Saturday, January 31, 2015


Today I finally finished the blocks on my disappearing nine patch. I haven't felt like sewing for a long time. Maybe because knitting and crochet is so portable and I could take it to hospital and doctor visits. But today I had that urge to sew. Now I need to go and get material for boarders and then backing and quilt it. What do you think. I'm happy
See ya 


Spotlight had a sale. I resisted as long as I could. Ventured forth today and got me some. Each ball is usually around the $6.00 mark. They were reduced to $4.00. But wait the sale said 50% off all yarn. So at the register they were all $2.00!  BARGAIN 
This should keep me busy for a while. Let the shawl making begin lol
See ya

Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not well

Not well today. Been doing to much and the body has rebelled. So I'm in bed. Listening to an audio book and knitting. Hopefully it's only going to last for the day and I'll be fine tomorrow. 
Just when you think your winning the disease reminds you it is the one in charge 
Not a happy girl

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Australia Day

Wishing everyone a very happy Australia Day. Whatever your doing have fun and stay safe 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


This is my new coffee cup. It's huge. So I'm only having one cup a day.
I love it because it's a decent size and because my daughter got it for me
Now I have two ways in which I can believe.
A. I am an amazing mum so she got it for me because of that
B. She thought mum would love that and it would be nice for her to believe it even if it's not true. 
I choose A lol
Enjoy your Saturday 
See ya

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday funnies.

I've decided that Friday I will post funny pics. Here's hoping I remember lol 
Stay strong. Long weekend coming 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some funnies

What do all the previous pics have in common? Yep they all have cats lol
This last one just made me laugh. 
Have a greqt night 

Update on my cardigan

Remember I was knitting myself a cardigan from a pattern I got when I saw mrs Browns boys live in Melbourne. But I had to put it aside to work on a blanket for a baby shower. Well I finished the blanket so I jumped back onto my cardie
Here it is I have begun the second front and am halfway through the white part.  The plan is to knit the sleeves white and red as well and put in a white band. It should look alright. I hope. It might change to work with the yarn I have but so far it's so good. 
It's very hot here so I'm working with the fan on me. So I'm just slowly working away. 
Another update in a week or so. 
See ya 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheap jeans

Last year there was a sale on. Jeans were only $7.00. I got myself these two. At the time I was a size 14 but I purchased size 12 as I was determined to keep losing weight. 
Well they fit now. Only problem was they were too long. I'm only a shorty. 
To get them professionally shortened would be between $10 and $15 dollars each. Twice what I paid for them. 
So I did it myself. I took my time measured twice and cut once. Ever locked the raw edges and pined and hemmed. They are the perfect length and don't look too bad. 
So there you go. You can do anything if set your mind to it. 
See ya 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something special

Here is what I bought yesterday. Before having to leave and find a pharmacy. It's got heaps  information and lots of old fashioned recipes. 
If you click on the pic hopefully it will get big enough to read. Some very handy hints can be found within. 
So what do you think. Nifty isn't it
I'm feeling much better today. I do feel light I've been punched in the mouth but the swelling is gone which is good. And no Cathy I didn't get bitten so before its a mystery. But I'm like that. An enigma lol
See ya xx

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sovereign hill Ballarat

Went to an old mining town today. 
It's a whole town recreated and restored its amazing and you really feel liked you have stepped back in time 
Her majesty's mail must get delivered 
Inside a miners hut. All the comforts of home
I so wanted to ride on this but unfortunately I had a bad reaction to something and we had to leave to get some antihistamines. So I missed out 
Hubby said we will come back as we missed about a quarter of the town. But we did go underground and saw a mine.
Hope you liked the pics. Tomorrow I'll show you what I bought there. 
See ya

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Being silly

I felt like just making something silly just for me. I used to make these when I was in primary school. I made them in all the footy colours and gave them to my friends. I did put googly eyes on them but I don't have any do for now he won't have any 
He is now on my black and white swimming bag and he is my swim mascot 
Just a little something to stop me from eating lol
See ya

Just a little bit excited

Just a quick one today
I had to buy new clothes
Nothing fits. 
I got size 10 jeans! 
Haven't been a size ten in well over ten years.
Now to go through all my things and get rid of my bigger sizes. 
Some will go for rags at the shed, some will go to charity
That's all 
Not big news. But big for me
See ya

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting ready

Hubby is busy getting our boat ship shape to go out fishing. I can't wait
He's getting the tackle box organised from heaps of small boxes into one new more organised box
My rods getting cleaned and oiled and new line put on. That's where I have to help 
Hopefully we will be on the water soon 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New toy

Hubby was telling me that as part of his continued training as a RWC mechanic he needed to learn how to use a tablet and could I teach him. Hummmm I decided he really need one of his own and I've been eyeing off the new iPad airs. 
So we decided to get me a new one and he could have my old one. Pretty clever on my part don't you think lol
Isn't she pretty in her new cover as well
I have transferred all information ontoy new iPad and cleaned everything off my old one back to basics. I even got a new cover for him. More manly than the pink and black one I had now iPad driving class will begin this afternoon.eish me luck hahaha
See ya

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New year. Old me

The new year has well and truly settled in. 
I have not made any resolutions but this is what is happening 
I've started the year 25 kilos lighter Than I was. 
I swim three times a week
I now walk twice a week
Still heating healthy
So I now am almost back to who I was before getting sick
I still cannot lush too hard or I crash, and the pain levels go up and down but I can deal
I'm only on one med now. Just my nexium for the hiatus hernia to keep the heart burn under control
And it only take pain Meds to help me sleep.
I will continue my healthy eating and gentle exercise regime hopeing to eventually reduce the pain even further so I can even stop taking the pain Meds at night
I feel like my old self. I'm remembering who I am and what I was like
And that's a good thing.
Also dealing with the almost physical pain of losing my best friend who I miss every day
But again. I'm dealing
It's going to be a year of healing for me
And I'm doing it my way
Baby steps and being gentle with my self 
I'll let you know how I go
See ya

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Yesterday was my 48th birthday. I received visits from my children and a couple of friends. Lots of phones calls messages and Facebook happy birthdays. 
It was an extremely hot day so I spent it inside with my air conditioner on. 
I was very honoured that people actually ventured out to see me.
I'm feeling very loved and cherished. Very blessed
The day was made a little sadder as I didn't get my happy birthday from my best friend. But I know that where ever she is she was sendin me love. 
Thank you to all that made an effort to send me their love and good wishes
See ya 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy new year to all!
May we all be happy health and safe
Here's to new beginnings 
Thanks for still being here xx