Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I'm reading


Having a conversation about genetics in the pool the other day. 
As you do. And I told her how we can all be traced to seven women. She looked at me and said yes! I have a book about it. 
So the lovely Claire brought the book in for me to read. 
It's written by THE scientist who did the research and he explaines the whole process from idea through to acceptance by the scientific community. 
It's fascinating. 
He has written it as plainly as he can. But there are some scientific sections. 
Not too hard though so you can get through it. 
He then puts names to these women and a short story of how their lives might of been. Taking into account the time and place they lived. 
I'm only 2/3rds through it. But I love it. 
Its amazing how we are all able to trace our ancestry to one of these seven clan mothers, as he calls them. 
It's called  the seven daughters of eve and it's quite a read. 
It was published in 2001. So I don't know how hard it would be to get. 
But if you can and your interested in genetics or where we all come from. I highly recommend 
I'm actually going to see if it's available on kindle as it would be worth reading again 
Especially if I'm ever able to do the test as see to which clan I belong. 
If I find it. I'll tell you all. 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Conflicting messages

Well spring is here according to my plants. 
But you wouldn't know it from the weather 
It's been bitterly cold, wet and very very windy!

The roses are full, green and have flowers 
They are looking great right now. 
Hopefully many mor blooms to come in the next few weeks 

This is my little avocado tree. The one we plante only a few short months ago 
It's bursting with flowers. Does anyone know if I should cull a few or even all of them? 

Even my olive tree is full of blossom. 
I wonder if it will keep many or drop most of them. 
Because of the weather I haven't been out to check on progress of these plants. They have been getting 
Lots of watering from the rain. Although I did do a feed and water just a couple of weeks ago. This magnolia 
Was naked then. And now look! Lots of new green leaves 

And the Apple trees th hubby was so sure were dead. 
Not only has they got lots of green leaves growing. But Apple blossoms too

And although th sweet peas I planted in the hanging pots have died due to the frosts 
These ones have flowers
So the flora kingdom knows its spring. 
But the weather needs reminding I think! 
Let's hope it warms up soon. 
See ya 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

R.I.P Buffy

This is buffy. I have written about her before. 
She came to us after a friend found her locked in a shed. She was traumatised and quite feral. 
It too a long time for her to trust us and even longer for her to allow us to touch her. But in time she became a loving and loyal member of this family. She was never one to come inside. Even at th shed. She would go into th  office and only would venture into the work area if it was all open. 
This did change in the later years and she would go into th office with hubby and keep him company. 
Every morning. She would walk over with hubby. Wait until he opened up. And she would run upstairs to the tea room area and wait for her breakfast. 

About two weeks ago, a tomcat in the area decided to come over and attack her. She is old and slow now and sleeps most of the day. She was on th swing chair out the front and he beat her up pretty badly. 
I wondered then if this was it for the bufster but she rallied and has spent the last two weeks in the office being pampered by the boys. 

But this morning she was not good. I got the call from a heartbroken hubby. It was time to let her go. 

So today we let buffy go over the rainbow bridge. 
We are so very sad. Never again will she run out to meet us when we pull in the driveway. Never again will she walk over to the workshop and have her breakfast with hubby 

She is now sleeping with willow under the big tree. 
I hope they are both once again chasing rabbits and will meet me when I go over one day. 


Saturday, October 15, 2016


These are the worlds most spoilt budgies.
Every day they get fresh home grown organic greens. Currently parsley. They love it 
And once a week they get a hard boiled fresh from the chicken organic egg. 
And they have rewarded me but hatching a chick!
Very excited. Let's hope it lives and grows  
We might soon see another budgie flying around the cage 
See ya xxx

Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing around with blogger

I was talking to a fello blogger the other day on Facebook
Sharon from now you see me
We were discussing how you go about putting video on our blogs 
I have the blogger ap on my iPad and you cannot do it from there 
Don't know why but I even googled it and nope you can't. 
So I got on the old fashion web site on my iPad 
As you can see. It is possible but you need to upload your video onto your YouTube account first and then you can put them here 
It's a lot of mucking about I guess. But where there is a will there is a way 
And I'm nothing if not persistent 
So here are the two I used as my  experiment 
The first one is Called breakfast 
And the second is called walking down the garden path 
Yeah I know. But apparently you got to name them 
The tall sticks you see in the second video are my ballerina apples
Finally starting to grow leaves 
See ya xxx