Thursday, August 31, 2023

Getting started

It’s that time of year where I start to think of Christmas 
The hand made gifts need to be done and dusted before the event. 

So blanket one is done. 
I hope the intended recipient likes it. 
She lives flowers so during winter she can use these to keep warm 

Next project is now underway 
This person is all about the beach. So a wavy chevron was my go too 

The brown is for the rocks that are all over the beaches around here. Especially down Philip island where the seals like to sun themselves 

The blue is the water and then I’ll add a stripe of white 

I’ll definitely show you some progress shots 

I’m still resting. I’ve not set an alarm this week. So if I wake up I swim. If I don’t I figured my body needs the rest. I’m taking the pressure off myself and just go with what my body dictates 

For now I’ll enjoy the rest of my morning coffee and decide what I’ll tackle today   

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


After days of lovely spring like weather it’s changed and we have rain 

Lots of rain. 
We need the rain. It’s been a dry winter for us. 
But the topsey turvy weather changes we get really does affect my pain levels. 

Lack of sleep last night means I slept in this morning and didn’t swim 
We have even had to light the fire again. The days have been lovely enough not to need it 

So a sudden return to winter 
At least everything is getting a good watering so I don’t have to worry about having to do it 
I am looking forward to warmer days. 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Bits and bobs

Sunday was laundry day. It was sunny with a breeze so bed stripped. Dog beds pulled apart and all of it dried under the back veranda. 

But I also made up the rhubarb liquor. 
Hubby tasted it and said it was yummy so 

More rhubarb was harvested and cut up. Another bottled of grappa is now busy infusing away 

I did sample a drop with some lemonade last night. And it was very drinkable 

Working on the blanket. I’m totally free styling the pattern as I go. I am making this with a person in mind. I hope they like it. 

Another tulip has bloomed. And you can just see in the small pot another has burst from the ground. 
It looks like a tulip but really who remembers 

I did swim this morning but didn’t get there till seven. That’s late for me. But I did get there. So I’m
Celebrating the little wins right now 

Got to stay positive 

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Moulin rouge

Yesterday we finally got to see the stage show the moulin rouge. 
We have had the tickets over a year!   It was a long wait. 

But the day finally arrived and off we went on the train into Melbourne 
Three of us on the train. The other met us there. They drove in and stayed the night in a hotel 

We all met up at our favourite cafe to have a leisurely brunch 
There were seven of us and we all chatted and enjoyed the the ambiance 

Being a Saturday the city was full of people enjoying the much better weather
So a tad crowed for my liking. 

After brunch we headed off to the theatre section of the city. And we’re looking for somewhere nice to 
Have our pre show drinks. This was after midday by now. 

We had to be in the theatre by one thirty and the show started at two 
We walked in to see all this. It was breathtaking 

Before the show actually started some of the ensemble cast walked around totally in character 
Giving everyone the chance to take photos. 
These were the only ones I took as I was busy just taking it all in 

The show. 
All I can say is wow! 

It was energetic
The songs were perfectly meshed of over forty songs.  Used to tell the story perfectly
The costumes were vibrant and the dancing was brilliant. 
Some of the dancers don’t have spines I’m sure of it! 

It was a long show. But it went so fast.  So much was going on that you just were kept 
Mesmerised. Lots of toe tapping from our crew 

When the show was finished we headed off towards the hotel for those who were staying 
To check in. Then to an Irish pub for dinner 

The three of us who were not staying said our goodbyes and caught the train back home

A lovely day in our beautiful state capital 
With amazing friends. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Feeling better

This morning I woke up and actually had a voice. 
Glands are almost gone and I felt much much better. 

After doing a quick tidying up of the house, 
Folded all the washing that was hanging all over the and picked up trixies toys 
The house was ready for the cleaner. 

So I spent the time she was here in the sewing room. 
I pulled out this piece of wool material 

And this bib and brace dress 

And made this skirt for me. 
Front view 

Back view. 
I would of liked a black band.  But I used what I had. 
The only thing I have to buy is elastic 
I’d definitely wear this.  It’s nice and warm 
I can see me walking all over the farm with tights and a baggy jumper on with my wellies 

And I remembered to soak my beans. So here’s my non traditional Greek bean soup 

I’ve used leek from the garden instead of onions
Some silverbeet, kale and of course zucchini from the garden. 
I’ve so much frozen it goes in everything!

