Saturday, April 29, 2023

Time flies

Another week has ended. 
Once again Ana arrived to spend the day with grandma. 
She’s growing so fast. And she’s such a little chatter box now. Just like her daddy was, still is! 

It’s been warm, very warm here for the last week, so I decided the veggies needed a drink. 
All wicking beds were almost empty 

As you can see we had a puddle of water after watering the pots and it was perfect for playing in lol 
I called her name as she had her back to me and this is the face I got. 
Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth 

Unfortunately as soon as I had turned off the tap it started to rain 
I was like seriously. Doesn’t really matter I guess. At least we had a nice half an hour outside 

Then inside to have lunch and watch some telly tubbies 

Mummy and daddy had a date night. So Ana stayed with us until late. 
After dinner we cleaned up and put on our pjs. Sitting here with grandpa 

She did go to bed and slept for a couple of hours but woke up about twenty minutes before 
Her parents arrived to take her home. 

I’ve only got one more ana day before I fly away 
At this rate all the girls will be adults when I get back! 

Ticking off the to do list 
Tickets have been picked up 
A new coat has been purchased, as apparently it’s still very cold in London. 

Feeling like I’m organised. Knowing that I can’t possibly be. 
Wondering what I’m forgetting. 
All part of the experience I guess 

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Ages ago I saw wind spinners on line somewhere and decided I really wanted one. 
At art I have to walk past a couple and I think. Ohh pretty. 

So when next door started selling them. Well, I just had to go over and get me one. 

I really really liked this one. Although it was not the one I originally had my eye on. 

Hubby and as with me and said just get this one as well. 

Hubby picked this one. He really liked it. 

This is the one I originally wanted. It spins round at the slightest breeze 
It was a lovely little therapy session choosing the ones we liked. I’ve been stuck home all week 

After the big buy up.  I finally found the chicken wire, I knew we had some. And have now got a trellis of sorts for the snow peas to grow on 

The sunshine is lovely today. And it’s warm. 
It’s ANZAC day today. 
To all that serve. Thank you 
Lest we forget 

Monday, April 24, 2023


Although the flu shot didn’t stop me getting sick I’m recovering really quickly. 
Others that have had it,  have taken weeks and weeks to get better. 

I’m feeling really well. I do tire quickly.  
So I’ve been doing little bits and bobs and resting in between 

The worst times are early morning and late at night. I get a tickle in the throat 
And cough. But medicated throat lozenges, and hot lemon drinks work a treat. 

The C2C is almost at the half way point. A few more rows and I’ll start to decrease. 
It’s keeping me sane 
I have lots of yarn to use up again 

I hope to be back in the pool Wednesday 
To get my fitness back up 
Hope your all well and happy.  

Friday, April 21, 2023

Friday again

The weeks are flying and departure date is fast approaching 

I’ve been outside watering the pots under verandas that don’t get any precipitation. 

I keep harping to hubby to remember to water them. I think I’m now getting annoying 

Some of the bulbs I planted are growing. I can’t remember what went where so it will be a surprise when they flower 

You can be forgiven for thinking it’s spring. New growth everywhere 

This pot has broccolini. I can’t believe we will be harvesting soon. Well hubby will. 

This must be the radicchio. It will be able to be harvested while I’m away too 

The daffodils are continuing to grow 

The strawberries have a flush of blooms 
I might cover them to keep any berries that grow 

I’ve been really sick this week
Quite a few people who I’ve been in contact with have now got flu and a couple have Covid. 

I’ve done two Covid tests and both were negative. 
I’m feeling better today but still have swollen glands. So hubby is helping me look after Ana. 

It was nice to be able to go outside and get some  fresh air. 

The only silver lining is that I’ve got two weeks to get over this. 

Then gods willing I’ll be good to go
The countdown continues 

Monday, April 17, 2023

Garden update

All veggies are growing well. I didn’t add tags do I’m not sure what is where. But I’ll know when it comes time to harvest. So that’s what counts 

Those teeny tiny leeks have grown heaps 

The newest cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli doing well 


There is sorrel growing in here. Never grown it before so hopefully they thrive. Will then google recipes 

Asparagus and rhubarb 

My hanging pots are flowering I’m so happy they’re happy 

And finally this pic came up on my Facebook memories. It’s the beginning of the huge ass blanket. 

So I had to finish border so that it was all done in one year. 
You have the first stitches and the last. 

Love a bit of symmetry in my life. Don’t you 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Greek Easter

Yesterday I did the baking for todays Easter celebration 
As usual more food that was actually needed. 

I left all the food at my sisters for everyone to enjoy she will make up doggie bags for everyone to Take  home

Meanwhile I’m on the home stretch with the blanket. Last round on the envelope border 

I’ll happily put this aside and find a brand new project to start 

So that was the Easter season for 2023 
I’m glad it’s only two weekends a year lol 

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Little miss 2

And suddenly our littlest princess is two years old 

Anastasia loves jungle animals so her part was all wild animals here she is dressed in her safari suit. 

She was having a wonderful time playing and talking 

Her amazing birthday cake.  
She got lots of lovely presents from her family and friends. 
It was great to see all the young families with their small children. 
Makes one really feel old.  

