Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cardio day

Saw the cardiologist today 
They did blood pressure and wired me up for an ECG. I think? 
And they were fine. 
So he’s given me a script for a non statin cholesterol tablets 
I can’t take the others. I’m allergic 

For home quick from appointment, it’s great now specialists have started setting up practices here.
It’s a quick trip In, a short wait, and then back home again. 

Since getting home I’ve been cooking up a storm 
To use up all the eggs I’ve made an egg and spinach pie for he boys lunch 
I had so much filling I actually was able to make two 

Then I made a big batch of savoury mince meat. With lots of yummy veggies fresh from my garden 
And some that were frozen  from last summer.  
The mince is from our paddocks too 

The day is now sunny and nice. 
I’ve opened doors and windows to let some fresh air in 
I’ll go and get my meds later this afternoon and I might visit a local nursery to see if they have any plants I want. 

Enjoy your day whatever you do 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Today we let the fire go out. We have almost run out of split wood. We have more to be split but it’s in the middle of a big mud bog. 

I can turn on the ducted heating but I’m going to hold off until later. 
I’m sitting under one of my mosaic blankets and working on a simple C2C. I’m using up all the odd bits and pieces. Once I’ve run out of those I’ll use up the the balls of yarn that I only have one or two off. 

I’m going to try and make it as big as a queen bed. So I’ll see how I go. 
If I have to use yarn from my stash I will. 
I have a big stash lol 

It’s starting to drizzle outside 
So I’m definitely staying put. I’m nice and warm and I have Netflix. I’ll be ok for a while 

Monday, September 26, 2022

The big reveal

Now the baby blanket has gone to its new home I can show you what I made 
It’s for a baby boy.  So I decided puppies would be nice 
The blue and white parts are bones for the puppy to chew on lol 

Can you see the dogs. I think they’re Scotty dogs. 

My masseuse, Sue, asked me to make her some more bowl cosies 
Her brother and her best friend have both tried to steal the ones I made her. 
She’ll be gifting them these for Christmas 

I really need to trim and finish my scrap quilt. It’s been waiting for months. 
But it’s so big I know I’m going to hurt my back pushing and pulling it through the machine. 
I guess I just have to bite the bullet, so to speak, and just get it done. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022


Hubby and I spent the morning in the garden. 
The sun is shining and and it wasn’t too cold 

We started by pulling out the cabbages. 
There were six in here but one was eaten by bugs so that one went into the pile 
To be fed to the chickens. 
The other five came into the kitchen 

We weeded and pulled out the plants that had gone to seed. 
The chickens got lots of greens to eat this morning 

Both beds then got a top dressing of compost and a couple one hand fulls of all purpose organic fertiliser 
And we added the mulch. 

They’re now ready for. Spring plantings 

These are the strawberry towers. 
We have planted out one. They take 20 plants 
I’ll get some more seedlings during the week and finish the second one 

My lilac is flowering such a happy sight 

Because I don’t spray I had to wash my cabbages very well. 
To get rid of all the extra protein that might be in them 
Lots of little slugs and a couple of snails.  

If you soak them the little bugs will come to the surface to not drown. 
Even so. I took small handfuls to put in the colanders checking them thoroughly  

The neighbours across the road gave us a heap of onions so I cooked up about half of them 
And added some of the cabbage 
I cooked them and have put them in containers for the freezer 

The rest of the cabbage went into bags to freeze. 
I’ll use them when I’m cooking 

There are still four cabbages out back 
But I’m done for today 
Now to wait for the seedlings to get big enough to plant out 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Just like Christmas

Yesterday I went out with friend to visit her sister who lives about 21/2 hours away from here. 

When I got home I had lots of parcels to open 
My canning tools. To make it so much easier to handle hot jars 

A book a saw on another blog 

I’m going to attempt this over summer. I think it will be a nicer project than a huge blanket 

Can help me with some tips on how to knit socks 

Snd these I only ordered yesterday morning and they were delivered that afternoon 

It is a local company but I assumed they would be closed for the public holidays

I’m going to try and grow strawberries in them 
If that fails I’ll plant succulents 

Always have a backup plan lol

It was so much fun opening the parcels. 
I do love online shopping. 
I think I might be addicted 

Thursday, September 22, 2022


No. Not the Island or town. The musical! 

