Friday, June 27, 2014

Craft and quilt fair

Today I ventured to the craft and quilt fair with my friend Shirley from my knitting class.
What an eye opener. Shirley commented that it wasn't as good as last years. And there were way less people as well.
We headed off ready to spend up big, but unfortunately we didn't want to be ripped off either. 
Everything was so expensive and the one stall she really wanted to see had pulled out of the fair.
But it was nice to look around and see many wonderful things. 

Some of the quilts on display. They had lots of entry's into their competion. 
I loved this one.
Here we Have the 5000 poppies. Crafters have been asked to make poppies for next years Anzac Day. It will be displayed in fed square in Melbourne. They wanted at least five thousand but to date they have 19,000. And more coming in every day! New Zealand is doing one too so if your a kiwi check it out and make some poppies. 
I really was disappointed, at the show today. I saw a Christmas bunting and asked how much for the kit. It was $26.00 for the Merry and another $26.00 for the Christmas. I mean seriously there is making a living, with a fair profit but to split the words merry Christmas is just rediculas. I don't think I'll bother going back. I'll just look for specials and get my craft things then. 
See ya

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This is what was above us in Victoria yesterday. 
We had gale force winds, ripping out trees and roof tiles. Lots of rain making the yarra burst it's banks and flooding then CBD
and bitter cold. Dumping snow Dow to even the lowest of mountains in the area
Great if you like sking! 
And more is to come. 
Stay warm and safe everyone
See ya

Monday, June 23, 2014

Princess Grace of Monaco

Yesterday I saw the movie biography of Grace Kelly as the Princess of Monaco 
I thought it was a good movie that tells a story that I hadn't heard about before. 
Everyone has bagged Nicole as Grace. It I think she did a fine job. She isn't Grace but then again who could be! 
The only thing I didn't like was the extreme close ups of Nicole's face. Obviously worried about them she must of had more Botox because it did not move very much at all
But it was informative and it highlighted a period of Monaco's history we really haven't heard much about. It was more a doco on that incident and who Grace affected the outcome and how she took control of her life than anything else.
I recommend the movie if you like history, although I don't know how accurate it was, and if you enjoy looking back on the fashion of the era. 
I think everyone has been a tad unfair to Nicole. It would of been a very hard role and she was very brave to take it on.
I wouldn't rush to see it on the big screen maybe get it on DVD grab some pizza and a bottle of wine and have a girls night in 
See ya

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Solstice sunrise

The sun rises on a bitter solstice morning
He is reborn
He will shine down on the earth
The quickening will soon begin
He will win the battle between the light and the dark
For He's powers will grow every day
For now he is The Lord 
Blessed be all

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My day so far

Starts with a  5am wake up from bella. Breakfast is needed now
Out wood in fire
Go back to bed to check emails Facebook and games until the house heats up
Get up get totally undressed put on swimmers
Finish dressing
Have breakfast and put away yesterday's dishes. Wash the pot left soaking overnight
Clean kitty litter and take out rubbish
Go to swimming
Take off clothes 
Swimmer out and change into dry clothes 
Go to Aldi to specifically get dish washing detergent and a few other things
Forget  dish washing detergent so take other things to car and get the detergent from the cheap shop next to Aldi. 
Buy the kids their morning tea
Go home give kids their morning tea and put their lunch into oven to cook and be reqdy for 12am
Get totally undressed and shower
Get dressed
Clean kitty litter again!
Now sitting with coffee
This afternoon I have knitting group. I may be able to rest there
See ya

Monday, June 16, 2014

The desolation of Bella

It was that time again. The money boxes were full. As soon as I emptied them bella was onto it like catnip
As I separated the gold from the silver she definitely decided she liked the gold better.
As soon as I took this she tried to take off with one of the bags. Seriously has issues. 
All bagged up and ready to go into the bank. 
No thanks to miss Bella. She kept knocking over my plies of coins that were counted into dollar amounts. Th whole job took twice as long as normal lol

He's coming home

Got a phone call yesterday from don telling me he has started his journey home. The red dot is where he called from and I'm the blue dot all they way south. It will take him a week and hopefully he will be back for the weekend. 
He didn't like being away from us as much as I didn't like being on my own. 
We are a pair of sad puppies are we not lol
See ya

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A community effort

A nice lady dropped off heaps of these squares to our knitting group to be made up into blankets for the homeless
So we all took some. Here I have crochetted a border around each square
And then joined them up
Added a border around the whole thing and viola, a new blanket. 
It's very warm let me tell you. They will all go to the Salvation Army and distributed as needed by them
Gives you a good feeling. Only I wish we could eradicate all homelessness then we wouldn't need to make these
Why don't you give it a go!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Sometimes all you need is company
Sharing the little sun that's out
I know I could do with some, lucky I have my fur and wing babies
See ya

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

View from my bedroom window

I can just see the shed. A big truck is already in ready for work. The fog is really thick this morning. 
The sun trying ever so hard to shine through. I don't know what the temp is outside but I'm back snug in my bed typing this. Don't have to go anywhere so until it gets a little warmer I'm staying put lol
I had to let the fire go out so I can clean it. I got up early to turn the ducted on. It's just not the same but in a little while I relight the fire and warm this place up.
What's it like outside your bedroom window right now?
See ya

Monday, June 9, 2014

Blanket update, and countdown

I have been keeping myself busy and not thinking about don in the bush. It's been full on keeping the home front going, plus getting the baby girl settled into her new job as our office girl.
Both kids have been greqt and keeping me company by coming for lunch everyday. Love having my kids both work here. It's almost like old times.
Here are a couple of shots of my blanket. Still have a few more rows to add and then do a few borders 

It's been given the seal of approval by mis bella too
I'm doing ok on my own but I sure do miss him. But don't tell him that. He will get a big head. 
One week down and five more to go
See ya

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Six week adventure

Hubby has gone on a six week adventure up to the gulf of carpentaria. The first pic O's of his camp sight and the second is of the couple he has gone with.
I didn't go.
Between organising weddings and engagements and overseas trips, plus the fact that long days in a car over bumpy roads would kill me, I decided to keep the home fires burning.
I do miss him but it the first time ever we will be separated for this long. I think it will do us good.
So I have been home alone, but the kids have been here during the day as they now both work in our business. So that's great. The nights have been spent watching DVDs crafting and relaxing with bella.
I wonder how long before i crack lol
See ya