Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Gifts from abroad

Tigger from this blog has sent us a present for Ana 
Some overalls tiggers mummy made. 
How lucky is she. 
Such a lovely wonderful thing to do. 
They’re a tad big right now but I’m sure by the time she’s ready to come out and help grandma 
In the garden and looking after the animals they will be perfect 

There are truely some wonderful people in this world. 
Thank you so very much 

Saturday, May 28, 2022

A big day

A Saturday at grandmas means we get to play with grandpa as well. We built buildings

We read books 

Had lots of yummy food to eat 

We even went to the cafe and then some grocery shopping 

We have had two big sleeps and now full of beans 

Soon I’ll be back home with mummy and daddy
I’m sure I’ll tell them all about my big day 

Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday again

Seems like the year is flying past 
I’ve yet to go back to knitting group after the school holidays as something always comes up on a Wednesday 

This week a dentist appointment 

I’ll endeavour to get back before the next school holidays fingers crossed 

I’m looking after Ana today, as I do every week. She is becoming quite independent. If she wants something she will let me know. She’s getting better and communicating her needs as well 

Currently she’s in bed for her afternoon nap. So I’ll working 
On an infinity scarf for the Christmas present pile

I’ll make a few changing colours and patterns.  
Then later in the year I’ll decide who gets which one

These are simple and I’m able to work on them while Ana is here 

It’s cold today and it’s supposed to get colder 
So the fire is well stocked with wood  
Leftovers for dinner tonight. An easy Friday 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Spaghetti squash

Ate my first spaghetti squash and it was delicious 
Even hubby approved so I’ve saved some seeds and I’ll plant more plants next year. It’s a keto alternative to traditional roast veggies 

A friends daughter bought her daughter a pair of pants   She’s tall and thin so they were too big around the waist. 
She asked if I could  fix them. 
I ended up having to take the whole waist ban off as the elastic was sewn all the way round into the seam 

Once I’d put the band back I did the old fashioned thread the elastic with a safety pin trick 

I did swim yesterday. Had coffee with the girls. Shopped and did a quick vacuum around the living areas 
That did me in 
I couldn’t  wake up this morning so decided to just listen to my body and rested. 
Fingers crossed I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Ana had caught some bug at daycare and had to stay with grandma on Wednesday  
By Friday, when I had her again as I always do. She was much better but still not perfectly ok 

By Sunday night grandma was feeling under the weather and spend Sunday night 
In pain with stomach cramps and eventually throwing up 
Not great for a bad back 

Monday morning I slept in and stay on the couch most of the day 
Turns out her daddy got a full on case of the gastro and didn’t come to work

Her mummy went to work but had to come home early and is at home resting today 
How’s Ana going? 
Well she’s totally ok and was running around chatting and playing while her parents were laying on the floor with her 

Caring is sharing I guess 

I’m ok now. Even went swimming this morning 
But energy levels depleted rather quickly 
Another day of resting, mostly will do my good  

Sunday, May 22, 2022

For cathy

Wanted to know what the back of the mosaic blanket looks like 
It’s not ugly at all. Not as nice as the front but I think it looks like I’ve 
Weaved it rather than crochet 

I like it 
What do you think?

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Election Day

Today we are having our federal election, so off I went nice and early to cast my vote 
Voting in Australia is mandatory for all over 18 

I thought by going early there wouldn’t be many there 
I was oh so wrong 
Still it wasn’t as bad as some places I was in and out in under an hour. 

My torturer, sue the masseurs, is turning 50 in a few weeks. So I stopped working on my mosaic 
And started working on this infinity scarf for her. 
I did use the mosaic technique, a simple pattern of single crochets and double crochet(us)  alternating every row 
I think it turned out nice and I’m sure she will like it. 
I make her a Christmas present every year and she has loved them all 

So now inbetween doing the washing I’ll go back to working on my blanket 
It’s pretty wide so it’s slow growing 
I don’t mind. I’m enjoying the process 

The sun is shining but it’s cold today 
So staying inside with the fire going. 
It was chilly waiting in line so I’m very glad it’s over and done now 
Until next time 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Poor little pumpkin

Ana was too sick for daycare today so she came to stay with grandma. 
She has slept most of the day and woke up much better. 
And was having a lovely time with grandma 
Until grandpa got home. 

Now we just want cuddles with him 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Farm life

This morning we tended to our stock 
Sounds way better than we fed the few animals we have lol 

Hubby bought some collars for the calves and they are now teathered 
Outside of the paddock to eat all the grass along the fence line. 
Then we can clean up what’s there and get it all nice again 

The chickens are really growing 
I let hubby feed them the last few days so this morning I noticed it. 

This is pendles when we bought him 
No way could you hold him in one hand now 

I’ve also planted two finger limes. 
They’re a tad small to go out so they will live here until they’re big enough 
To be planted out into the new orchard 

Hubby is still outside keeping an eye on the calves 
I’m inside resting 
It’s lovely outside so I’ll definitely be going out again and just wandering around looking at everything 
It’s nice to just admire all the hard work occasionally 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The big four

Durning the the week Brianna turned four years old. 
I really truely don’t know where that Time has gone. 

