid weather like we are having now 

So stitching the binding was always a painful experience 
But I saw these little clips in a couple of sewing tutorials on YouTube and thought they would
Be great for holding the binding then I just have to just sew and not have to hold the binding down the whole time 

They work a treat and make sewing a much more enjoyable and quicker experience

And here is the finished product 
I searched my scrap bag to make the wall hanging. 
The spot I have in mind isn’t very wide so I didn’t add any extra fabric to the sides 

Once lockdown is over, and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later, I’ll go back to the quilt shop and buy
A special wall hanger 

Sometimes it’s nice to make something just for me 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Getting ready

In a few weeks, assuming lockdown is over.  Our daughter in law is going back to work part time 
So I will have Anastasia one day a week to come and play 

Unfortunately Trixie loves her. Soooo much that I wouldn’t be able to lay her down to have some play time without 
Trixie wanting to play with her. So I ordered this play pen 
It comes with plastic balls which will be nice for Ana to throw out and have Trixie play with lol 
But she won’t be able to do that for a little while yet

Numbers are going up unfortunately, but hopefully they will steadily decline and then stop as the lockdown starts to work 
Not holding my breath though. 
We will deal with whatever comes 
We always do 

Stay safe 
See ya xx

Friday, July 23, 2021

The hardest part

I know lockdown is hard on many people for many reasons 
But for me. This is the hardest part. 
Not seeing my girls 

They grow so fast. Specially at Anastasias age that I feel I miss so much 
Last year I missed almost a whole year of Melody’s and Brianna’s life 
At least that’s how it felt 

I do look forward to the day we can visit again
And I can get cuddles    I never have enough cuddles 
Hopefully they will continue to give grandma cuddles for a long time 
Even when they are much older 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Another day of crafting

This morning I woke up around seven again 
I wish I could sleep in that would make the days shorter but 
It just doesn’t happen 

So after doing the quick morning chores, like bed making 
I went into the craft room to see what I could get into today 

I did have a few patterns I had printed and some I had made via YouTube so I packed them into a binder 
And then I saw the bag with all the tea towels I have purchased during our trips around Australia 

I’ve already made one quilt using tea towels, and I have enough for another one 
So I’ve washed them and they are drying near the fire 

I’ll get onto that once they’re dry and ironed 

But today I think I’ll sit and stitch 
I’ve got my audiobook going 
I don’t have to think while doing the stitchery so I can concentrate on the story 

I just don’t know what people who don’t craft are doing to keep busy while in lockdown 
Binge watching Netflix I guess 
But I really need to keep my hands busy 
What are you up too? 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Well we are back to day one 
We are in lockdown for seven more days but at least today the rain has gone and we have sunshine 
Might be an omen, maybe it will only be seven more days 

I spent all day hand stitching the binding. It’s now finished and hanging with the other quilts 
It turned out nicely and will keep someone warm 
Probably me. I think I might end up putting it in the van but I’ll decide later. 

I went looking through my stash and found a bundle of lion king fat quarters 
So I think a simple square quilt would show off the pictures. 
It’s rather large so I think I might make two smaller quilts and then give them to charity 
For little boys 

It won’t take long to sew the tops up 
And I have a few other packs of the fat quarters with Disney characters 
I think lots of smaller quilts for charity might be what I’ll be making over the next few days 
I won’t be able to finish them as I don’t have backing fabrics 
But if I get the tops done that at least will keep me busy, and away from the kitchen! 

I need to lose the lockdown weight ive gained. I really don’t need to add to it 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Day five lockdown five

Ive finally sewn on the binding and will now spend the rest of the day hand stitching 
The back 

The blanket was quilted ages ago but it kept getting pushed back as other projects had to come first 

Our lockdown was supposed to end tonight but we have just got the news it’s been extended for another seven days 
States all around us are also going into lockdown as the delta variant goes through the population like a fire 
We are all hoping it gets extinguished before it becomes a huge bushfire 

Other than that 
The weather is again wet and cold 
So hand stitching a binding on a quilt is actually a the best thing to do 
I have my audiobook going and a poodle fast asleep right beside me on a crochet blanket 

All in all. Not a bad day ahead 
Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Day 4 lockdown 5

A few weeks ago I was telling the swim girls that I was going to be looking after 
Anastasia one day a week while her mummy and daddy are at work 

They asked if I needed a stroller and I though that it would be nice to have one to go for walks 

