Thursday, April 27, 2017

All about wood!

It's all about wood right now
The weather turned and did a complete 180!
The winds are very cold and it's been raining 
Not complaining. It's about time really. But it could if done it slowly lol 
So from the wood pile to wheel barrows by the door 
And even some inside. So during the night if I get up I don't have to open any doors 
We have or original fire going as we havent organised a fire gate as yet. This one is far enough that I can keep Melody away 
So now it's toasty warm in here 
Soup is in the slow cooker and I've got my yarn out. Ready to cast on another project 
Yup. Winter is here 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anzac Day 2017

Today is ANZAC Day. A day we all remember a dark day in our history when two fledgling nations were tested and 
Although lost a battle forged their identities 
These two nations australia and New Zealand are forever connected by these bonds of mateship and endurance 

For us today we reflect on what this means and say thank you to all those that have served and are serving to preserve our freedoms 

Today I'll watch the services on television and this afternoon we will watch the traditional Anzac Day class between my footy team and Essendon 
And I'll continue doing what I always do 
I've started a skirt for Melody. I don't have a pattern. I'm going to wing it and see how it goes I've started it with a pattern edge and I'll continue in just plain until it's done 
The grey cardigan was just a tad short. She is going to be tall like her dad we think. So I undid it and added another repeat of the pattern edge 
The weather is rainy and bleak today. So lamb shanks are in the slow cooker 
It's wonderful living the simple life. A choice we made many years ago
And now that  we are getting older. Although our bodies are not as strong as they once were. 
We are greatful for what we can do. 
Have a lovely day where ever you are 
Lest we forget! 


Friday, April 21, 2017

Winter is coming

Remember the little purple variegated jacket I made a few weeks ago 
Well it fit Melody. And it was perfect with a long sleeve top on for these autumn days 
So her mum asked for a couple more 
Here is one in a grey mix of wool, silk and acrylic 
I had the yarn , which I got a bargain and the buttons I've had for ages. Waiting for a special project 
Melody went home wearing this. It was very cute 

And here is the one I'm currently working on. It's an alcpaca / acrylic mix. 
And as Melody is growing like a weed. I'll add an extra repeat of the pattern at the end to make it slightly longer. 
Not a bad start to a winter wardrobe 
How's the weather at your place. 
It's raining right now and we are loving it here 
Enjoy your weekend 
See ya xxx

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Here is the traditional lamb on the spit for Easter. Everyone was eagerly waiting for it to be ready for us 
To eat  it smelled yummy 
The whole family congregate at my parents place to feast and swap eggs

Here is my dad with Melody and Tyler. His two great grandchildren 
My two nieces are both expecting around August so soon there will be even more 
To love and cherish and eat lamb with 
But for now that's Easter done for another year 
Hope you all have an enjoyable Easter with your family and friends 
See ya xxx

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The beginning of something

Hubby has started digging the foundation
Concrete will be poured
And building will begin 
Are you curious?
Wait and see 

And now he has two site managers. Making sure he is doing a good job lol 
Have a lovely Easter Sunday y'all 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time for a new machine

Here is my faithful washing machine. I honestly don't remember when we bought her. But it's been years
The other day while doing a load of towels she started to make horrid noises 
Sounded like metal on metal grinding 
I quickly turned her off and restarted her. After checking the balance of the load 
That wasn't the problem. I restarted her and the same thing happened. 
I prayed she would last till the end of the cycle and she did 
Hubby came to give her a look over and pronounced her terminal!
It was not a good day

So off we went with the money that I had saved, for a rainy day!
And looked at th machines in our budget 
I wasn't going to get one as big as our last machine, she was a 10kilo
But we found this baby. She was the last one, floor stock and was priced over a thousand dollars originally 
That was over budget. BUT
as she was the last she was reduced. And hubby got even more off because she was floor stock and had scratches on the lid 
So she was well and truly under our budget!
So another 10 kilo washer for me! 
She has already washed two loads of washing including my bedding today 
She is very quiet and efficient 
As for the old girl. She has been relegated to scrap metal
She will be recycled 
A fitting end to an old work horse 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