A friend, Nancy and I headed off to the city to see the show 
We have had lots of disruptions on our train lines, due to works. 
So we decided to leave around nine to leave us plenty of time to get into melbourne 
The show started at one, but as it’s been so long since she has last been to the city 
We didn’t mind having to kill a few hours before the start 

Work on the train line was finished so beforehand we knew it 
We had arrived 
We decided to get off at Melbourne central and find somewhere to have breakfast and coffee 

After coffee we wandered around looking at all the shops in the alleyways of Melbourne 
Feeling sad as so many places had closed down 
Many more didn’t open until eleven 
And even though it was school holidays the city was not busy at all. 

We got to the theatre about forty minute before showtime 
Had a drink at the bar and then got seated ready for the start 

It was an explosion of song and dance. So much energy
The whole thing is done in rap music and sometimes they rapped so fast I had trouble 
Understanding what they were saying. 
Yup. I’m old lol 
But it really was a fantastic show 

A history lesson with a very modern twist 
Highly enjoyable and I’d recommend it to anyone 

After the show ended we decided to leave as it was by then four o’clock and we didn’t want to travel 
In full carriages with all the workers. 
The trip home seemed so quick that we had to wait for hubby to come pick us up 

Got home exhausted but very happy. 
Now when’s the next show? 
Any ideas? 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Busy weekend

I’ve had a very busy and tiring weekend. 
It started with Friday. Being a normal Friday I had Ana. She is quite the little character these days 
She knows exactly how to get what she wants from grandma and she’s so adorable doing it. 
You just don’t care that your being manipulated lol 
She will now walk to the spare room, making sure I follow her, and grab her pram this is obviously 
The I want to go out to the shed to see grandpa and daddy 
It’s still cold. And wet. So I tell her she needs a coat. And she will happily allow me to dress her before putting 
Her in the pram 

Saturday I was off to art class where we had lots of laughs and finished off our paintings 
To begin work on yet another masterpiece 

Saturday night I stayed at my baby girls house watching her baby girls 
They do get so much easier as they get older. 
We did some drawing and colouring in 
The girls showed me dances and songs. 
And even introduced me to some Strange cartoons 
I didn’t understand them at all. But the girls loved them so we watched 

They were very good and went to bed at eight. So easy 
I went to my bed planing to read. But I fell asleep as well 

Sunday come home to get organised and then off to my sisters house for a family 
Lots of children running around 
Lots of catching up 
And lots of reminiscing 

Finally home again in time to take my medication 
Watch a movie and go off to bed. 

I did make it to swimming this morning 
I do want to stay up and watch the Queens funeral tonight 
 But I’ll  see how I go. 

The rest of the short week is busy as well 
And then we have Thursday as a public holiday to honour the Queen 
Friday is the public holiday for the AFL grand final weekend 

As my team lost and is now out for the season I plan
To try and do stuff outside and not sit inside to watch 

No wonder I’m constantly exhausted 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Spring colours

As the daffodils are dying off, the tulips are about to burst open 
I’ve never grown them before so I’m
Very excited 

The first asparagus spear has emerged 

A second one just coming through 
Even hubby was happy. 
Now to wait for the third growing season so we can eat some 

Another potato is popping up 

The first one is now a tad bigger. 
Hopefully they grow bigger once it finally starts to warm up 

Slowly, slowly the garden is waking up 
So the plants think spring is on its way. 
Me. Well I’m not convinced as yet 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

A quickie

This morning I fed the chickens and collected the eggs 
We are now getting four or five eggs a day so I needed something to put them in 

Off I went. Into the sewing room and pulled out two tea towels. My daughter in law gave me some when she moved and I buy them when they’re on special so I have a few in stock 

A piece of 2.5 inc strip of fabric and I had all I needed to whip up an egg carrying apron 

It’s not as fancy as the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest 
But I’m sure it will do the job 

I’ve sown pockets into the bottom by turning up the bottom of the second tea towel 