So this stroller came to me 
First it was nana Sue’s 
Then nannie Dianne’s 
And now it’s mine 

It’s so cute 
But as ana will still be rather little when I first start to have her regularly I though she might like something suggly 
To sit in 

I remembered last year during lockdown I purchased some flannel fabric because it was cute 
I was going to make a blanket but she has so many of those I didn’t and it has been sitting waiting on the perfect project 

I didn’t have a pattern. I just did some measurements and kinda winged it. 
I did have mini heart attack when I saw I would have to make five holes for the straps 
But I kept measuring and cutting and hoping it would all work out 

Well it did. Yeahhhhh 
It’s not the prettiest thing on the market 
And I seriously don’t want anyone looking too closely to the stitching around those strap holes! 

But I’m sure Anastasia won’t mind at all 

Hood back down and ready to roll 

It only took a couple of hours and that’s with constant interruptions  for pats from the fur babies 

Now to do the boring stuff like washing 
Not rushing. I have all day 
And tomorrow 
And the way the numbers are going up 
Probably the rest of the week 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Day 3 lockdown 5

Peppy lady mentioned she loved weather vanes so I told her I’d post a pic of the other one I had. 
This one has been up there for many years and I often will look at the lady flying around with her cat

There are so many different weather vanes around now they are a little addictive. 
I saw one with an old truck and thought that would be perfect to have over at the workshop lol 

So peppy lady. This pic is for you 

Yesterday afternoon 
One of our ewes had a lamb 
They usually deliver during the night so we don’t see the big reveal to the rest of the group 
But I did see her introducing her baby to the others. 
They all came running and the little baby wagged his tail and they all surrounded the mother and bubs and each one 
Touched their nose to the little one
It was quite touching to see 

I’ve tried to get a pic but right now it’s just not happening so if I get a good one I’ll post it 

The rain has stopped for now, but it’s really wet and muddy out there 

We have had more positive cases 
And lots of new exposure sites 
So lockdown being lifted on Tuesday is looking more and more unlikely 
But we live in hope 
See ya xx

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Day 2 lockdown 5

Remember my poor tree 
Well scrolling through my Facebook this weather vane popped up. 
Yup big brother is always listening 
It wasn’t expensive around $30. 

I thought that might look nice. 
So I ordered it. 
It was delivered 
I put it together 
And hubby installed it for me 

It’s a little hard to see as it’s so grey outside but I’m sure in the sunshine it will be better. 

If not I’ll paint it a different colour lol 
But for now that’s what has been installed to complete the project 

Who knows i might find something else and I’ll replace it 

As for the rest of today 
Well let’s just say I'm not in a hurry to do anything. Why should I. It’s not like I'm going anywhere or anyone is coming over 

Can’t even go for a walk as it’s raining 
Looks like another day relaxing in front of the telly 

Stay safe
See ya xx

Friday, July 16, 2021

Day one lockdown five

Meat balls in slow cooker for dinner 

Chicken wings in oven for lunch 

DVD on. The hunger games. Seems appropriate 

Crochet and a comfy couch 

Let the games begin 
And may the odds be ever in your favour 

See ya xx

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Groundhog Day

Victorians are now about to start lockdown number five 
It was only a few weeks ago we were let out of lockdown four 

So this time they are saying five days but as we are painfully aware it can be extended 
At a drop of a hat 

No one is happy 
There are grumbles everywhere 
But there is nothing we can do 
We must just get on with it and deal 

Hopefully after five days they start to ease up again 
Fingers crossed 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

My life

Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter. Her girls were in day care
So it was just the two of us. 
This hasn’t happened since she was pregnant with her first baby so it was lovely to just spend the day 
And chat and laugh and not worry about looking after little girls. 
It was a special day for me 

My daughter in law takes her grandmother out one day a week and she comes and collects me as well 
This is also special and precious and such an honour to be included in her loving day for her Oma 

The down side is I always crash after a big day out 

I won’t stop going. I will not let my health issues rob me of special time spent
With the ones I love 
Especially after all the lockdowns, special time is precious and I will not miss a moment 

So today I had a sleep in 
I’ll go slow
And I will take care of my self 
Because I won’t lay down 
I won’t quit 
And I will get up again and go out with my family 
To laugh 
To enjoy 
And to make memories 

This is my personal battle 
And I’m determined to keep fighting it for as long as I can 

I hope you continue to fight and win your personal battles 
Stay safe 
See ya xx

Sunday, July 11, 2021

And even more

I was reminded by a fellow blogger 

That I wanted to try and make some lemoncello 

I was going to go and buy some vodka but remembered I had a bottle of grappa someone
Had given me ages ago  

So I have used that to soak the lemon rinds in  it’s supposed to sit for three weeks 
So it’s been put away to do its thing and hopefully 
I’ll be able to make some lovely liquor to enjoy. 

