Thursday, July 31, 2014

Progress report

As you probably know. I have an engagement party for my son next month and a wedding in three months for my daughter so I decided many months ago to change the way I looked. Lol
So I am now down 20 kilos
Pain levels are down by about 20% most days
I started going to the local pools
At first we just barely walked around in the water for half an hour then slowly got out and it would take me about another twenty minutes to get dressed. Such was my pain
We did this once a week and it took me the whole week to recover!
Now we go three times a week
We spend an hour in the water
And I can do laps of the pool
It first took me eight minutes just to do fifty meters!
Today I took five minutes to do 100 meters!!
I now walk out of the pool like a normal person
And I'm dressed and out the door when I finish in under ten
So yeah me
Oh yeah. I'm down four dress sizes
So I'll be posting pics of my at the engagement for you guys to see
Still dealing with pain. But it's much easier when you know that you have acheived something for the day.
Brag moment over 
See ya

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mrs brown D'Movie

Have just got back from seeing mrs brown D'Movie. I found it very well done. I laughed. I cried and enjoyed it immensely. I loved spotting all the people I knew. Photos of Brendon's mum, his grandson and I even spotted. Chickie granddads real life wife! 
As others have said. No it's not like the series but really did you want it to be. I loved the story line and buster really steals the show. 
Rory is fabulous especially in the swimming scene. Omg I just laughed seeing him in his mankinin. What a brave man. 
So if you want an afternoons entertainment that isn't too serious give it a go. You won't be disappointed. For those that have read the books. It's the little things that stand out. Cathys necklace. The pictures and the struggle of the Moore street traders. 
Highly recommend it 


Today is our 26th wedding anniversary. 
I can't believe it. Where has that time gone.
Planning on going to the movies this afternoon and off to dinner.
But other than that is just a normal day
And well I like it that way. 
See ya

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My new toy

Well not really a toy. A light and magnifying glass because my eyes are not what they used to be. Got this off the net and it was over $200 cheaper than the show specials that I went to the show to see. Very annoying really. 
Bella gave it a good going over and decided it was good lol
So later that night I sat and worked on a CHRISMAS present  I only put it down for a sec and yup you guessed it. The site manager was testing it 
I then got her off and after about fifteen minutes I couldn't see her so I got up and went looking. Only to Find her hiding in the bag. 
How boring would my life be without my bella boo boo hahaha
What are you working on right now?
See ya

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It's a quarter to eleven am here in South East Melbourne   And this is the view from my back door. So very foggy. Thick and grey and yucky. Just looking at it makes you cold. But it is cold. Still only about six degrees Celsius. I have lit the second fire as my washing from two days ago still isn't totally dry. And I have more to do. So the damp towels are now hanging on the backs of chairs near the second fire and I'm going to put dons clothes on the clothes horses. 
Winter was late coming buy boy is she making herself felt now. I don't mind the cold really. At least I do have the option of lighting another fire. Ad even if I have to I have the central heating as well. Although it isn't as nice a heat. And of course it's perfect for snuggling under blankies and having a hot cuppa with the ones you love. 
At least it isn't raining
What's the weather like at your place?
See ya

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Highs and lows

This weekend was like a roller coaster of emotions for me. On Friday we had chemo and it will went like clockwork. We were hoping to get out on time because we had planned on going camping and we  were looking forward to playing in th snow. 
Here we are going to the mountains. All that low cloud held the promise of snow. And there was snow going up so we are looking forward to a greqt weekend. 
Get to our camping ground and hubby gets out to crank up the camper trailer and I hear him swear 
As he was cranking the top up he only got half way when it just started going down in the front.
This is what it looked like. He was so angry as we had only picked it up th day before after it had gone back to have stuffed fixed on it from his trip recently. Remember this was a brand new van!
See the front isn't going up. We had no where to sleep all our stuff was inside so he just locked it up and we went home. We were there for about fifteen minutes tops!
I was guttered. We were there to have fun and make memories but I had to go home. I felt like crying all the way home. 
All Saturday I was not happy and hubby really wanted to make me smile so we decided to go to the  Bendigo sheep and wool show. Here is a photo of the show grounds were the working dogs were busy getting the sheep into the yards. I didn't buy a lot as the stuff once again was not cheap. But it was fun to look and aee all the sheep. Some were huge. 
So as you can see the weekend didn't go to plan but it turned out ok. Leanne had fun in th snow but unfortunately not with me. 
See ya

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday again

Monday morning again. I can't believe how quickly this year is going
Saturday nights games night was cancelled due to illness but it's ok. I was so tired I just ended up on the couch reading. 
A beautiful nurse who has been looking after leanne since we first started chemo put me on to these.
The first book is wicked lovely but there are a few in the series.
Not too intense. Greqt for when you just want to read and not have to think too much
I'm onto the second book. Which has the same characters in it but is not a continuation of the story as such. It's called ink exchange. 
 I'll be going slow and steady today. Not going out staying in where it's nice and warm. Still have both fires going as it's freezing out side.
Have a great week 
See ya