Then sown the whole thing into the main tea towel

That way I have eight pockets to place eggs in. They won’t touch one another and be padded by the fabric 

After sowing on the binding fabric I have the ties ready for me to put on. And giving it a traditional apron look. 
Oh so I like to believe lol 

It’s not fancy but I like it 
And I made it myself with what I had on hand 
A bargain. And we all know how much I love that 

Monday, September 12, 2022


The weather is miserable 
I feel miserable 
So I’m staying inside away from the world 

The big project is finished 
So I’ve started in a small one 

It’s going to be a baby blanket. A gift for someone having. Little boy. 
It’s growing fast. So hopefully it will only take a week to finish. 
Once it’s been handed over I’ll be able to share a picture of the finished blanket 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday jobs

While I was at art class hubby started on finishing the veggie garden area   

He moved the boundary a few weeks ago but the weather hadn’t been cooperating 

It’s really opened up the area so we have plans for more of the blue wicking beds 

My tulips are showing colour 
I’ve never grown them before so it’s very exciting to see them come up 

In class we have been working on an Australian outback scene.  I think this is finished but who knows I may turn up next week and decide to add something 

That’s the biggest trick to learn. When to stop 

After filling up the fire with more wood. Hanging a load of washing on a clothes horse to dry 
I’m back to this blanket. 
Row two of boarder. 
I hope to finish this today so I can start on something new 

The telly is full of the passing of  Queen Elizabeth 11  
She was a constant in our lives for so long. 
She kept her vow to serve for as long as she lived. 
May she now rest in peace 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Almost done

The main body of the blanket is now done. 
I’ve knotted all the loose ends and trimmed them so only the boarder needs doing 
There are four parts to the boarder so it still a bit to go before it can be called finished 

It’s big and heavy and oh so warm 
I think I quick project after this. 

The weather has turned wet yet again 
Hopefully we will get some nicer weather on the weekend. I’ve got lots planned 

Going out for dinner tonight 
It’s hubby’s birthday today 
He’s 61 years young 
When did that happen? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

And so, it begins

Went to Bunnings to get black plastic to finish mulching the new garden area snd the had tomato seedlings. Pretty advanced ones. I couldn’t resist 

I got four different varieties of larger tomatoes as the seeds I planted were little ones 

I’ve been leaving the plants so they go to seed. The bees love the flowers and spring is not  full of abundance as yet. But I did have to empty one of the tubs.  Those plants, kale went to feed the chickens 

Nothing goes to waste here. 
Look how much they have grown. Another five eggs today 

The sun is shining and it was lovely to be outside again in the garden. But it’s still cold so I finished quickly and came back inside 

Even Trixie is staying close to the fire 

I’m very happy to at least make a small start at my summer crops 

Monday, September 5, 2022


This is todays eggs. Two are warm snd there was a chicken in the nesting box when I checked 

They’re such good girls 

So excited to be getting fresh eggs again. Yummy

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunday stroll

Just wandering around the garden seeing what’s going on and sleepy plants are slowly waking up form winter’s slumber 

The white mulberries are  only just starting to bud 

The black mulberry is four years old now and has well and truely come back to life 

The seedlings are getting bigger. I don’t think I like the little pod thingies. Technical term lol 
Ye old timey is the better way to go I think 

I Can just see my first potato peaking out of the potting mix 
Where there is one. Hopefully it means the rest will soon burst forth 

Fruit trees are covered in blossom 

The citrus are still green and healthy.  Good sign that even with all the rain we have had, they didn’t get wet feet 

The peach, I think, that was in a pot for a few years and didn’t do well at all  it’s got blossoms so hopefully it’s much happier here 

The chickens have had fresh wood shavings put in to keep their feet dry and clean 
We are getting multiple eggs everyday 

It’s been so wet we even have mushrooms 
Don’t know what kind they are so I’ll just leave them where they are 

There is so much to do in the garden but it’s still just too wet I pulled out two weeds and so much dirt came up with them they left huge holes 

I’ll just have to wait a tad longer 
Soon it will be all hands in deck as it will be a full time job weeding and keeping it all weed free 

Roll on spring