Saturday, January 29, 2022

When things go wrong

I was busy working on my blanket and for some reason 
The stitch number just wouldn’t work. 
I was stumped.  I’d check the pattern at the start and it was working fine 

It was then I check the whole thing and saw about half way something was wrong 

So I undid a few rows and counted. 
Nope not right 

I undid a few more rows and I found it. 
But now it was hard to work out where I was in the pattern. 

So I found the last “square “ that looked correct and pulled all the rows to that point. 
Then I worked each row from there. 

And thank goodness it worked. 
I had to take a few deep breaths 
And calm myself down 

But I have fixed the issue without having to rip the whole thing out 
It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Extreme weather

Yesterday was the hottest Australian day in 16 years 
This poor tree just couldn’t take anymore and split hubby had just been mowing out front and it was fine. He came in showered and was opening the front blinds. I had closed them to keep the house cool while the sun was there. And he noticed it 

So after days and days of heat, 36 degrees yesterday,
Today the sky is dark we are having a once in a lifetime storms and the temp is now in the low 20’s

It’s now raining again, not that I’m complaining, and muggy

The rain is lovely for the garden but the extreme weather changes has caused my ME/chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to flare 

I had to come straight home after swimming and I’ll be resting today ready for Ana tomorrow 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Australia Day 2022

Happy. Birthday to our nation
I know this day has become political and I totally understand the reasons
But I’m going to just be proud to be an Aussie today 
This country has been wonderful to me. It has provided me with a home, helped educate me,
Helped keep me healthy and safe 

No country is perfect, and we have history that needs addressing and issues that need attention right now 
But there is nowhere else in the world I’d want to call home 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


The sunrise today was beautiful. 
The weather is HOT. Except for a few loads of washing 
I plan to just rest and keep working on my Penelope blanket 
With the aircon definitely on

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Enjoying the garden

The back yard is looking lovely. 
The weed growth has slowed down and we are mulching everything and everywhere 
The first pic is along the fence. We have mulched half of that garden and the second half will be done over the next few days 

The nasturtiums are coming back. Unfortunately so are some weeds. We have couch grass and there is nothing we can do to stop it spreading so we just
Weed as often as we can and accept it as part of having gardens 
Although it does make a beautiful thick lawn 

The dwarf citrus are doing ok the last pot has a dead plant. I’m not sure what it was. Some sort of Berry bush so I’ll 
Pull it out and replace with something not sure just yet 

The sunflowers are growing everyday 
Soon they will be spectacular. Fingers crossed 

The cucumbers are growing well 
And we have flowers and little baby cucs 

I’ve never had eggplant get this big. I’m very excited 

Lots of pumpkin plants growing well. They too have flowers 

Heaps of green tomatoes 
Some are just turning in colour so I’ll be having fresh from the garden tomatoes very very soon 

A shot of the baby cucumbers 

The tamarillo has fruit and more flowers  

My radish seeds have sprouted 
And the tomatoes are growing well 

My one okra that has germinated. 
I do hope more will follow 

The spaghetti squash is going well unfortunately the corn has yet to appear. But we live in hope 

Having a drink and admiring the view 

My life might not be exciting for everyone. But knowing I am growing not only plants for beauty and for the bees 
But for me to be able to feed not only myself but my children makes me very happy indeed 

And the very best part is the sitting and admiring all your hard work come to fruition 
See ya 

Thursday, January 20, 2022


I finished the pillow and it’s now sitting, proudly on the sofa 
Anastasia loved playing with the sad little tassels I added 

I’m waiting on the blue and white yarn to arrive so I can then start on the Afghan to match it 
So in the meantime I started on another pattern by the same lady 

This one is called Penelope 
I’m just using purples and hope to get through some of stash 
I have lots of purples for some reason lol 

It’s been a busy week 
Working out in the garden 
Baby sitting Ana, I now have her two days a week 
Fitting in the swimming and still keeping on top of all the housework 

After the lockdowns my fitness levels have dropped so I’m slowly trying to get my level back up again 
Fingers crossed I’ll be back to swimming five days a week soon 
Even having to come home early to have Ana 
The plan is I’ll get there right on 5.30am as they open get out an hour later and be home by seven 
Well that’s the plan 
We will see. 
It’s good to have goals I guess 

See ya 

Monday, January 17, 2022

What a palaver

This is the pattern of the mosaic I’m making. 
I decided I wanted to buy it so I can make it even if I don’t have internet 

So I go on the site, as listed in the description box on the you tube
Click the English flag to get the correct language for me 
Order the pattern and then pay for it. 