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Long day ahead

It's five o'clock Saturday morning here. I've been up feed the cat put wood in both fires and have my first load of washing in the machine. 
I can hear don snoring in the bed room as I mentally list all the things I want to get done today 
I have a jelwery party this afternoon and a games night at my sister in laws tonight
Other than that it's a day of getting stuff done at home as the expected top is only 11 with lots of rain. 
I'm very sore after a alight accident yesterday while making my bed, but hopefully as I get moving it will get better.
What's on your list for today
What ever it is have a great weekend and if you live I'm the winter part of this world stay warm 
See ya

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snow day

Today hubby took me out to make me smile. I wanted to go see snow. So we headed off. We planned on visiting mt Donna buang and if there want end snow there we would keep going to lake mountain. 
Here is a waterfall by the side of the road on my Donna buang. It was rushing and full of water hearing towards the yarra river that will eventually flow through Melbourne and into port Phillip bay
The final turn befor th climb and heaps of snow. I was squealing like a little girl I was so excited. 
And here I am playing in the snow. Can't wipe the smile from my face. It was raining so we didn't stay long. Not as much fun without kids. But I loved it and there was heaps still going back down the mountain and heading home via marrys ville. It was down to almost the town. Apparently it's expected to snow in the town this weekend. So how about that. 
It's going to be a cold few days so I'm bringing in more wood and lighting the second fire. 
Stay warm and dry and enjoy
See ya

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pannys chocolate factory

On our last day we visited the chocolate factory. Another attraction I've been diving past for over thirty years but never saw. Inside everything was made of chocolate! Here we have a town with trains that run run through it
Here is the town. You can see th trains
Leanne and Bec making the trains go around. You have to turn the handle
There were games too. For every wooden ball you got you could exchange it for chocolate. Here is Millie reading the instructions. 
We even saw a chocolate waterfall. Yummy!
There was a spot that you could input your ingredients and it would make a blurb for the chocolate that you invented. Can you see mine! Every month they pick one and acually make it. They send you an email and you can come in and buy it. How exciting would that be lol
And my favourite desert. Chocolate moose.  Hahahah
We had a ball. Just like kids in a candy store 
See ya

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The penguin parade

Last night during torrential rain we trotted off to see the penguins of Philip Island come home after a long day in the ocean. 
You could not take photos so I downloaded the free app and used theirs to Show you  this is the viewing area and we got special tickets so er had front row seats
The penguins come in just after dark and will always come to the exact same spot on the beach. 
They come in groups and make a lot of noise. Some of the penguins are over ten years old and all off them have no interest or fear of us. But they so like to sit and look while we ohhh. And ahhh over them.
Here is a close up. You can't tell but they are a silvery blue colour and are the smallest penguins in the world. New Zealand have them as well 
So here is a world class attraction less than an hour from my home and this is only the third time I've seen them. Once as a kid, once with my kids and last night 
I will definitely come again. I loved it even though the weather was terrible. We all rugged up and looked like we were going to th South Pole we had a ball 
See ya

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ramada Philip Island

We are away for a girls weekend with leanne Bec and Millie. This is Leanne's and my room. 
Across the hall to Becs and Millie's room
Our lounge room
The kitchen with leanne and bec having breakfast
Our little bathroom but we are very civilised and have been good at taking turns.
The weather isn't great but we are going to go out and find some thing exciting to day. We hope to see the penguins tonight. If we do I'll take some photos to share. 
See ya

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First of a new financial year

Here I Aussie land the first of July it's the first day of the new financial year. In th next few weeks bookkeepers and accountants will be busy collating and organising tax returns for all. In years gone past I would be now in the office madly trying to get it all done and take all my reports and papers to the accountant to get our financials into the tax office. 
It was such a stressful time for me I would always break out in hives! 
Thanks the gods that's all over. We now have a full time office girl, that's my baby girl. A book keeper who comes in once a month to get the bass statement organised for the GST and a wonderful accountant who handles the rest. Combined with a financial advisor who is making sure we will have enough to retire on, I don't really need to worry. 
It now takes four people to do what I did all the while, I also looked after the property, the house and raise the kids!
No wonder I have CFS. I really needed the break!
But any who that's all in the past and we really have no money worries now. We alway have enough for what we need, and sometimes for those little things we want 
On other news last night while my fierce dogs slept on the back porch something got into my chickens and we lost one.
I heard the chooks go off as they are outside my bedroom window and hubby went outside to see what was going on. 
After almost tripping over the sleeping dogs he found one dead. What ever had it couldn't get away with it. After that the dogs were back on duty and I heard teddy barking and growling so what ever it was was trying to get back but this time the dogs were awake and on the look out.
I hope it stays away. This weekend we will make sure the wire goes back around the rose garden and the chooks come back close to were the dogs sleep. 
It's very cold today here so stay warm all I'm typing this under a blanket as the poor fire is trying really and to warm the place up but not quite getting there. Although it is considerably warmer inside that outside 
See ya