Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Thank you

Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m feeling much better now I’ve rested today. 
I’ve pretty much just knitted and watched the Netflix series 
Boy swallows universe 

It’s very well written and extremely well acted. 
I give it a thumbs up 

Hubby came home and harvested from the garden 

Three big bags of tomatoes for the freezer. They’ll be used in cooking over winter 

Ten ears of corn. Ready for the freezer 

One of our neighbours gave us some fresh fish yesterday so the produce in the bowl is for them 

It’s nice to share the bounty 

Again thank you for your lovely comments they really did brighten my day 

Rushing by

I can’t believe it’s the last day of January already. Where has the month gone 
The weather has been anything but typical making it seem like we are in a loop 
Of ever changing weather systems never really knowing what time of year your experiencing 

Yesterday I swam 
Had a gp appointment to get scrips
Filled them at the pharmacy 
And got home in time for the back to spasm. 
Driving isn’t great on the body 
The cortisol shot has dropped the pain levels wayyyy down 
But unlike the magic drugs he had me on last year it doesn’t take it away totally 

So I still need to be careful about  what I do to not inflame the area. 

I did have the intention of swimming and then doing a little bit of gardening this morning 
Unfortunately In the wee small hours of the morning I started to have a reaction. I have no idea to 
What. But I got up and chewed two anti histamine tablets and it seems to have stopped it 
Although now I’m tired, and I feel like I’ve been punched in the throat. 

Currently in sitting up in bed writing this 
I’ll get up in a little while and plod about the house and hopefully get a few bits and pieces done 

If not, I’ll rest with my knitting. 

To everyone having wild weather. Stay safe. 

Saturday, January 27, 2024


View from the front of our van 

View from the back 

Hubby cutting up dry wood he found while clearing a fire break on our side of the fence line 
We will use it for the fire here. And take the bigger pieces home for winter warmth 

The hard life of a farm dog lol
She’s been running around everywhere. And comes back to have a sleep with her mummy 

Tomorrow we will have breakfast and head home. 
I’ve enjoyed the relaxing break. 
We will be back soon. And often. 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Day two. Australia Day

The girls were playing with my knitted squares and started to make a pattern out. Still have many many more to knit 

After lunch they packed up and left  they 
are going to son in law’s grandparents house. They live near lakes entrance 

So now this is my view while in knit 

The rain has gone but the wind is cold so trixie and I have rugged up if it gets any stronger we will go into the van 

Hubby is off doing something or other. He really doesn’t know how to just sit. Which is fine. I’m happy just being in solitude crafting away looking at the clouds racing by 

Not a bad way to spend a holiday 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Finally here

Finally camping at the farm 
It’s raining. It never rains during the Australia Day weekend 
So I stayed inside the van with the girls till all the camp was set up 

Harley setting up the pop top 

The fire is going strong soon we will cook dinner 

And we even have a dunny right next door 

Hopefully tomorrow the rain stops tomorrow and we can have fun exploring the whole place 

Enjoy your weekend whatever your doing 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Cortisol shot

Ha the shot this afternoon. 
I’m not allowed to drive for twenty four hours 
Have to take things easy for a few days 
Hubby is here like the gestapo making sure I don’t over do 
So all I can do is sit and keep knitting my squares for the blanket 

The procedure was not pleasant 
And definitely not unbearable 

So far the hip is feeling ok 
I’m hoping it helps keep the pain levels down. 

I’ll keep you all posted. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024


Yesterday hubby and nephew went to the farm to set up the composting toilet

It’s environmentally friendly and you don’t need water 

So even camping means we have the best in modern dunnys lol 

Our lovely neighbour gave us a bag of beans, peppers, tomatoes and corn fresh from his garden 
I added more tomatoes zucchini and squash from mine and ended up with three more containers of mixed vegetables for the slow cooker over winter. 

