Saturday, July 30, 2016


28 years ago today. 
Time flies doesn't it 
It's been a roller coaster but we made it 
Can't wait to see what the future holds. 
I may not always like him, but I always love him 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Still here

Hello all
Yes I'm still here. And yes I have been reading your blogs and sometimes even commenting. But I haven't really had much to say myself 
Life here on the home front is really great. Baby girl has come back to work part time with her dad and I get to play with my beautiful granddaughter while she is at the shed being the office girl. 
It works out great as I can just message her to come over and feed melody then she goes back to work. 
Wonderson is happy working hard just like his dad trying to get ahead in life. 
But as for the rest of the world. What a mess 
In the suburbs around ours there is a gang of youths terrorising everyone. 
Car jacking's, violent home invasions, assaults have all gone up since this gang has formed. 
Is relative new here. We had the occasional occurrence but now it's nightly and one just once or twice! 
It's gotten so bad bands of men now patrol areas reporting suspicious people, cars or incidences. 
And that's just our little part of the world 
Then there is the whole rest of the world! 
Terrorist attacks, shootings violent clashes. 
It's all getting out of control. 
And I'm torn. On the one hand I feel compassion for those fleeing war torn areas. For the mothers with children, the child brides sold off into marriage and slavery. Young boys taken from their homes and made to hate and fight and yes die for their cause. 
I sit and cry tears of dispar of all the pain and abuse inflicted in this world. 
But then I hear about the mass killings of innocent citizens going about their days 
And the fear and anger engulfs me and I ask why. 
And again tears begins to fall. But this time hot angry tears. 
I don't know how to fix all th problems of the world. I'm only a mum and grandmother. I don't have a magic wand, or special powers 
All I know is it's too painful to listen any more. But we are bombarded with these stories everyday. 
There is no escape. The assault to our emotions is relentless. 
It's affecting us all. 
All I can do is try to insulate myself from the worst, and look for the good in every day. 
This is getting harder and harder to do. 
So I've remained silent. Trying to make sense of a world gone insane. 
I don't know the answers. I only know things must change. For we are heading down a road that will only lead to more pain and hardship for everyone. 
So for now I'll just concentrate on my little family. I will love them harder, hug them longer and try to project this into the community. 
I pray it will get much better soon. 
May everyone find love and happiness in their hears 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Doing a Mrs Cropley

For those that don't get the reference of the title. Mrs Cropley was a character on The Vicar of Dibley. She would concoct recipes using outrages ingredients   Such as putting fishpaste in cakes. 
I didn't do that. But I did just add this and that and created a meal 

I had two pork chops and some pork sausages left over from a BBQ on Sunday and it had to be cooked today 
So I got my big pan out and browned the meat 
Took that out and cooked down some onions, and added one large green apple. 
Once I tossed that through I put the meat back in and added some potato chopped into wedges on top. 
A splash of water and put the lid on. 
I then put the whole thing into the oven and cooked it for about an hour slowly
Then I took the lid off and cooked another 15-20 minutes until the whole thing got brown and the sauce thickened. 
It was very very yummy. So I'll definitely be making this again 
See so kinda like Mrs Cropley. But not quite!
See ya 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Farm day

The sun is out today. So perfect for getting some stock  maintenance done. Hubby got the sheep into the corral and one by one we wormed them and trimmed their feet 
Here they all are free and walking so much better without their long nails 
And here is my new alpaca. I've named him Albus. It means white in Latin. We lost a baby to the foxes so I got him to help Bobby guard the flock. 
Now I'm very tired lol farm work is hard. 
See ya xxxxx

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I know. Two posts in one day! 
Hubby was a hunny and took me to the nearby mountains and we had a play in the snow. 
The arctic blast promised snow down to 300 meters. But we didn't get any where we live. So we had to to where the snow falls  and boy was it falling 
Here is hubby when we first got there. And you can see it is snowing a little at the time. But by fifteen minutes later. It was really heavy and they were getting ready to close the road we had a play and then left. 
And here am I.  Throwing a snowball at hubby. 
We were like little kids lol 
It was so nice to just get away from it all for a few hours and forget about everyone and everything. 
Hope the weather is nice where You are
See ya xxx

Crazy weather

The weather here in the south east of Melbourne has gone nuts.  We are getting extreme winds from the South Pole and the temp is dropping. Today we are forecast to get snow down to almost sea level. 
Yesterday afternoon hubby and I drove along the ocean road and took some videos of the waves and the winds 
I don't know how to upload the videos so I've taken screen shots for you to see   This wasn't even one of the big ones. 
There were lots of people who had the same idea and we had quite the paparazzi happening lol 
The wind was so bad hubby had to hold on to me while I filmed. And I'm not a small person. 
Driving home I took these shots of th Sky. The colours were amazing and the movement of the clouds were mesmerising. 
So this morning it's very cold and again the wind is blowing. I got up around five to make sure the fire had plenty of wood in it and I'm sitting in bed now waiting for the house to warm alittle before I get up 
Going to be very cold and wet so if your affected stay warm and dry and maybe just stay inside and snuggle with someone if you can. 
See ya xxxx

Monday, July 11, 2016

Out of my comfort zone

I have been seeing lots of clever women showing their graphgans. 
So I started these. They are the same pattern. One is for  my granddaughter and the other for a new baby. But I don't know the sex so unisex colours. 
Here is the graph. From repeat crafter me. 
All those colour changes and loose ends are doing my head in. But I'm going to keep going. Even if I only do a few rows on each a day. 
Wish me luck. I'll keep you updated
Sometimes I'm my own worse enemy lol 
See ya xxx

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Garden joy

All from the garden.  Exciting stuff. The weather is cold here and it's going to get much colder. So what do we need for cold weather
Another slow cooker. This is half the size of my other one. Perfect for desserts and soups for two. 
And only $20.00 from Aldi. I'm a very happy lady. 
See ya xxx

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Roses needed pruning. I've been wanting to go out and do it for ages. But being busy, the cold and lack of energy kept me inside 
But today I though. Nope I'm going out. Hubby watched me do two and struggle. So he came out to help. Made the job much easier and more fun 
Job done.  I didn't prune all the way down   I hope I haven't  killed them
Every time I prune I worry I'm killing them. 
Looks much neater now. Next job. To mulch!
See ya xx

Friday, July 1, 2016

New growth

Remember these. I planted sweet peas in them
Here was that post. 
Well they are growing. I'm very excited 
Sweet peas are climbers so the idea is they will cascade down. 
Hope it works. 
The wheel is always turning 
See ya xxx