Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pretty flowers

I’ve been slowly working on the hexies blanket 
I sewed the final few pieces and it just wouldn’t sit right 

I was getting a tad frustrated and then I saw my mistake. 
In the middle of all the hexagons there was a pentagram 

Now I don’t have anything against pentagrams but this one was giving me all sorts of trouble 
So I had to undo the last few hexagons take out the pentagram 
Replace it with a hexie and sew the rest back on 

After that it sat nicely. The seriously strange part is, I’m surprised I didn’t make that mistake 
More often 

I then decided a row of single crochet would finish the blanket nicely 

And here is the finished blanket 

My first ever make it up as I go along 
I’ve only ever followed patterns 

I’m happy with it. It’s a happy blankie I think 
Who doesn’t like pretty flowers 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

24 hours

What a difference 24 hours makes 
After yesterday’s lovely sunny weather 

Today we have had rain and it’s cold again 

Current weather 

At least it’s perfect for staying inside and resting 

Whatever your doing this Sunday 
Stay safe 
See ya 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

I can see clearly

A job I usually do every six month was put off because of excessive pain and probably the can be bothered attitude I had due to constant lockdowns

But as you see it was really bad out there 

So since it’s the weekend hubby and tackled the job together 
Moving everything and getting stuck in

And now I can see out my windows again 

Once it’s all dry we will put everything back 
It’s lovely working outside when you have someone helping and the suns out 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Friday, August 27, 2021


On Fridays I watch Ana while her mum and dad work. Dad works here so she comes to work with him

Grandma loves all the cuddles and Trixie just loves Anastasia. Even when she’s in her daddy’s old cot Trixie stays close by keeping an eye on her 

The bright spot in my life at the moment 

Stay safe see ya 

Thursday, August 26, 2021


I went through my Harry Potter fat quarters to see what I actually had in the packets 
I only opened the one with the school houses in it. 

I found some unicorn fabric and thought I’d make the girls a placemat each 

Just a simple one.  No pattern just the unicorns on one side and some plain fabric for the backing
With a cotton batting inbetween 

Since I didn’t have any stitching to use as a guide to quilt it. I had to draw some lines on the back 
I used a new pen I had purchased just before the lockdown 
It’s one that erases just by being exposed to the air 

I started to draw the lines and it was a dark colour that could be seen very easily 
I did have a moment of panic. Thinking if this didn’t work it was going to look bad

But today I turned it over and it was totally gone! 
I was pleasantly surprised 
It’s not often a product delivers exactly what it promises 

So now it looks like I’m a master of straight line sewing and also at making squares all the same size 

Here they are ready have the binding hand sewn 

And here is one finished 
Like I said. It’s not particularly creative but the girls love unicorns and they are very cute 

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday after my whine 
I’m better today 
Lockdowns and really bad weather plus chronic pain 
Does not make for a a happy combination 

Hopefully your all enjoying your freedoms
Not matter how many you have right now 
Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A bad day

Today isn’t a great day 
Mental health is taking a battering with all these lockdowns. 
As a Victorian, having endured over two hundred days in lockdown 
It’s wearing thin now 

So I thought I’d do something nice for myself 
I had the pieces cut out but hadn’t gotten further so I finished making my 
Hogwarts house tea towels 

I did have fun choosing the colour of the Kam snapes 
But be warned. Check and double check before you fasten them 
They do not come off! 

Typical slytherin I put them on snapped them shut and then noticed I had 
Done it back to front. 
So I had to undo the stitching removed the topper and re sewed it 

Just getting up and making something has helped me 
Also unloading on a friend and her listening to me helped immensely 

If your having a hard time dealing with the world right now 
Reach out. Talk to someone and do something nice for yourself 
It really does help ground you and bring you back to your centre 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Monday, August 23, 2021

Another week

Another week in lockdown. This year is almost as bad as last year 

Today I did some sewing and I’ve made my first Christmas present. I can show you what it is as the person it’s for might see it. Sorry 

Still working on my hexagon blanket. It’s slowing coming together 
I’ve decided I will make it a hexagonal blanket instead of square. I won’t need as many cream pieces as I’m running low on that yarn. 

Trixie loves all my crochet blankets. Her seal of approval has been given to this one 

Outnumbers are going up. 71 new cases today   It’s not looking good for an early release from lockdown 

I might start doing some Christmas shopping on line. Just in case 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Friday, August 20, 2021


The colours of a New day
They were pretty spectacular 
I hope your days start the same way 
It brings new hope 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Thursday, August 19, 2021


It’s almost the end of the week. 
It’s strange the days drag but the weeks fly by 

Here is my blanket so far. I will now start making cream hexagons
To add to the outside so make it a square and more blanket shape 

I got a delivery of cotton. I ordered it on line. It has a scent and will make lovely 
Face washers 
Pretty colours with pretty scents I had to control myself and only order these four

Asked about my alpacas. It’s too wet to go out and get a pic so here’s one I got 
During the summer 
 This year we have not lost a lamb to foxes and these two are the reason 
They are very good at patrolling the boundary and keeping predators away 

Trying to keep busy 
Today the sun came out again
Might even venture outside to get some vitamin D
It’s just still too wet to do much while out there 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Crotchet flowers that I’ve finished so far 
I’ll make six at first then try to organise them in a way I like and add leaves which will be green hexagons
In between  

http://local-kiwi-alien.blogspot.com/ asked if they were hard to join. 
No not really I’m using the same method of joint them as I did the squares 

https://youtu.be/fRnC3VECT78 This method and it’s works for me 
You don’t even have to think just sew 

We have had devastating news over night our lockdown has been extended for at least another two weeks 
We now have a curfew and back to five kilometres limit 
This is because people have been flaunting the rules and meeting up in the streets having drinks and pub crawls 
Going from pub to pub, having a drink outside and gathering in crowds 

There has also been an engagement party with seventy people who stupidly made a video of one of the fathers speeches where he says they 
Are legal because it was group therapy.  They all laughed but three people have tested positive to the delta variant 
And now they could all potentially be positive, have all been fined $5000.00 each 

The mother  of the groom has said they don’t deserve all the hate they are getting 
Well I’m sorry but I think you do. 
So we are back to the days of 2020 with really no end in sight 
The numbers keep growing 
I’m not in a happy place right now 
So the flowers will help bring a little joy and colour to my day today 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Monday, August 16, 2021


Another week begins and the sunny weather of the weekend is gone 
I must of scared it away. It’s grey and drizzly 

I finished the heart blanket last night. 
I did two rows of double crochet as a boarder which made it a nice size 
I think it turned out nicely 

So I’ve started making some Hexagons  for flowers  which I will slowly join 
Along with some green hexagons as leaves I’m not following a pattern I’ll just add 
To it making it look nice, I hope 

Still getting covid cases, and still getting ones that are mystery cases 
So lockdown looks like going on and on 

Fingers crossed it will end when more and more people get fully vaccinated 
In the meantime, I’ll just keep busy crafting I guess 
Luckily I have lots of supplies lol 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Sunday, August 15, 2021


It’s been a long miserable and wet winter 
But today the sun shone and there was a Feeling of 
Something in the air 

The flowers are feeling it 
Could it be spring is coming 

We can only hope 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Stage two

All squares are finished.  They didn’t take long at all. They’re only four rows so they work up quickly 
I’ve placed them all out following the picture and I think it looks ok 

I’ve pinned it all and numbered the rows 

So I can start sewing. 
This is going to take the longest I think I’m trying to decide if I want another row of cream squares on each side or just make a thick boarder. 
I’ll see how I feel once it’s all sewn up 

The wether today is sunshine 
Although still cold I think we have turned the wheel and the horrid middle of winter weather might be gone 
We can only hope 

Stay safe and well 
See ya