Check my emails and guess what 
It in Spanish. Which would be lovely except I have no idea what it says and I’m rubbish 
At following graphs. 

Send off an email but even after a few days. And  as I’m typing this 
No response 

So I put an SOS out on Facebook 
And my lovely friend, who I’ve known since primary school, said her hubby speaks, reads and writes Spanish 
So I send her the pattern he does it all on his computer and sends it back to me 
I don’t have a computer at home. Just my iPad so I couldn’t translate the whole thing. It’s eleven pages 
So while waiting for the girls this morning to finish dressing in the pool change room I sent the pattern to hubby and he printed it for 
Me at the office 

Sometimes it’s just a drama doing the littlest things isn’t it. 
But I now have the blessed pattern 
And once I’ve finished the piece I’m working on, hopefully the yarn I ordered will be here and I can start on the Afghan 

What an adventure I’ve had lol 
See ya 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Just a couple more

Last two beds, for now?
This has more tomatoes, leeks and I’ve sprinkled some radish seeds 

This is the sweet chilly and capsicum bed. 
I’ll cut up some of the chillies and cook them with the tomatoes zucchini and eggplants 
Then freeze for use in winter stews and casseroles 

Of course we will enjoy some fresh and hubby will cook the rest on the BBQ. We peal them and enjoy or freeze for later use 

The reason hubby has been a sicking bed convert 
See these eggplants how big and lush they look 

They were planted the same time as this one and a few others in the traditional raised garden beds 
They have doubled in size since being planted but the ones in the blue barrels have grown like their on steroids 

Hopeful we will be harvesting the first of the crops soon and get continual cropping over the summer months 
I’ll process and preserve as much as I can for the winter months 
And share both fresh and preserved produce with my family

Hubby and I are both exhausted. It’s been a huge couple of days 
Now we can sit back and enjoy the view of a job well done 

See ya 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

And more

Hubby has spent all day making these wicking beds for me 
He was really impressed with the small blue ones he’s decided to go bigger 
As that’s obviously better lol 

In the bed that is inside the hot house,  I’ve planted spaghetti squash 
The theory being I can use the shelves to help support the fruit 

The other bed has dwarf sweet corn 

In the winter we can pull the cover over and grow more food 

Also I’ll be able to do early plantings of tomatoes and cucumbers next spring 

In the small round pots I’ve planted some okra 
It gets really hot there, when the sun is shining, and apparently they like it 

Fingers crossed they take. 
I’ve also sprinkled the last of the basil, and oregano seeds. 
I’ll harvest the basil and make pesto to use during winter 
And I’ll dry the oregano in my food dehydrator and fill a jar to keep in the pantry 

Hopefully they will germinate and grow big and strong 
I’ll be able to share the produce with my kids and we can all eat fresh and healthy 

See ya 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Nobody’s perfect

Today I continued working on the Athena pattern 
Now because you all thing I’m so good. I’m making a confession 
The current pattern I’m working on. Is wrong 
The last repeat has been done the wrong way around. I didn’t realise until the pattern was completely as the actual stitch count is fine 
I’ve flipped the pattern but the numbers are still the same. If you understand what I’m saying. 

It doesn’t matter. No one will even notice it really and if they do well. I’ll invite them to do it and show me their final product 

It’s a practice piece and all imperfections are kept. 
So now you can all proceed and try it because I’m so bad your going to be much better. Lol 

I have had no ill affects from my booster 
Other than a slight headache last night which was cured by taking paracetamol 

It’s very warm again today 
Hubby is watering the veggies 
And I’m inside as it’s way too hot for me out there. 

