Saturday, March 30, 2019

Winter is coming

Trixie decided five was a good time to get up 
She needed to go toilet and I guess she was hungry because she didn’t want to go back to bed. She headed into the kitchen 
The weather is cold and wet so I’m sitting under a blanket with these two keeping me warm 
Hubby is still sleeping so once he get up I’ll have him light the fire
Even Sammy pictured here was near the fire wondering why it wasn’t going lol 
I’ll be spending the day resting, crocheting and trying to stay warm
These sudden changes in weather are not pleasant when you have a chronic illness 
What’s the weather doing at your place?
Enjoy the weekend 
See ya xxx

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Still here. Still plodding along 
I’ve not been well. So spending lots of time at home 
Yesterday I started to have another reaction.  Chewed my antihistamines and waited 
It stopped it and even though I started to get hives on my arm they went away about 15 minutes after taking the meds. So I didn’t have to resort to the epipen thank goodness 
But today I feel like I’ve fought a battle in an arena and I didn’t emerge victorious 
So I’ll be going very slow 
Trixie is here keeping me company, as always. And I’ve even had a look in by the cats. 
How do they even know! 
The weather has turned. It’s still warm. But the bite has gone 
Soon it will be time to light the fires and snuggle in when the darkness comes 
My favourite  time of year 
Stay well 
See ya xxx

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The wheel turns...Autumn

The yarn work continues. For a long time I just couldn’t pick up a hook. But I’m back into it 
Lots of baby blankets have been made and now I’m working on this. 
It’s way bigger than I thought it was going to be. So of course I had to go to spotlight and buy more Caron cakes lol 
Looks like it’s going to be a generous single bed blanket. It’s got dragonflies on it. 
So it might just end up in the girls room here on their bed 

As I’ve said before I wanted to be able to have a wreath on my front door depicting the seasons 
Here in Australia there isn’t much around for seasonal decorations so I once again had to make one myself 
It’s not exactly perfect. Lol far from it. But I tried 
It does look autumnal is that a word. I don’t know lol 
Anyway. It’s up and it will stay until the wheel turns again 
Hummmmm winter in Australia doesn’t have snow. 
Research will be required me thinks 
See ya xxxx


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Week five

I can’t BELIVE I’ve had this little girl for five weeks! 
The time has flown 
She is starting to sleep through the night, although last night she got the hiccups so I took her out to toilet 
And she snuggled until th hiccups went and then she fell fast asleep 

Now that the fence is up, and although she is small enough to go through it, she doesn’t 
She has been shown the doggie door the cats use 
So all day yesterday she was in and out by herself 
At first she was in every few minutes to see if I was still here. 
But gradually she spent more and more time outside 
In a few more weeks she will be too big to get through the fence and I won’t have to worry any more 
If you know me. You know that will never happen lol 

Anyway she is getting on really well with our other dog Teddy and she has bonded with Sammy the cat 
Bella has now allowed her to sniff her and as long as she isn’t too energetic she will stay with her. But as soon as she starts jumping about Bella is out of there lol 
Agatha really hasn’t interacted with her much. She is usually fast asleep on one of the outdoor chairs 

So training is going well 
Separation is happening slowly 
And I’m sure in a few more months it will feel like she’s been here for years 

Peace and calm is slowing returning to this nest 
See ya xxx 

Monday, March 11, 2019

A productive long weekend

Another long weekend here. And we didn’t waste the time 
Hubby finished off the fence and hung the new gate 
The old fence had been falling down and was removed a while ago but it’s taken a while
To get this one up 
The tall posts will be cut down to size when the wooden tops have come in 
They have been ordered and hopefully won’t take too long 

The tree that came down a few weeks ago. Has been cut up and staked away
To dry and use during the winter. Nothing is wasted here 

And me. I finished this today it’s a butterfly pattern 
Another easy, but looks so effective pattern. 
I used up the last of the carron cakes that I got as packet of ends in the bargain bags 

I’ve set some more in blues and greens that I’ve started in the same pattern 
And even though it was a day off. I still went to the pool and had a swim 
Even though I was late. Better late than not at all I thought. 

So a productive weekend. Lots of jobs finished and 
Even some exercise 
See ya xxx

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Oh what a day!

Yesterday my four swim buddies, Claire, dianne and Anne, and I all went into the city to see 
jersey boys 

I can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to see 
A great story told in a unique way 
All the songs are there and many times you will be bobbing in your 
Seat singing silently away with the cast 

Our day started early as it’s over an hours traveling by train to the city from here 
Claire’s hubby picked us all up and dropped us off at the station 

We had. Late  breakfast in town and did lots of window shopping 
Before a matinee showing of the show

Then after we stopped at a few different places to have a drink, finically finishing the day off
At a Irish pub for dinner and then caught the train home 
Anne’s hubby picked us up from the Station but Dianne’s hubby picked her up and we all went home 
Safe and sound 

My hubby had baby sitting duties all day with trixie and I got regular updates and pics 
During the day 
And the best part 
We do it all again in a month as we have tickets to go and see Muriel’s Wedding 
I need to rest lol 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doggie nutrition

Trixie has been going to puppy school 
She’s not real good with the sit and drop. But she loves the socialisation 
Mummy has learnt lots about puppy nutrition 
She really doesn’t like the commercial food. And I’ve tried all sorts 
So I’m cooking my own 

In the pot there is 
Chicken mince
Pork mince
Sweet potato 
Grated cheese 
And brown rice 
Looks yummy doesn’t it. 

I’ve got lots of these little containers so I’ll fill them and freeze to defrost as I need 

And here is Miss Trixie. She had a professional groom yesterday and now looks more like 
A poodle 
Now I’m off to find recipes for puppy treats lol 
See ya xxx

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Extreme heat

Smoke from the fires raging all around 
Not all are under control as yet and people have been warned that it’s too late to leave 
So they are hiding in their homes 
Not a good day 
Praying that no lives are lost 
Stay safe everyone