Today she had her party and Ariel came to help her celebrate 

What a wonderful idea that was. Her parents asked her to choose a Disney princess and 
Brianna chose the little mermaid 

She was wonderful with all the kids. 
Face painting 
Singing songs 
Balloon animals. 
This chick did it all 

She kept all the kids engaged 
And all the adults just had to relax and watch 

It was a lovely day I’m sure Brianna will sleep very well tonight 
Happy birthday to our own princess 
Many you have many many more 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The things we do

I’m up to the middle pattern for the blanket and it’s a long one. 
The graph is smaller to fit it all in so I needed to be able to make sure I was following the correct lines 

I have started one line and somehow jumped to the one after or before. Very annoying 

So I did this. I got the clip board and clips form the office at the workshop. The boys were very helpful letting me cut up a spare file 

So far it’s working well. Luckily it’s not a complicated pattern. Just had lots of rows 

Necessity really is the mother of invention  

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day 
I got a video from Ana saying happy grandma day. Although her mum did the talking lol

My baby girl visited and gave me some pretty garden tools with matching gloves   I love them and. put them to good use planting more seedlings today 

We had a bit of rain so we added more sugarcane mulch to the chicken coop. I cleaned out the sleeping area and just added that to the run and put in some clean mulch for the chickens to snuggle in and stay warm 

They got their breakfast, of a few bread rolls and chicken crumble. And then they get some greens to eat 

Although we have had some bug damage the broccoli is growing really well. Soon we will be eating fresh from the garden broccoli for our dinner 

This garden bed has the first planting of seedlings 
But I didn’t get a pic of the second garden that we planted out today because as soon as we finished the heavens opened up and watered it all in for us 

Whatever you did today I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

A quite Saturday

Today the weather was wet wet wet 
So I’ve been inside doing stuff around the house 
And finished off the baby version of the cardigan I made Ana 

Once that was finished. I continued working on the mosaic blanket 
I think it’s coming along nicely 

I finished my audiobook 
And have been watching movies on Netflix 
There isn’t much more I can do. 

Hope your weekend is a pleasant one 

Friday, May 6, 2022


Miss Ana modelling her new cardigan made with love 

It’s just a tad big so will hopefully fit her all winter 

She was such a good girl today. 
Grandma got lots of cuddles 
Until grandpa came home. 

It’s cold and wet tonight 
Hopefully we will get a few hours during the weekend of no rain so I can plant out more winter crops 

The first planting is growing really well 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The week so far

I’ve been swimming two mornings in a row which I haven’t been doing lately 
As I’ve been under the weather.  
I’ve been pushing too hard and paying the price 

I spent yesterday and today finishing off the cardigan for Ana 
I’ve used little teddy buttons 
I hope her mum likes it 

When ever my kids were under the weather I’d make them Greek chicken soup 
So I made a big pot for me 

I’ve also got some beef sausages in the slow cooker with tomatoes, beans and basil from 
My summer garden 
I’ve also added a can of peas and corn so lots of veggies 

Today is sunny but with a cool wind 
Apparently we are getting storms tomorrow afternoon
I’ve spoken to hubby about finishing the job of covering the two wicking beds to protect 
The plants. 
Fingers crossed we Will get it done 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

A productive day

This morning we checked the weather and found that no rain was predicted 
So we decided to go out back and work on fencing off the new orchard/veggie garden 

We had kept the old pool fence and used the three sections to make the long side of the 
Orchard fence 

We also had the posts, I can’t remember what they had been used as, and used those 
To secure the panels 

We had to go and buy something to make up the front and gate 
Pool fence panels were very very expensive 

So we had to find something else. 
Timber is expensive as well as wire, plus that’s way more work so we didn’t want to go
That way 

I spotted these farm gates 
The big one was almost perfect as a fence panel, and the gate that matched was a good size 
We figured we could make up the difference by adding a few posts 

And it worked. For almost half the price it would of cost in pool panels 
I could of gone ever cheaper with the plane farm gates. But I wanted it to look a tad fancy 

Hubby had to go into the chook pen to screw  in the timber to close a gap 
As you can see the site managers were keeping an eye on proceedings 

I had given them some weeds I had pulled from the rose garden 
They loved it. So now if someone says my garden is full of weeds and needs attention,
I’ll just no. I’m growing food for my chickens. That’s a great excuse right there lol 

We put the grazing pots in and they were all over them 
Thank goodness I’ve got the wire  overnight the plants. 
Hope they will continue to grow 

So a very busy day has ticked another job off the list 
Hubby will go in with the rotatory hoe and dig it all up and level it all out 

Then I can start planting. 
The passion fruit will be planted along the fence

I’m thinking six fruit and citrus trees will go in once bare rooted trees are available 
And next summer lots of pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn and maybe even squash will get planted 
Amongst the trees 

I’m getting very excited about next years summer crops