Friday, May 31, 2019

Single life

Three tubs and the wood box have been filled. 
Cats and teddy fed 
Trixie is eating at her favourite spot in front of the fire 
House has been closed up and all bedded down 
This will be my routine for the next two weeks while hubby is away 
Up north to see the Finke races near Alice springs 

I don’t mind being on my own 
I’ve done it before.  for most of the first half a dozen years of married life 
It’s nice to be alone 
But after a few weeks I do miss him 
Luckily by the time I decide I miss him. He will be back

So I’m snug and warm
And I’ve got the TV remote! 
Just going to go and make a cuppa and I’ll be set 
Enjoy your weekend 
See ya xxx

Thursday, May 30, 2019

It’s cold

The rest of the day will Be spent  close to here I think 
Stay warm 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Artic blast

Winter is here! 
A blast of freezing air is coming from the south and temperatures are dropping 
Constantly getting sheep graziers warnings and damaging winds alerts 
My body is feeling every change in the barometer 
Our fire is going and roaring 
The snow fields are already bombarded and the ski season doesn’t start for another two weeks 
So although winter has taken its time to arrive 
She isn’t strolling in, she’s breaking down the door and howling in 
Stay warm all in her path 
See ya xx

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The week that was

It’s been a busy week here. 
As well as the normal daily tasks and trying to get to the pool it’s been an extra full week. 
Sunday was Mother’s Day and Brianna had her birthday party on the same day. So she had all her grandparents there to help celebrate 
Four generations. Here she is with her nana and daddy 
And playing with melody and a cousin 

Wednesday was our regular visit here and melody loved her plastic fruit that she can cut in half and put together again 
She and trixie were making fruit salad lol 

Brianna was just happy to walk around getting into mischief 

Then on Thursday a friend and I decided to go for a walk around the cranbourne botanic gardens. 
It was very peaceful and there are so many wonderful things to look at. 
We have decided to try and make it a weekly occurrence 

And here is Louie loquat. My friend Clare raised him from a seed. And I transplanted him into a bigger 
Pot. When he is big enough he will go out into my garden to produce lots of fruit for us to eat 
I hope 
So I’m exhausted but blissfully happy 
Still fighting pain and depression but I’m still here. 
And that’s a good thing 
See ya xxx

Friday, May 10, 2019

A big one today

This little pumpkin is one whole year old today. 
I’m sitting with her and Melody while mummy does some running around 

Melody is playing with her ice cream stand 
And I’m feeling very blessed 
See ya xx

Thursday, May 9, 2019


I’ve gone from a flare, to a crash to now a total relapse 
I’m as sick, sore and exhausted as I ever was 
I’ve gain weight from lack of mobility which has lead to depression 
More pain and even less likelihood of exercise 
The only silver lining is crocheting 
I’ve finished 70 squares for my huge camping blanket 
I’ll see how big it is when I get to a hundred and thirty and I lay it all out 

Working on this baby boy blanket for someone arriving in September 

And bought this lot on line from oz yarn 
Melody loves my callthe   midwife i made for myself and uses it whenever she’s here. 
She calls it the rainbow blanket lol 
So I’m going to make one for her and her sister each in greens and pinks 
Im hoping to slowly start getting better. But I’m not pushing. Everytime I feel a little better I go full on and crash 

Back to square one 
Meanwhile. Everything that’s going round I’m catching. So avoiding people as much as I can right now 
I hate being back here 
I hate that this disease rules my life 
I hate that I’m not reliable anymore
But I’ll have my pity party and then I’ll get going 
Because that’s what I do 
Hope your all well
See ya xxx

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Deep hole

I’ve not been in a good way 
Pain levels have been as bad as they have ever been 
My blood pressure has been low and I’ve been having dizzy spells and feeling sick 
I have no idea what  has brought on this major crash 
But I’m not dealing with it at all 

So I’ve been home 
Hiding from the world 
Sleeping resting crying 

If anyone asks I’m ok 
I’m always ok 
Who wants to hear your not 
No one 
Not really 
I’m ok