Happiest of birthdays our little Ana. I hope you enjoyed your special day 

Friday, April 14, 2023

Friends and fashions

The girls have all modelled  their aprons 
They did seem to like them. 
Now they can help their mummies cook lots of yummy treats 

dropped in and I received lots of her stash of yarn and quilt wadding. 

That’s definitely helped rebuild my stash 

Her beautiful little granddaughter, sally, was with her 
Sally and Ana hit it off immediately and played nicely 

Leaving the grandmas to ohh and ahh over the craft supplies and enjoy a cuppa. 

All too soon sally and her nanna had to go home. 
Ana was very tired and went straight down for nap 

Me. Well I’m working on the envelope border 
Now I have all that yarn and some new patterns I really want to start something new 

Yup. I have a problem lol 

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Step closer

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. I’m feel sooo much better. 
Just a little wooly in the ears and nose but that’s is. 
I think the fibromyalgia makes reactions a tad stronger but they don’t usually last 
Even when I did get covid I was only really sick one day. 

The silver lining was of course a whole day to work on the blanket. 
It’s now done. 
Well the “body” of the blanket is done. I now need to work on the borders 

This is a queen size bed and it covers it nicely 
It’s a very warm and heavy blanket 
Perfect for those very cold winter nights. 

I have made a huge dent in my stash of yarn and that’s a good thing. 
Once I’m back I’ll keep checking the wool mills for more bargains. 
Some of these 200gram balls of pure wool were only $7! 
I doubt I’ll find them at that price again. But you can never say never. 

So if it takes another five or six years of bargain hunting I’ll build the stash up again 
I one thing I do know is. 
I don’t have a lack of patterns I want to try 

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A slight glitch

Yesterday I received both my annual flu shot and covid vaccination 
The wonderful pharmacist who administered these injections did it with barely a sting. 

All day long I was waiting for the sore arm and side effects.  Nothing. 
I was feeling very proud of myself. This was a breeze. 
Oh how wrong was I 

I got the shots 10.00 am 
By 9.30pm I started to go downhill and almost to the minute
At 10.00pm my head started to Pound 

As soon as I felt myself crashing I went to bed. Hoping to head it off 
The headache was the worst. I woke up a few times and then went back to sleep 
Each time thinking I’ll sleep it off 

By four thirty this morning I had to take some pain meds. 
The headache was so bad I could hardly see. 
The meds worked and I’m able to move around now without thinking my head will fall off
But it’s still there. A dull ache. 

So no swimming today 
No going into cranbourne to get stuff done 
The arms are sore 
And I feel wrecked due to broken sleep 

Apparently I’ll be much better tomorrow 
I hope so. 
I keep telling myself this is for the greater good 

I don’t want the flu or covid, especially while I’m away  

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Another week begins

This morning I woke up a little late. But still made it to the pool before seven. 
It felt good to be back in the water.  
So many were missing. The flu is doing the rounds I think. 
I remembered to pause my membership for the duration of my holiday, another job done 
After that I did a quick shop and came home. 
I had to ask wonderson to help me chop up one of the pumpkins our neighbour gave us 
I just don’t have the strength in my arms any more 
I’ve added carrots potatoes and of course some frozen zucchini and have made another pot of soup.
We will eat some for dinner and the rest will be frozen in single serves for hubby to enjoy while I’m away 

I rang the pharmacy to see if I could book in for my flu and covid shots. 
I was told to come down and I’ll be able to get them straight away. So off I went and 
Got both arms jabbed 

A quick visit to my travel buddy’s house to collect a copy of our itinerary so I can have one with me. 
I’ve photocopied it so there is a copy in the office so hubby and wonderson can know where I am at any particular time 

A load of washing is now drying in the sunshine and I’m sitting working on my blanket and listening to an audiobook 

I really want to finish this before I go. There is probably around 15 rows until the body of the blanket is done. 
Then I just have the boarder. 
If I work on it a few hours a day I’ll have it done. 
Only four weeks until take off

Ticking jobs off my list everyday. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Easter Sunday

Here are my girls all dressed in their flower girl dresses before going to their uncle’s wedding. 
Grandpa drove them and their mummy to the wedding in their car. Waited until the wedding and wedding photos were done 
and brought them home to our house. 
They got in fairly late. And their mummy had already put them into their pjs, they had maccas on the way home. 
So all grandma had to do was get them to calm down and then go to bed.  

The next morning grandma was up before five putting Easter eggs out into the pots 
They were out front so that no dogs could find them and eat them. 

The girls were up early, Brianna was up about half an hour after I had hidden the eggs! 
But melody told her to go back to sleep or the Easter bunny wouldn’t come. Bless her 

Once the sun came up I allowed them to get up. We had to wake grandpa. He was still sound asleep 
We all went out front, grandma had definitely heard something out there, and we found so many eggs 

They had a lovely time and were very good about only having one chocolate egg before breakfast 

Once they had breakfast they had another couple of eggs spaced out. So no over indulging 
When we took them home, just after lunch. They had another egg hunt at their house 
Now their back with their parents, the parents are in charge so I don’t have to worry about how many chocolate eggs they eat 
It was lovely having them and it’s been so long since we had an Easter egg hunt here. 
Melody brought her knitting and we even did some together. 

Grandpa and the girls colouring in, in front of the fire 
It’s cold this weekend. So the fire has been lit and keeping us toasty warm. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter filled with the ones you love. 
One more day of holidays before going back to reality