The ears of corn I gave to my daughter along with cucumbers 

Baby girl and family arrived today to get their caravan organised ready for the Australia Day weekend 

We are heading up on Thursday for our first camping trip on the farm 

Here is a pic of melody and trixie 
They have been the best of friends since we got trixie five years ago 

The house is quiet again 
Hubby has gone to was our van and bring it over for us to stock it for the weekend 

I hope the weather is kind to us. 

Friday, January 19, 2024


Today was Ana day. But it wasn’t a normal day. 

Ana and I started doing some craft and while we were busy my wonderful son in law arrived with the girls. 

He helped me with the cutting, I don’t have children’s scissors  and the girls pasted. 

When that was over they headed off into the play room
Brianna and Ana pretended to wash their hands before pretend cooking 

They soon came back and were building towers 

They all took turns throwing the bean bags into the hole in the board. Grandpa was crowd control 

We had second breakfast of toast and water 
Hide and seek was played 
More food was had 
And lots of little girls laughter 

After the big girls left. Ana had a sleep 
And woke up in time for lunch and then daddy and grandpa came home. 

Daddy took grandma and Ana to but more chickens 

That’s another post 

Here Ana is patting them before they were taken and added to the flock 

One brown chicken has been added and Pendles was straight over to check her out. 
Three were added as adding one usually gets picked in and not accepted. So adding three at once makes it much easier for all of them 

All have gone home
I’m slowly getting the house back in order 
And I’m very very happy. 

It’s lovely knowing all the girls get on and play well. 
All girls treat this place just like their home and that they feel so comfortable here. 

Yes I’m feeling very very blessed indeed 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

For tiggers mum

Or anyone else 

Tiggers mum has started making dishcloths so I thought I’d share the very easy 
Pattern I’ve been using 

It’s called grandmas favourite dishcloth 

The cotton I have is thin. 4ply 
So I use two strands to make it thicker. 

If you make one, or two or more. 
Please share your pics with us. 

Have fun 

Sunday, January 14, 2024


The weekend has been full of busyness. 
Hubby unpacked the camper trailer and has been sorting all the things to go in it. Downsizing the amount of tubs to pack lighter
And to make up his bed. 

Friday was very warm so I washed and dried all his blankets.  

Meanwhile I was busy making more dishcloths as I had packed some in both kitchen tubs. One for the camper trailer and one for the kids pop top van 

So these ones are for me at home 

Today he is borrowing a truck from one of our neighbours and will take the tractor and some farm gate up to stockdale. 

Our neighbour at the farm said we can park the tractor at his place to keep it safe. 

We are in the process of getting a machinery shed erected and then we can lock things up nice and safe 

Today’s harvest 
I think that may be the last of the beans. But the tomatoes are starting to ripen 

Our zucchini as always continuing to produce 
The cucumbers are doing really well 

The button squash has been a tad underwhelming but we are grateful for anything we get. And our first Aubergine or as we call it. Eggplant 

I think I’ll make a big pot of ratatouille   Have some for dinner and freeze the rest 

I’ll stay home while hubby goes to the farm. Riding in trucks is something I cannot do anymore. 
Not the smoothest of travel options  

Where ever you are stay safe from all the crazy weather the world is having right now 

Friday, January 12, 2024

Girlie day

Ana arrived for her day with grandma and spotted her new toy straight away. It’s a board with a hole in it that you throw little bags aiming for the hole 

We had lots of fun and laughed lots. 

We visited the shed and did some chalk drawings on the concrete 

By this time it was starting to get very warm outside so back inside for cuddles with grandma on the couch. 

Then it was off to bed for a sleep 

Once sleep time was over. Grandpa had arrived and he had to have a few games of tossing the beanbags through the hole. 

Ana always checks to see what colour grandma’s fingernails are   

I decided that she was old enough to sit and have her own nails done 

I have a children’s nail polish kit. It drys quickly and orals off very easily. 

We had fun picking the colours. 
Yellow for the toes 
Purple for the fingers. 

Once dried it was time to shoot off to grandpa and daddy 

They have gone home now and grandma is contemplating having a soak in the bathtub 

It’s still very warm outside but thankfully it’s lovely in here. 

