Sunday, June 30, 2019

Prune day

Today we spent the day turning this 

Into this 
I’m battered and bruised 
And I had to leave the last few bushes for hubby to finish 

The next job is the mulching 

Might get the boys to help with that 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

30 years ago

Thirty years ago this little bundle of joy arrived 
He made me a mummy but he didn’t come with a manual 
We both made so many mistakes but somehow you grew into a fine young man 
We are so proud of you
Happiest of birthdays to you wonderson 
May all your dreams come true
We love You forever 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Foggy Sunday

It’s 9.45 am Sunday morning 
The fog has definitely settled and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon 

Sun please come out to say hello lol 

Enjoy your day 
See ya xx

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Crafting for the family

I’ve been busy sitting at home and working on projects for the family 
Melody loved my dragonfly blankets so I’ve made one for her and one for Brianna 
I’ve almost finished the boarder on this on and then I have to put the boarder on the other one
And the girls can take them home 

My daughter in law liked my wreaths so asked if I could make one for her door 
She didn’t want a seasonal one. Just something nice for the front door. So I looked through 
Pinterest and got some ideas 

This is what I came up with
I used a picture frame, made the bow, and bought the word love and painted it white 
I glued all the foliage and decorations after taking apart the frame and adding the lights 

I’ve shown her the pic and she liked it. She also game me permission to share it with y’all lol

The weather is very cold and we have the fire roaring. 
It’s nice and warm under the blanket so working on those is not a chore 
Hope the weather is nice where you are
Enjoy the rest of the weekend 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Matching outfits

It’s cold and wet here and teddy really doesn’t like coming in to the house. I’ve called and called him and he stays outside 
So I’ve been getting jumpers and coats for him. And he has a sleeping bag. So he is happy I guess 
But I couldn’t resist getting both dogs matching. Footy jumpers. 
My Collingwood babies
 I think they look adorable 
But I am biased lol 
Stay dry and warm everyone 
See ya xxx

Monday, June 17, 2019

Stitches are out!

Two weeks. 
Stitches are finally out 
Two weeks of her busting my chops to go outside and play 
Two weeks 
Finally I put her outside 
And what does she do 
Comes straight back inside to see what I’m doing 
Two weeks! 
Ah well 
Regular scheduling will now resume lol 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


After a week of being on my own I finished these two projects 
My big blanket for the van and this baby blanket. 

Both have been projects that taught me new patterns and an alternative way of joining squares 
Plus they have kept me busy 

Now that hubby has cone back home, a few days early, I might pick a pattern that I’ve done before 
So I can pick it up and put it down and not have to think too much 
Deciding which will be fun 
See ya xxx

Friday, June 7, 2019

One week on

It’s been a week since hubby left for his boys trip up north 
Trixie had her spaying operation on Monday and has been great. 
The cone the vets put in her was on heavy hair her to even lift her head. I had ordered this a while ago and it’s much better. 
If she is really determined she can kinda reach her stitches but as I’m always with her she’s not been able to do much with them 
The hardest thing has been keeping her inside all the time and keeping her from jumping 

I’ve been busy keeping the time fires burning, literally, keeping the fur family feed and watered and joining my dragonfly squares 
My mum stayed with me a couple of days and the girls visited on Wednesday as usual. 
The boys are at the shed working and have made sure I have plenty of wood for my fire 
So it’s been a full week that has flown. 

One more week and he will be back home, just in time for Trixies stitches to come. 
She will love being able to go outside and play with Teddy and the cats again 

Enjoy the long weekend 
See ya xxx

Monday, June 3, 2019


Trixie had her de-sexing operation today 
I’m a mess 
It was bad enough not knowing how she was going. 
But now she home she is not a happy camper 
I’ve put her in her pen but I’m right here 
I was hoping she would be very very sleepy at least till tomorrow 
But she’s fighting that as well 
Looks like it’s going to be a long night 
I know in the end this is the best. 
But I’m. Really good at this. I’d much rather be the patient than watch a loved one go through pain 
At least she’s got good medication. 
That I will unfortunately have to get down her throat 
Any advice would be much appreciated 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 1, 2019

First night without daddy

Well I survived the first night. But Trixie almost didn’t. 
She would not settle and sat on hubby’s pillow. She did doze but every noise she would sit up and patiently wait
To see if he was home. 
We got up at 2am to toilet and I decided to sleep on hubby’s side of the bed. 
She snuggled in and slept till 4.30 when she heard the cat. 
I took her outside with instructions to go wee, came in put wood on the fire, and had to answer 
A call of nature myself. By which time she had come inside. 
So I picked her up and went back into bed and we both slept till 6.30. 
I got out of bed then and fed the cats and added more fuel to the fire 
Meanwhile as she hadn’t slept peacefully all night. Trixie has plodded herself onto my lap and has gone back to sleep. 
Luckily for me I had the iPad and coffee all ready and I’ve been sitting here letting her rest 
Hopefully she has a better night tonight. 
It’s so sad. They don’t understand 
She’s really missing her daddy 
See ya xxx