Monday, November 28, 2022

Moving right along

Got up this morning and off to swim I went 
The weather is still cold but at least it’s no raining 

After coffee with the girls I’m home cooking from the freezer. Using up what we have to make room for what is hopefully a bountiful summer harvest 

I love being able to grab things from my freezer or pantry that I’ve grown here and preserved 

After all the cleaning yesterday I needed to rest today or I’d crash again. So work continues on the big blanket 
It’s slowly but steadily growing 

If summer is going to be cooler and wetter than normal I think I’m going to need this wool blanket to keep me warm in the winter 

I’m not liking the cold at all 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

That summer feeling

Hubby started to clean under the outside area. It’s been needing it badly. But with constant rain and cold we just couldn’t get into the cleaning mood 

I didn’t get any before shots but OMG it was bad. Leaf litter everywhere and soooo much dust 
With the blinds up the breeze was lovely and help get ride if the dust as we cleaned 

And finally. I’ve made covers for the two chairs. Seriously I’ve had them about 20 years and I’m. It even joking. 
I got the free on free cycle and was always going to make covers but I never remembered to measure so get the right amount of material. If even remember to buy any material luckily a friend of Mine  gave me a big bag of material so I decided today was the day. 

I just layer the fabric in the floor and cut around the cushions 
I always save ribbon so I hand sewed them on to be able to tie the cushion in place 
And used my plastic snaps to finish off 
Not perfect but they’ll do nicely 
No more tripping over the crochet blankets I thre over them for a temporary fix lol 

Hubby is still going. I’m resting but we have accomplished heaps already today 

It will be nice to be able to use this space again 

Saturday, November 26, 2022


This is how it began

Then it morphed into this 

And after today it looks like this 

Hopefully by the end of next week it will look like a handsome Tooradin pelican. 
We live in hope lol 

This has been a politics free zone 

Friday, November 25, 2022

Busy morning

This morning after breakfast Ana and I went off on a walk 

Past her daddy’s old primary school 

Past the footy oval he used to play at 

And the tennis courts where grandma used to play 

And the back home again. 
We had fun making jewellery and Ana was really good at getting the beads into the pipe cleaners 

We also had some snacks and then she wanted to go to bed. This was all by ten this morning 

While she’s been asleep grandma has feed chickens planted veggie seeds and watered pots. 

Now Trixie and I have having a little rest before Ana wakes up to do even more exciting things this afternoon 

Hope your all keeping busy too 

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Fibro fog struck again Yesterday I was messaging my friend and was making lots of typos.  I mentioned to her that 
I felt like I had someone else’s glasses on. 
This info is very important 

I said my goodbye and proceeded to do my crochet and watch some DVDs while sitting up in bed 

My eyes were ok with the crochet but not really with small print like on your phone. 

I received a message reminding me I had a dental appointment at ten and could I respond yes or no 

Easy enough right?
Well no. I didn’t read the WHOLE text. Why should I really.  I mean you usually get the reminder text the day before. 

Well off I went this morning, after a sleepless night fretting about a dentist visit 
Only to find out that it’s next Wednesday! 

How stupid do I feel. Very let me tell you. But it’s all good. 
For one thing. No dentist today 
I was able to organise to get the Valium tablet for the next visit so yeah no panic attack in the chair 
And millers were having a sale so the bathers I like, which are normally $50 each 
Were reduced to two for $30.  Bonus 

I think that’s why the universe made me go in to day 
To save me lots of money lol 
Plus I was able to finish my Christmas shopping so now I don’t have to fight the crowds. 

So yeah for fibro fog. It might make me very confused, my eyes to go funny and put me into 
Embarrassing situations. But every now and again it turns into a positive lol 

Gotta laugh don’t you 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Veggie progress

Harvested the last of the leek  I’ll wash and cut these up to freeze. They will be perfect for slow cooker recipes 

I planted some burpless cucumbers in the wicking bed they came from. I’ll have to rig some kind of trellis for them as they grow 

The malaka tomatoes and chillies are growing well  we have a few yucky leaves but I’ll chop them off so no dramas there 

First lot of tomatoes are getting big now. We have flowers hopefully we will get fruit 

Even the little plants are growing well. They now look like tomatoes. 

The silverbeet is starting to bolt so that’s next for removal. I’ll chop it up and freeze it. Works a treat 

The salad greens have been chopped many times for my lunch and is still growing 

Squash have taken off. And zucchini 

I planted six beans here but only four have succeeded. Two were eaten grrrrr 

Going to have to dry some herbs soon. 

Beetroot needs to be pulled and processed. We don’t eat heaps of pickled beetroot so I might try freezing them to have roasted  I’ll have to investigate and see it that works 

My little rhubarb now has two leaves. I think it would be doing much better if the weather was nicer 

So although we have had buckets of rain, the garden is still producing. Every day I harvest something to add to our dinner. And that has got to help keep supermarket costs down 

Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday is Ana day

As usual woke up and got organised for the arrival of our princess Anastasia 
As soon as the toys come out Trixie knows who’s coming and waits at the window, watching 

As soon as sh arrived ana waved bye to daddy and grandma gets her breakfast ready
She’s such a good eater and loves her wheatbix 

After playing we have snack time and of course where ever Ana is so is Trixie 

After snacks. It was reading time. Here they are together, Ana reading to Trixie and Trixie being a good girl site and listens 
Ana is adorable babbling away and pointing in the book. And the dog is so attentive 

After a big sleep and lunch grandpa came over and we all played outside 
We sat in the shade and looked at the grass and some leaves and played with both dogs. 
Teddy is amazing with young children he is so gentle 

Grandpa is the favourite until daddy comes to pick her up. Then it’s all about grandma 
And when won’t leave my side. Daddy asked if Ana was ready to go home and he got a firm no! 