I’ll let you know in another post if that works 

A swim friend suggested I make some lemon butter/ Curd 
So some of the skinned lemons were used to make this. 
It’s only three little jars but hubby had a taste test and said it was realllllly good 

I think I’ll get me a few more jars and make a second batch 
The a
Hardest part of making this is stirring for over ten minutes waiting for the mixture to cook and thicken 

I still had more lemons that I had skinned and more of the blood oranges 
So I made a big batch of orange/lemon cordial 

These are passata bottles  that I had washed and kept 
So two full bottles were made. They are in the drinks fridge 
To have once the weather warms up a tad 

So more of the produce has been used there is still a little left but honestly 
The amount now is negligible 
I’ll be able to use it in general cooking 

I do love abundance but seriously that was just way too much work 
I’m pooped! 

It’s cold again today 
The fog is thick 
So I think I’ll spend the day inside crocheting and bing watching something on the telly
Have a great day 
Stay safe 

See ya 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Lego play day

Melody loves lego
Tiny little lego 
So grandma bought some lego friends princess 
Sets. Here is grandpa helping get it all put together 
Melody is very good. She follows the instructions and pretty much was good on her own. Grandpa was definitely just the helper 

Brianna only wanted to play with the stickers, which are last to go on 
So she was busy showing grandma her games on the iPad 

We had a lovely couple of hours playing with the girls 
Had a laugh with our daughter and son in law, 
and now back home relaxing 

It’s really cold again today and a miserable grey outside 
We won’t be venturing far 

Hope your having a lovely day
Stay safe 
See ya xx

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Over the weekend my parents dropped off lemons, oranges and some mandarins 
From their trees 
The weekend before I received a heap of lemons from an aunt in coburg 

So I spent a day making marmalade 
I usually buy sugar with the pectin already in it 
But couldn’t find any so I added a couple of very green apples 

It’s not as firm as I’d like but I’m sure it takes ok 

I sent a heap of lemons and mandarins to the shed for the boys to eat and take home 
I’ve kept some lemons and oranges so I can make some cordial 

I love being gifted produce but seriously 
The amount has been staggering 
Got to love the abundance 

Stay safe 
See ya xx

Sunday, July 4, 2021


A lovely neighbour and customer of  ours made home made sausages 
And gave hubby some. He also gave him some of the left over mince and said. Just make some 
Well I decided I was going to make some sausage rolls 

I added some chopped up leek from my garden
Some kale, cabbage, carrot and beetroot from the refrigerator 

Some eggs to bind, no need for spices as he had already done that 
Defrosted sorry puff pastry sheets and 


Sausage rolls that smelled amazing 
And tasted even better 

I had two sheets of pastry left so I quickly broke up some feta, added eggs and got some 
Silverbeet from the garden that I chopped up finely and made a quick greek cheese and spinach pie 

Hubby them brought in more silverbeet, and leaves from beetroots and I’ve cooked them up 
To eat as a salad later 

So a big day of cooking 
Because a nice man kindly shared his abundance with us 

Might have to make him some thing nice for hubby to give him 
An apple pie perhaps? 

Stay safe
See ya xx

Saturday, July 3, 2021


My sister gave me some fabric and asked for some bowl warmers, she wanted them bigger than a bowl warmer because she wanted to 
Be able to put bread in them for the table. 
So I made them 15 inches instead of ten 

They should do the trick. Well I hope so. 
She also requested some coasters so I used the left overs and made her half a dozen simple ones 
To match 

She also gave me yarn to make baby blankets 
She has started fostering and got her first baby and decide she would like to give each one a blanket to go home with 
I make one for the current baby very quickly as we didn’t know how long she would be there. 
She is only doing short term emergency fostering

But I’ve working on the the rest 

This should be ok for a while 
I’ll keep making them from my stash and add to her stash as they go 

My parents popped in today and as they live close to her I sent the lot home with them 

The weather is cold, very cold 

This is the current temp and it’s four in the afternoon 

So I’ll be inside taking it easy 
Hope you have a lovely weekend 
See ya xx