Monday, November 28, 2016

A little bit of Christmas


This is my Christmas decorating  almost done for this year 
I bought myself an optic fibre tree and if you look closely you will see the lights as the end of the branches 
They change colours so I don't need any decorations on it 
With two cats and a very active baby I'm thinking this is the best option 
I have the Christmas shopping almost done 
Don't like the crowds so I like to get it all done and dusted well before Christmas 
I have a wreath on my door and some indoor lights and that's about it. 
For those that know me. This is a lot 
I really am a Scrooge at Christmas. I not into all the commercialism and the frenectic hype 
I just like it for the kids, and the getting together with the ones that matter 
So Christmas will be a less hectic affair this year. Christmas Day is at my sister in laws 
What are your plans?  Are you getting organised?
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The boys are back

The boys were dropped off today 
Don't they look handsome after their relaxing holiday away at the beauty spa lol 

And here is their fleece 
I have a friend who knows how to spin. So I'm hoping she will be able to teach me and another friend of ours how to do it 
There is lots here to practice on 
Exciting isn't it 
See ya xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feeding time

Have given  my budgies some fresh greens. 
They love the parsley so I tried some apple as well 
They have nibbled it. But the parsley is the clear winner 
Might have to plant more 
See ya cxx

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Because I'm a good girl


Today I had to go to the dentist. 
I hate going to the dentist because I don't like pain or needles 
But I had to go. 
So because I was a good girl. And I didn't need anyone to hold my hand I decided to treat myself 

I needed new bathers. Swimming four times a week really ruins them quickly 
To buy new ones from the specialist shop is really expensive 
But during the winter. That's pretty much the only place you can buy them. 

So seeing the sale signs at millers and knowing that I need new swimmers I decided to go now and get some 
They had lots of swimming gear and only $20.00 each. Bargain 
Having spent, reluctantly over $100.00 on a pair in the middle of winter. I really loved the special price tag 

So at that price. I bought five new pairs. 
I think I should be right now for another year 
Or until millers have another sale 
See ya 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A productive morning

I've been itching to get back into it outside 
I wanted to pretty up the front. 
So the mission began with the solar trees
And this is how we are progressing 
Plant holding shelves with coloured pots and semi shade living plants 

Here they are all potted up 
I love nick nacks outside. So I'll continue to aquire these and add to the collection over time 

Then out back. These two garden beds were ruined by rabbits last year. The fence is now finished so hopefully my new seedlings will grow 

I even put seedlings in the big pot. 
No use wasting space. 
And my hanging birdcage planters I made nearly didn't make it last summer. 
So I've added coconut fibre. Hopefully it will help protect the plants from the heat. 
So I have been a busy girl today. 
Still lots to do. But I'm going to need hubby's help 
We need to do some major cutting back
But that's another day and another post 
See ya xxx


Saturday, November 12, 2016


Ever since my sons and daughter in laws wedding I have wanted a light up tree. 
The reception place had magnificent ones that looked amazing at night. 
Obviously I can't have those, not a bank robber, so I kept a look out for something smaller and more affordable 
Yesterday I found these. 
Yup at Aldi 
Only $50.00 each 
Still a lot of money. But much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen for the size 

So I bought two white ones and one pink one 
This is the pink one. It will light up that dark area at night 

And the two white light ones 
Should have enough light to be able to open the door if I forget to leave the outside light on 
And I put them all together all by my self. So they were very easy 


Here they are all lit up. It wasn't very dark yet. Just on dusk. 
They did get brighter as it got darker 
And the pink one. Isn't it pretty. 
I have the white ones on all the time. And the pink flashing 
Very happy girl I am 
See ya xxx


Thursday, November 10, 2016


Going out to give my feathered babies fresh water and food. I got a lovely surprise when this baby was out of the nest and looking at me
Was not bothered by me going into the cage. Just sat there looking at me. 
It's been watching me from the nest for nearly a week 
So I thought I would try to pay it 
How excited was I. That not only could I pat it. But it climbed onto my hand 


So I got a better pic without the bar's
Mum and dad were losing it so it quickly took the pic and put it back on the perch 
Don't know if I can part with this one now lol 
Hopefully the others will be as pretty and laid back as this one 
Pretty chuffed i am. 
See ya xxx 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Busy day at grandmas house

It's alway busy at grandmas house
First I have to chase the cats 

Then I have to say hello to the dogs 


And do a bit of bird watching 
All this excitement makes a girl really sleepy 
So I'm having a nap now 
Bye xxx

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A surprise sleep over

Last night I got a call from my niece. 
She had last minute plans for today and wondered if I could watch her little man 
I said yes provided he would be happy to stay 
Well he didn't mind being left here even though we haven't seen him in a while 
So a sleep over at great Aunty Angela's house was fine 
Here he is showing me his toast 

Don't know what he was doing here. Just being silly I think lol 
After toast and milk for breakfast. We had a bubble bath and a play. 
Now he is having an afternoon sleep. 
Two year olds really keep you on your feet!
See ya xx


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kitty jungle jim

The cats had the grey cratching post. And the little black and pink one. 
But there were always fights over the top of the big grey basket on top 
So to save my nerves we purchased the new pretty cream one. 
Not quite as tall. But hopefully it will stop the squabbling 
At least for a little while. 
What do you think? Would you like to be a kitty living in this house?
See ya xx