Friday, June 30, 2023


I’m so tired that my yawns have been yawning 
After unpacking sorting and cleaning yesterday I’ve come to a complete stop 

Ana and her daddy came to visit as it’s grandma day. But I’m just not up to babysitting. So wonderson took the day off to look after her. 

So I’ll keep resting and recovering 

Here are some garden pics for you to peruse 

I need to do some weeding 

The alpacas looking at me like. Who is this person 

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal, or my normal anyway in a few days 

Monday, June 26, 2023

A series of unfortunate events

Yesterday was the official last day of the tour 
We all waved good bye as everyone went off in their separate ways. 

Unfortunately quite a few returned as flights had been cancelled 

One poor couple got up really early to be at the airport only to discover their flight cancelled and ended up coming back for another night 

Meanwhile I decided to go for a walk through the streets of Edinburgh only to come a cropper 

Long story short I had a fall 
I fell hard. 
There were a group of people nearby and they came over to check on me. 

They had to help me up. I limped home trying to not cry. I had been so good for so long. 

The couple who had returned messaged me to let me know they were there and I told them about my fall

Well the grape vine worked well and I got a message from my Aussie friend to make sure I was ok. 

She was still at the hotel. We meet downstairs and we walked to get a wrist bandage and some pain killers for me.  

That afternoon Nancy arrived and we all had dinner together 

While we were relaxing later that evening we got the email telling us our flight had been cancelled 

Lots of discussion 
Options reviewed and finally we accepted the flight they rebooked us on
Only we had to get to Glasgow for it. 

A taxi
Two busses
A plane ride
And another taxi
And we are here
Back at the tower hotel were we started 

It all went smoothly except at the airport they only had one line for all British airways flights and even though we got there over two hours early. They ended up rushing us at the end and we only got to the plane just they started to board us. 

They got cranky and so did we. 
You will be proud to know I didn’t lose my cool and yell at all. 

See I’ve grown during this trip 

Saturday, June 24, 2023

A final big day

We were up and out right on time.  Just as we have all trip. No slow pokes in this tour. 

We did a drive around with a local expert and then taken to Edinburgh castle 

After a brief history we were let go to wander and explore 

I instantly joined the line to see the Crown Jewels and the stone of destiny 

No photos allowed so I bought a couple of post cards 

Inside the great hall 

After morning coffee we were back on the coach and off to see Rosslyn Chapel 

Again no photo’s inside. So I bought a couple of books. I’ll be able to read them on the plane  

We got home to have a rest before our goodbye dinner. 

I’ve come up after having a few drinks with everyone 
Some are leaving early so hugs and safe journeys were all going round. 

Our TD and driver are leaving early so I’ve said my goodbyes and thank you’s 

More are leaving later so one more breakfast together 

The other Aussie is staying tomorrow and so am I. 
Nancy is arriving mid afternoon 

One more night in Scotland and then we are off to London 
The next step before going home 

Friday, June 23, 2023

Blair castle, St Andrew’s , Tirphichen Inn

The day started with a visit to Blair castle 
Oh my. What a place 

And then there’s the gardens 

I did some dressing up

Next stop was St Andrew’s 

We checked into our hotel in Edinburgh 

And then for dinner we went to the 
Torphichen Inn

Once again we were Piped in and we had the haggis ceremony 

This haggis was the best yet. 

We ate, drank and had live music 
We laughed and chatted all the way home singing and dancing. 

It was a wonderful day. 
The end is near. Just one more full day on the tour. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Loch Ness, Culloden, sheep and Hairy coo’s

First up this morning we toured around the Isl of sky 

Then off to Loch Ness 

We had a rest stop and found some Hairy Coo’s 

Our TD. Wonderful lady that she is. Bought us carrots to feed them. We all were very excited 

Then to culloden at the battle sight of the last civil war in Britain

And finally we visited a farm where I sheared a sheep 

A huge day 
Off to dinner now