It’s been a full week. I’m ready for a rest now 

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Love a bargain

This morning I visited Aldi as they had sheets sets  for sale. 

I needed three sets. Two for the kids caravan and one for our old camper trailer 

This is the caravan, pop top, the kids can use if they want to go camping 

The two beds slide out. So mum and dad sleep one side. Kids the other. We had one many years ago when camping with our children. 

Don’t have a pic of the camper trailer up
But here are the sheet sets some floor mats and a fan for hubby to use. 

He’s going to leave the trailer at the farm and use it when he goes to get work done. 

It’s. Five hour round trip which doesn’t leave much time to get work done   So sleep overs will be good 

Yesterday we also harvested the first of the corn. 
Exactly one dozen. Four we had for dinner 

Eight were packed into two bags of four and are in the freezer 

Still lots ripening on the stalks 

I’ve been swimming three days in a row. 
I definitely feel it. 

Hopefully next week I’ll do four days. 
Keep your fingers crossed for me 

Enjoy your day 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

What a drama

Warning rant initiating 
Approach with care 

This morning I headed off to swim. Did over an hour and came back home. 
First trip into Cranbourne 

Yesterday I got online to renew my passport 
First thing it says. 
You need two new photos 
Great. So I go off line and this morning decided I’ll head back into Cranbourne with my passport and other ID and get it sorted 
Get told nope you need to do it all online. Then print off paperwork and come back. 
Second trip into Cranbourne 

Off I head back home. Go to office and get online to fill in paperwork 
Get son to fill in but they says emergency contact not likely to be travelling with you 
And print. 
Back into Cranbourne to get photos done 
Hand in paperwork 
And pay 
And now we wait 
Third trip into Cranbourne 

If they had explained it all in the first place I would of done it in the correct order 

Is it too soon to start drinking

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Back to normal

This morning I made it to the pool and swam for an hour. It was good to get back in the water. 

After coffee at our favourite cafe a quick shop and back home 

Shopping put away 
Laundry done. 
And other odd and bobs done. 

Now sitting and making dishcloths 
My stash is dwindling and I need more. 

No rain today. 
A nice breeze 
Cloudy skies but with bursts of sunshine 

Hope where you are you are having nice weather 

Monday, January 8, 2024

A tail of two days

Yesterday after taking down the trees and cleaning up the mess. I heard there was lots of rain coming. So I went out and harvested what I could. 

I trimmed the beetroot leaves and cooked them to have as a salad later 

I turn the bulbs into pickles beetroot for winter salads 
I also made cucumber pickles 

Cooked a roast and had zucchini potatoes and the rest of the beets. They were yummy 

I also froze another bag of beans and zucchini for the slow cooker. 

By late afternoon the humidity began to ramp up and by the evening the rains hit 

Now we have water front views 
It was worse but once the rain eased off it quickly soaked in. The beauty of sandy soil 

Not feeling great today 
I either over did. Or the weather change had hit me 

Either way. I’ll rest and recharge and I’m sure I’ll be better soon 

With wild weather hitting all over the glob I hope and pray you all stay safe 

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Mid summer garden

Although mid summer has come and gone. The weather just wasn’t playing the game. It starting to finally warm up now and the garden is reflecting that. 

Everything is lush and green. It’s been a bonus that I have hardly had to water 

We have been harvesting zucchini. Beans. Zucchini. Button squash. Zucchini. Silver beets. Zucchini. Beetroot 
And cucumbers. 

Did I mention the zucchini lol 

There lots of baby green tomatoes. 
I planted small varieties so they should start to ripen now and the fruit flies don’t bother them 

Won’t be long until we can harvest the corn 
And we are getting lots of yummy strawberries 

The flowers and herbs are attracting lots of bees and other beneficial insects into my garden. Which had kept the bad bugs under control 

Ive come inside now as it’s starting to get rather warm out there 
Everything has had a good drink so it should be ok for a while. 
They’re predicting rain. But lately it’s been missing us. 
We will just have to wait and see