But eventually they got into the car and off they went. 
Grandma is exhausted after all the walking,  playing and dancing we did today 
Thankfully I have a whole week to rest up and do it all again 

Love watching all the girls grow, although it is way too fast for my liking 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Best laid plans

Yesterday morning I found it very hard to get up and get going. 
No way was I going to be able to get to the pool, swim and then catch up on all the little jobs I didn’t get 
Round to during the weekend 

So swimming got cancelled and I slept in for another hour. 
Getting out of bed at seven I wasn’t not in a hurry to do anything 

So a leisurely shower, some coffee and I sat reading blogs and deciding 
On want order I was going to get stuff done. 

Until the power went out! 

So nothing needing electricity, like washing and preserving, got done. 

I had no choice but to just sit and crochet. 

The blanket is coming along slowly

We did get half power back, the lights worked but not anything that needed to be plugged in 
So at least I could see what I was doing. 

It was pouring rain for most of the day and the emergency app was going off 
Floods everywhere yet again. Roads closed due to not only flooding but degradation from all the wild weather 

I know I needed to rest. But this was very frustrating 
Eventually the power came back on and I was able to good dinner in the oven  

Today I did swim but came straight back home to get all the jobs done before my ouchie massage this afternoon 
Hopefully the gods are kind to me and I’m able to get it all done. 

The bulk of this post was written and supposed to be posted yesterday. But blogger has been giving me the pips
Hopefully it’s back on track today 
Technology is great. It it works 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Busy Sunday

Because I had the concert yesterday my lovely art teacher and fellow student agreed to have class today. 
We finally finished the painting we started at tides during our exhibition class 

I think it looks good with the real greenery outside 

Today we also had the girls cheerleading concert 
The little girls did so well. But the older girls were amazing 
The little girls have wonderful role models to aspire too 

After the concert, which was next door to the pool I swim at, we decided to go to a local pub and have a late lunch, early dinner 
It’s so much easier being the grandmother, than it was being the mum. But I miss those days. 

So it’s lovely to be able to relive this way. 
It’s an honour and privilege to be able to go and see the girls at their concerts 

Now I’m home. Relaxing before another hectic week 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Concert day

Today my little ballerinas had their end of year concert. 
They are growing way too fast 

They looked adorable in their costumes 
And both reminded me of their mamma many times during the dances 
Bring back so many memories 

And of course, all ballerinas need flowers at the end of the performance 
Luckily grandma has lots of blooms in her back yard. 

Tomorrow they have their cheerleading concert. 
I’ll have to pick  more flowers I think 

Thursday, November 10, 2022

The good and the not so good

Yesterday I did a complete service on my sewing machine. It’s been a while since it got a good going over 
And it really needed some TLC. 
I’m not sure exactly what’s supposed to get oiled so once I cleaned it. I decided that if it moved it got a drop 
Now when sewing it doesn’t sound like a squeaky little mouse. 

After a new needle and putting it all together I celebrated by sewing the binding on the scrappy covid quilt 
After that I took it to knitting and started the hand sewing. 
I finished it yesterday afternoon 

Mid afternoon I got a call from my masseuses secretary who informed me that all but one set of bowl cosies have sold 
And she had an order for two sets that weren’t made from Christmas material or anything cutiesy or childish 

So I went off and cut out material and wadding for four more. 
They just need to be sewn together turned and top stitched. 

I’ll make another four today. I have a massage booked for Tuesday so I need it all done to be taken with me. 
More money to spend on craft supplies. Gotta love that. 

And that was the good. 
Now for the not so good. 
I fell asleep on the couch only to wake up with a very itchy arm, with welts and a lip that was starting to swell. 
So I quickly took some antihistamines and once I was sure it had started to subside got ready for bed. 
Hubby was getting is CPAP machine ready and I heard what sounded like water running   He went off to see if the toilet was still running. Which it can sometimes do but it wasn’t the toilet. I heard him swear and go running. So I walked into the bathroom to see water gushing out from the cupboard under the sink. HOT water. 

He turned all water off and we opened up the doors and stared emptying the things from under there to see what had happened 
All towels, and mops were used to get the water. And we found that this pip had blown. 

Hubby got one off at the shed to repair this one and will repair the one at the shed today 
It’s lucky we have plumber available for emergencies 

Meanwhile I did on load of washing, once water was back on and hung the first load out before six this morning 
Second load is now in the machine and will be hung out soon 

Needless to say I decided to skip swimming and get things back to how they’re supposed to be
Relaxing with a coffee right now but I’ll get stuck in soon 
It all needs to be done and dusted as tomorrow is princess Ana day and I won’t be able to get much done. 

Life really is a roller coaster 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Flower power

The sun had finally come out and decided to stay for a few days. So this morning I wandered around admiring 
All the blooms. 

The roses as usual and proving they are hardy and forgiving 

They all have been in the ground so long I can’t remember which is which. But some smell Devine while others just look pretty 

This little yellow one was not doing well. But finally it’s starting to take off. 

This one had big beautiful flowers but not much aroma 

Some snapdragons that have self seeded 

The nasturtium is making a lovely living mulch. Although we do need to weed. Again 

Sweet pea that just self seeds year after year 

I hope you enjoy strolling through my garden 
Happy blooming hump day