Now resting with my crochet and watching more great British sewing bee episodes 
I’m a tad tired 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


While sitting, crocheting and resting. I’ve been watching the great British sewing bee. 
Nancy introduced me to it in the UK. She had watched it here. I had never seen it. 

What a wonderful show. No nastiness or backstabbing just wonderful creativity 

Some of the ladies wore beautiful clothes that screamed crafter 

So the creative juices were inspired in me and I knew I had plenty of material at home to get started 

One of the weekly challenges was to take clothes and remake them into something new. Now when I was younger and had less income I’d buy clothes from the op shop and do this. 

This morning I went throw my wardrobe and pulled out things I knew I’d never wear again and ended up with a decent pile of supplies 

Look at the clothes hangers. I was running out and was contemplating buying more. I’ve already saved money 

It’s in a bag waiting for me to start. 
Boud from 

Does this all the time and I often think I should start doing this again. 

So today I’ll continue working on my crochet and watching the sewing bee. 

Getting even more ideas for future projects 

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Thank you

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday 
I’m feeling much better and the glands have gone down considerably 
I’ll be resting the rest of the week. 
I’ll still have Ana on Friday but grandpa will definitely be here to lend a hand. 
Saturday we have tickets to see moulin rouge , which we have been looking forward 
Too for almost a year! 
Do not want to miss that. 

Once again, our bloggy universe has made me smile 
And I feel the love over the wifi. 
Bless I am to have found you all 

Monday, August 21, 2023

Not well

Woke up late with a very croaky voice 
Definitely a pjs day 
Will feed all the crew and then plant myself on the couch

A day of rest will hopefully sort it out. 
Stay safe and be kind to one another 

Friday, August 18, 2023

More signs

Here are more pictures of what’s happening in my garden 

Asparagus. These will be picked to eat yummy 
Rhubarb. Growing like a weed 

Out front things are flowering and re sprouting 

These were completely coveted be the nasturtium so I cut them right back and they’re taking off again 

It’s all coming alive. 
An exciting time of year is coming. 
Hopefully the weather will start warming up soon 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Signs of spring

Yes more pictures for you flowers 

New growth 

Babies. Mulberries to be precise 

Maybe tomorrow we will look out front 
Have a great day y’all 

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


I can finally tell you of our big news 
Today settlement happened and we now have bought  our own farm 

It’s 137 acres about 2.5 hours away from our home 
In south Gippsland. 

We have always wanted to own our own piece of paradise and now we do. 

So many exciting plans and adventures await. 
I’ll definitely bring you all along for the ride 

Monday, August 14, 2023


It was very hard getting up this morning 
Since coming back I’ve really felt the cold. 
Hubby was up and gone early to drive a truck so it was me, Trixie and Bella the cat snuggled in bed 

But I made myself get up and go to the pool. 

Once I actually walk out the door I’m ok. 

Of course after swimming there was coffee and laughter. 
Which is perfect for my mental health 

A quick shop and home again. 

Dinner tonight is slow cooked pork, potatoes are underneath the meat 

I’ll also cook up broccoli and cauliflower 
Not from my garden   It’s been a long time since I’ve bought fresh veggies. 

The garden needs a bit of TLC. 
But once again. It’s just too cold outside 

I know I sound like a Broken record. 
Don’t worry soon I’ll be complaining about the heat 

Sunday, August 13, 2023


Friday we closed up shop early and headed off to nagambie for the weekend. It’s only a few hours north of home so perfect for a quick little getaway 

Saturday we visited the local brewery for lunch and a gin tasting 

I bought a bottle of the bartenders choice and navy strength both have won gold medals recently. 

A few locals came to visit 

A fire was a must this weekend. It’s was cold 

Camping isn’t like hotel stays. Every morning you have to do chores. Like Making the bed. 
Remember this blanket. Oh my. It’s so warm. Perfect for the van 

I have a heat pack that has a small metal disc in it. You crack that disc and a chemical reaction happens and you get heat.  to reset it. You have to boil it. So that was this mornings job. After coffee of course 

Inside views 

Outside views 

We are currently sitting enjoying the sunshine but soon we will head off home.