Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Making pretties

I have been busy working on my stitcheries in between yarn and sewing projects.
Because you know. Variety is the spice of life lol 
I do like to mix it up. 

Anyway I decided I would make a wall hanging for my craft room 
What do you think?,
I just need to add a hanger and maybe some tabs from which to hang it from 

I have seen some hangers that have clips so I’ll wait and see what kind I get 
But I have the perfect spot so I’m excited to get it up on the wall 

A trip to the craft store for me I think

The weather here has turned wet
It’s not cold but it feels damp and yucky

I’ve been swimming and I’ve just come back from knitting group 
So the rest of the day will be spend at home 
I’ll find something to keep me occupied 

See ya xx 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sharing is caring

A fellow blogger asked where did I get the pattern for the bunny
Bags from 

I followed this you tube. They show you how to make the pattern which is really simple 

Give it a go and post the results 
I’d love to see them all 

See ya xx

Friday, March 19, 2021

Fender bender

This morning on my way to the pool I had a slight fender bender 
I pull over and speak to the other driver he doesn’t speak English so he puts me on the phone to his son 
Well what a rude young man that was. Started yelling at me told me he’s dad explained it all it’s my fault and no he won’t give 
Me his details 

Me well I just told him I wasn’t going to argue and I was calling the police 

Now up until their moment it was not going well for me BUT 

the lady on the end of the phone was lovely and calmed me down
The police who attended were lovely and were genuinely concerned 
My son who I rudely rang and woke up came to my rescue promptly and looked after his mum
I also rang a friend who drives a truck and I know he is on the road at that hour, to talk to me and keep me from losing 
My mind.

Then I get to the pool 
The friends I have made at the pool were all so lovely and concerned and looked after me 
The lifeguard who is there every morning and I have got to know, not only made sure I was ok, but got the manager, who I also have now got to know,
To come over and do a wellness check on me 
Then told me to not go too deep and made sure the other swimmers kept an eye on me 

Then hubby came with my wonderful son to pick up my car from the carport and one of the 
Amazing friend I have made in the pool took me home 

So today instead of concentrating on the rude driver and his very rude son 
I choose to concentrate on the wonderful people in my life 

Maybe this is the reason for the accident 
So that I am reminded of how truly blessed and rich I am 

See ya xx

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Delivery day

Last year in February we went to the caravan and camping show 
It was just before covid really hit us 

We signed on the dotted line and purchased a new caravan.  We traded in our two 
And got one that combined the best bits of the two we had 

All was well. We were told it would take six months to build and we I’ll have our new van 

Oh my. Didn’t those plans go off course 

Covid hit. We were locked down and the world as we knew it changed 

Delivery of our van kept getting pushed further and further away 
Not that it mattered really. We couldn’t go anywhere 

But 13 months later we have taken delivery of our brand new caravan 

Hand over was yesterday and what a day 
It took an hour and a half to get to the yard, it’s way over the other side of town from us 

Then the actual hand over was over two hours. There is so much you need to know 
My poor little brain was fried. But the lovely man who was explaining all the gadgets and gizmos told me to video parts of it. 
What a clever idea 
So I did. And I can go back and see what he said. 

As you can see Ive made the bed and Ive added the cushions I made 
To make it feel more homey 

We are very happy with it
And now we are itching to go away 

A short trip at first.
And maybe a longer one during winter. 
We will stay in our state for the foreseeable future so we don’t get locked out 
In any snap boarder closures 

So there you are. It was a bit of a wait but we got it in the end 
Now I have to take all the camping stuff I have and condensed it from two caravans into one 
I’ll slowly do that over the next few days 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya xx

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Baptism day

Yesterday I was honoured to be asked to become my nieces young sons godmother 

Here we are at the Greek church where I was married, my children got baptised 
My grandchildren and also my great nephews, as well as my niece and nephew 

And the same priest has officiated the whole time 
It’s been many many years 

A pic of the little man himself 
He was very happy before being stripped naked and dunked into the water lol 

But he was soon dressed and back home for a sleep 
It’s exhausting being welcomed into the Christian family you know 

So now I have two god sons, 
Yes I’m very blessed indeed 

See ya xx

Friday, March 5, 2021

Busy morning

This morning we awaited the arrival of the chimney sweep 
To come and get the fires ready for winter. 
This one is used during the whole of winter 
And it was very dirty indeed. So really needed that clean 

This one doesn’t get used as much any more 
But during that mid winter cold snap I will light it 
I like to cook on this if it’s going, so I really feel like a pioneer mama lol 

To keep Trixie out of the chimney sweeps way and to stop her getting out the front
I lock her in the sewing room with me 

I cut out and made a couple of bunny bags for Easter 

How cute are they! 

I think I will give these to the girls for Greek Easter, so I’m going l have to make one more
The third little princess will be here by then 

Exciting times! 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx