Thursday, November 30, 2023

Lots of little jobs

The to do list was extensive today. 
I just started at the top and worked my way down. Taking many rests and not putting any 
Pressure on myself. First off was a trip to the postoffice to send off Christmas cards to 
Friends and family overseas. I’m probably a tad late. But they’ll get there eventually 

With all the rain we have had the foxgloves are not looking very well at all 
I cut down all the spent flower spikes 

And laid them all over the ground so their seeds could fall and hopefully self sow
I’ll give it a week or so. Depending on weather and when I clear the cuttings I’ll clear the bottom leaves 
As well. Give them a good clean up 

Yellow gladioli. My first yellow ones. Pretty 

The buddlea is starting to open its flowers. I think it’s waiting on warmer weather 
Like is all 

I’ve made these for the two older granddaughters 
One each for their bedroom doors. 

I’ve started on the outside. 
Wonderson took all the blow up decorations to the shed and used the air to fill them 

I got a tad confused putting up the Santa.  I got the sleigh facing the wrong way at first time 
And the reindeer would of been behind it. 
Talk about putting the cart before the horse lol 
All sorted now 

Some greenery over the door 

More blow up decorations with greenery 
I’ve use it to anchor it all down. The wind was blowing these all over the place 
Much better now 

I’ve started on the entrance area. 
I’m going to look and see what else I can add to it 
It’s look a little undernourished. I’m sure I have lots I can add 

I finished off the bowl cosies 
Making them like an assembly line really makes them quick and easy to make 

I hope the people who are getting these like them 

Update on the Ouchie finger. 
It’s looking much better. 
I’m sure in a few days it will be as good as new 

Tomorrow is Ana day. So no decorating 
It will be all about playing with her 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sudden change

Today the wind has turned and is coming from the south. Which for us means cold 
It’s raining windy and no sunshine. 
Not a great day for doing anything outside. 

I’ve had a request for some bowl cosies so I cleared the workspace and 

Went though my stash of fabrics 
These bowl cosies are destined for the USA. 
Since soup is a cold weather  specialty I decided to go for 
Autumnal colours. 

I didn’t use all of these. But I did choose the final colours from this bundle 

All cut and stacked. Ready to assemble 

It’s getting wet outback. The ground was very dry so it’s mostly soaked up. Just starting to puddle 
We are supposed to get rain for the next three or four days.  Which means it will probably flood out here 

The garden is loving the rain. The crops are growing well. 

So I’ve now I’ve settled down. 
Watching a special about 
Debbie Allen’s nutcracker the hot chocolate nutcracker 
And continuing work on this massive project 

Where ever you are stay warm, dry and safe 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Extreme crafting

I really didn’t like the gold wreaths on my wall so they have gone. For now anyway 

I decided I wanted something totally different 
So I bought two more little Golden trees and turned them into these

They’re way too heavy for having off the lights so I’ve guns them off the timber. I think they’re even. But hubby has a better eye than me. So if they need moving he’ll help me 

My beautiful daughter has started making Christmas decorations too. So I made this to add to her collection 

She really likes it. So I’ll be delivering it tomorrow 

I had to buy a new glue gun my old cheap one gave up the ghost 

It felt weird in my hand. I was so used to the old one. But I kept going and this is the result 

So suffice to say. All craft is now on hold. 
I just really wanted to finish what I had started 

I’m going to have a few days off to allow for healing 
Something always happens to make you stop and rest 

Totally unfair 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Powering down

Today was a garden day 
Hubby filled these for me while I was at the pool. 
So all I had to do was pot them up. I’ve got all the ornaments in there to stop the cat from 
Using it as a kitty litter. She thinks that it’s perfect for her

Hopefully the hydrangeas grow quickly and that should fix the issue. 
Fingers crossed 

I used the pots the hydrangeas were in to pot up two of the plants I had here. 
Potting them up gives the garden instant hight. I also pulled some weeds in the area. 
With all the rain and humidity there’re growing like crazy 

And because I can’t help myself. I bought more dahlia bulbs. 
I’m going to need more pots!  

I’ve added some gingerbread men lights to the corner 
It was just a tad dark   The poor gnomes we’re getting frightened lol 

Today I started the process of tapering off the medication. 
Hopefully as the pain comes back, it comes back slowly and will stop way before the level 
It was previous to starting. 