26 today

26 years ago you came into our lives 
You have been a constant joy
This little girl has grown into an amazing women
Who now has a little girl of her own 
Have a wonderful birthday my baby girl 
Love you forever and beyond


Monday, April 10, 2017

Crafting along

Finally finished this little cardigan. 
It's too small for Melody so I'll put some buttons on it and add it to the charity pile at knitting group 
I didn't have enough of the variegated but I added some purple that was left over from another project
I think it blended in well 
So two lots of leftovers have been used up

The mill ends that I bought the other day in the sale 
Just using them in a C2C. Will take it away with me for  star warmth when we go away path colours will 
Blend in nicely with the Australian outback! 
The weather has finally turned cold. It's been raining for two days now and the paddocks have loved it 
So the fire is going and the washing is drying 
I'm a happy girl!
See ya xxx


Saturday, April 8, 2017

No pressure

This morning I went off to bunnings to get some seedlings for the winter vegetable garden 
As spotlight is righ there I also decided to pop in there. 
There was nothing in particular that jumped at me so I left empty handed 
Then I though well lincraft is just a short walk away  and I need to keep my steps up 
So I headed off 
Wasn't really expecting to find anything 
But then I saw this. 
Isn't it beautiful. It called out. Angela. Buy me!
So I bought three balls and decided I definitely needed a shawlet for dinner tonight! 
Yup I came home quickly did my daily chores and got stuck in 

Here is wonderful teddy modelling my finished shawlet 
It's the perfect colour for autumn, don't you think?
So now I'm ready to go out to dinner. Finished it with half an hour to spare. Plenty of time to get myself ready lol
Enjoy your Saturday night
See ya xxx

Monday, April 3, 2017

Plastics cupboard

Yes folks. That dreaded cupboard that you throw things in and quickly shut again 
Where lids multiply but the actual containers go in and are never found again
I've been procrastinating for weeks!
So today I decided. Was the day!

This is the part I don't like. Everything out and all over the floor. Anxiety levels go up and I think omg 
What have I done! Cleaned the shelves and took a deep breath. 
Put on some music and I was brutal!
Threw out all my ice cream containers, old yogurt containers and anything that didn't have a lid 
A huge big green bag worth. 
I even had those pump water bottles. Everywhere! 
And here it is all done. 
Nice, clean and organised 
My son popped in at exthe right time and I asked him to take the green bag to the huge dumpster at the workshop 
Just in case I panicked and "saved" some of the Junk I had thrown out!
So all done now
Panic subsided and calm has returned. 
Lots of room to buy some new plastics. Don't you think? Lol
See ya xx

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tweaking the set up

We are planning on a month long holiday up north. Wayyyyy up north near the gulf in the Northern Territory 
Having spent the weekend away a few weeks ago. I knew I needed to set things up differently 
So here is the bones of my outdoor kitchen  I'll also have a table set up nest to it for prep and all utensils and cooking apparatus will be kept in tubs and set up in the cupboard or just will be sitting on the prep bench 
This will be easy to set up. Easy access and much easier to keep things clean. Sealed in tubs that famous red dust from Australia's centre won't get all over it 
It really gets into everything! 

This is my bargain of the week. A quick shade with sides!
Anyone how knows anything about Australia knows our flys are thick and annoying. Especially in the outback!
Only $129 from Aldi and it will save my Sanity. I'll be able to sit and craft, read and eat all without doing the famous Aussie salute. 
Our new shower tent. It's one of those quick set up ones that spring open. Only problem is they are a pain to pack up 
Which is why I didn't go for it the first time. But after watching hubby trying to read the instructions and not getting anywhere. I decided to consult trusty you tube 
A couple of videos later and we are experts at folding it away. I've saved them and will Practice some closer to departure. 
So slowly I'm getting organised. Trying to slimline and make things easier for us oldies 
And hopefully make it a much nicer experience for us 
What about you guys. Any advice for us? 
See ya xxx