Hope your all well 
See ya 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Something new

I have been looking at peoples crochet work on a Facebook page and it looks amazing 
The technique is called mosaic crochet 
So I did some research and found a YouTube tutorial for one called 
“ Athena “

So of course I had to try that one first 

Here it is so far 

And of course it has to be in blue and white 

I’m only making a small practice piece that I will turn into a cushion 

I’ve ordered some blue and some white yarn 
Funnily enought I have lots of pinks but not so much blue yarn 

I’ll make the Afghan after I’ve finished this. 
It’s not hard. You just have to make sure you follow the pattern precisely 

I’ve got all the videos saved in my account so I can make the Afghan later on when the weather cools off 

I’m going to try and learn new things this year 
I’ve also got a new patchwork top in mind and I’ve bought the fabric for it 
But that’s another post lol 

Had our booster shots today 
So far I’m ok. Hopefully I won’t get too many after affects 

Monday, January 10, 2022

On my needles

Currently I’m working on another neck down cardigan 

Here’s one I finished earlier 
It’s a different pattern to the one I made with the matching booties 

And here’s a crochet one. 
I love this pattern. So easy and looks so pretty 

Won’t be doing much crafting today I have Anastasia. I’ll be watching her two days a week now 
So I got up extra early got to the pool by 5.30 and swam for an hour
Then got home before seven and was ready for her daddy to drop her off 

Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the routine and continue swimming five days a week 
I’ve been a tad lazy lol 

Are you crafting? 
I’d love to see what your making 
See ya 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Garden progress

The weather has been warm, wet and muggy 
Perfect growing conditions 

The veggies have taken off. 
The silverbeet is bolting to seed so I just keep cutting it back
There beetroots, carrots and cucumbers are growing nicely 
The capsicum has survived the downpour and hopefully will kick off too 

The eggplants in the wicking beds are all thriving and so are the tomatoes 
I pick three red cherrie tomatoes and shared them with hubby. 
They were sweet and full of flavour 

There are also bush beans and I hope to grow enough to eat and freeze for winter use 

The zucchini pant is growing massive so I think I’ll trim off the lower larger leaves 
Hubby brought in three zucchini last night so I’ll cook those up today for dinner 

There were excess seedlings in the punnets and as you know I don’t waste anything 
So more beans were planted in the black pot. The bigger plant is definitely zucchini 

This second big black pot has pumpkins and so does the white pot I put that metal stand over it as I nearly toppled it over while watering 
So it’s to stop me killing the plants  the grapes are also growing well 

So many green tomatoes 
I’ll be able to enjoy lots fresh and freeze for winter stews as well 

The front garden was weeded and mulched   I started the process but hubby had to take over. I can’t bend under the trees 
Unfortunately while weeding the nasturtiums, a heap of plant came up with them. 

It’s fine. There are lots of seeds so it will come back. 

I found an old packet of sunflower seeds and thought why not. 
So I scattered them in the pot mulched and watered them. 
And look. Baby sunflowers 

So I’ve now definitely decided use by dates are a scam to make you buy more lol 

Unfortunately the excellent growing conditions have also meant that weeds and lawns grow too 
So I did some weeding of the beds and hubby is busy mowing while the rains have eased off 

More and more they are predicting shortages in the supermarkets due to supply issues and staffing levels 
So I’m even more glad I planted my veggie gardens 

Fresh food from he back yard is always the best 
Plus I won’t be buying as much from the supermarkets so leaving it for those that need it more 
It’s a good system 

See ya 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


I received a lovely surprise today. 
A Christmas card from Poros, Greece. 

From the lovely local kiwi alien   Her blog is always full of the goings on in 
Her Greek family, and it makes me laugh as I see my family in her stories 

Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise 
You will never know. How much it cheered me up 

It just goes to show you. The internet isn’t all evil, doom and gloom 
There is always a light shining bright 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Woke this morning. Headed off to the pool for an hour and a half of gentle swimming 

Then as normal  to our favourite cafe for coffee and a laugh 
A quick shop and then home 

The weather today is much cooler and very overcast 
Trixie doesn’t approve. She likes to be warm 

Have decided to totally ignore all COVID information 
I’ll just keep my distance wear a mask and I’m booked for my booster next week 
Not much else I can do 

Starting this year by blocking negative and being as positive as I can be 

See ya