We will see how it all goes. 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Craft day

I wanted to make a few things for the outside today. 
So off I went to hit the discount shops and Kmart. 
I knew I needed those little Christmas trees they sell. 
At only $5.00 they’re a bargain really and can be used in lots of ways 

By the time I have gone around picking up this and that   Nothing expensive 
I came home with my haul and started 

The work bench is full of potential 

I wanted something either side of the front door. Just to jazz it up a little bit 
So the two trees were turned into these 

I think they look ok where they are. Obviously every year they’ll be changed a little bit 
I even made the bows.  

Then I used a pool noodle and some tinsel and made this wreath 
It’s got lights but you can’t quite see them right now. I’m sure once it’s dark it will look lovely 

Behind is the outside living area.  It’s going to need a good cleaning. 
Stuff packed away and then we can start on that. 

I love making the things I need. 
I love making them for very little money 
And I love when people see them and tell me they like it. 

I totally blame Pinterest. 
Never ever go on that if you want to stay sane! 

Friday, November 24, 2023

Friday fun day

Anastasia was a little overwhelmed by all the decorations at first but she soon started to explore them all 

One of the gingerbread houses needed new batteries so off we went to grandpa to fix the issue 
It needed a tiny screwdriver to be able to open it 

Then we brought it back and Ana placed it into the village. The brainwashing has begun lol 

We had fun turning on all the bits and bobs. Most of these are the old fashioned turn the key and let it go kind. No batteries require 

Feeding trixie some blueberries from her breakfast. She loves to share 

We had a play outside. It’s nice right now. But rain is forecast for the afternoon 

Picking strawberries from the garden 

Looking at all the new flowers 

I found her singing on my bed with me cane   Maybe it was an air guitar lol 

A new toy grandma bought. It’s totally enclosed and you use a magnet on a stylus to move the colours pieces to make a pic 

We walked back and forth to the shed 
Played some more outside 
And played in the house. 
Just as I was thinking I need to sit. Ana decided she needed to sleep 

Perfect. Now sitting with a nice cup of tea. 
All this before eleven o’clock! 

I wonder what the afternoon will bring lol 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Video tour

Tour of the house as of today   
It might change. It might not 

But for now I think I’m
Happy with it 

Hope you enjoy it 

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Finding the limits

Today I went off and had a pamper day. 
I say pamper day but it really isn’t as sitting for long periods of time isn’t a great thing to do for pain relief 
But since I’m on the strong anti inflammatory tablets I decided it could do all I needed. 

A haircut
And pedicure 

Then lots of shopping. 
The garland I use for the sliding door into the craft room was ruined by mice. 
I don’t like mice. 

So I’ve had to replace it. Which wasn’t too expensive 

The little white tree is one my daughter gave me when she upgraded and it sits nicely right there I think 

I’ve used new and what I had to make these wall hangings. I think they need to hang higher. So I’ll have to wait for hubby to get home and help me bring them back down. I think I need to glue the bows so they stay more open. But I can do that on the weekend. 

I’m feeling pain today after all that. 
So I’m going to just go slow until bedtime. 

Good news is. I’m pretty much done in here now 

There is still outside undercover area. 
But I’ll definitely need help doing that. So maybe a weekend job 

We shall see. 
Now I need to find all the presents I’ve been buying during the last few months and get them organised 
I need to see what I have and if I need anything else. 

Thankfully I still have lots of time to remedy it if I do
I don’t like going to the shopping centre when it’s the silly season. I definitely 
Want to be done and dusted before that. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Annual archway day

The lovely Dianne arrived to give me a hand with the big garland 

It takes about three hours with both of us working. If I tried on my own. Well I’d still be going 

Every year it’s slightly different and that’s great 

You can see Mr and Mrs clause.  I usually put the big lamp post and Santa here. But I’ve got them around the fire. I think these work here. 

After Diane left I finished vacuuming and set the table properly. I then started the back door. This year I added the ribbon with the lights in it it’s not perfect. But good enough. I’m not pulling it down. 

You can see the ribbon in the picture 

This display is done. I may buy a few more bits and bobs in the sales after Christmas 

As a thank you for helping me. I made scones 
Ive sent Diane home with some scones and the vanilla cream for her hubby to have 

I’m now resting. I need to take the empty tubs and put them in the shed. And bring out the ones for around the door into the craft room and for the outside area. 

Almost done. Just a few more days work
I hope