Friday, August 30, 2013

The Crone

You always have such good advice, you have a great way of looking at things,it make sense now that you have explained it that way.
These are the things that people have always said to me. Even at a young age I was always the one that looked after all my friends. Even having to deal with the cops when a friend had run away from home and her parent were so worried about her. It was me that made the decision to show the police her diary, which she had left in my locker. Thus finding her before she was hurt.
To me the crone is the wise head, either on young shoulders or older ones.
You know these people by looking into their eyes, being a Capricorn I have always been far older than my years.
It's life, having to deal with pain and loss at a young age. It's having to see the anger and abuse that humans can inflict on one another made so much worse because these people are the ones that profess to love and care for you.
But is also really knowing the blessings in your life.
It's marrying your best friend, one that you not only feel the Hollywood love for but one you know is a friend  who has the same goals as you do. That once that Hollywood love is gone something deeper and more profound develops.
It's having babies and seeing them grow. It's seeing the look of delight on their faces when they tast banana for the first time, the look of wonder when they first see a butterfly.
It's watching them become young adults and start their own lives.
This I think it the power of the crone.
I was never the maid, not really. I embraced the mother, but I am and always was the crone.
And I love it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Surprise it's a .......

Guess what I'm making
does this help 
How about now 
here it is finished any ideas
I'm sure you know now
it's a baby surprise jacket!
It going to go into the parcel that my knitting group is making up to send to the hospital for the kids.
Just have to stitch up the shoulder seams and add the buttons.
See ya

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The simple things

It's the simple pleasures that mean the most to me. Home made soup on a cold winter day,
Home made jam using gifted produce.
fresh bread straight from the oven, really is there a better smell.
and the unconditional love of our fur babies, without which I really don't know how I would make it through some days.
It's been a strange week, very tired and very sore, yet I pushed myself and saw a glimmer of that person who used to live here.
Was it worth it? I'm not sure but getting all I achieved done this week it couldn't of been all bad.
Hope your enjoying your weekend
See ya

Friday, August 23, 2013

For cathy at still waters

Here is the page view for that pattern you asked for cathy. If you type in the web address as you see it it should work. You have to buy the pattern then you can print it out. Good luck xxx

A few of my favourite things

A homemade dishcloth
a kettle softly boiling on the fire
bread rising by the same fire
and 80's music on the iPad.
Simple pleasures really, I'm just a plain simple girl.
What are some of you favourite things

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lucky me

This is my new cabinet that my wonderful sister in law gave me. Isn't it just perfect for that spot!
It's got cupboard space at both ends that I have put all my wool into so now it's not all over the place in bags. It's also perfect for when I have a friend come over to sew with me, it opens up and they can use it and we can chat and sew to our hearts content. 
I'm a very lucky girl
See ya

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting back to normal

Bella has finally accepted the collar and is sleeping under my bed. She woke up and gave me a dirty look because I was interrupting her beauty sleep. She didn't seam to mind interrupting mine last night. 
I slept on the couch so I could keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't get her collar off of get stuck somewhere. She spent most of the night either wanting me to pat her or hogging the pillow!
Today I made some homemade chicken sausage rolls. I mixed the chicken mix with granted carrots and some shredded cabbage two freshly laid eggs and some breadcrumbs with Cajun seasoning 
I have rung the boys and they can have some for lunch. This is the first lot and the second has just come out of the oven, I might cut the second lot up and freeze them so don can take them camping this weekend if he goes, I'm staying home to look after the patient. It's a big ask I know. I'll put up with a warm house, hot and cold running water,a bed and power just for her! Lol
See ya

Monday, August 19, 2013

A mixed day

Today did not start great, last night we could not find the two new twins and hoped we just couldn't see them in the dark. But this morning they were still missing so it looks like foxes may have got both of them.
Then I had to take Bella to the vet for her op and sure enough the vet found one ovary and one part of her uterus still intact. If she has been anywhere where a Tom could of got to her she could of Fallen pregnant.
So I just sat and knitted, my hands are too swollen to work on the socks, so I worked on this jacket for a baby girl. My knitting class knits for babies and sends then to the hospitals. So this will go into the parcel which I think is going to the royal children's hospital in Melbourne. 
I hope they like it it's very colourful. I really liked the wool.
So now I'm waiting for 4.30 so I can go and pick Bella up  from the vet and bring her home.
See ya

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another set of twins

 Here are the newest members of the herd. they are so cute. not sure what they are but in a couple of weeks we will check them out and all boys will have rings put on them.
the photo below is of the first set of twins and both mums looking after their babies. See how much they have grown in just 17 days!
I hope you have enjoyed the photos
see ya

Friday, August 16, 2013

My girl is back

Bellas hormones have settled down and she is happy to just be quietly beside me again. 
She was sleeping on my lap while I was knitting but because I kept getting up to check on inner she got upset and sat on my pattern instead. 
Sorry baby girl but daddy will want to have some dinner when he gets home. 
Monday she will go for her op and hopefully we will never have to go through a week like that again.
See ya

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First one is finished

This is the first stitchery I just finished today. I've started the second and will post a pic of it as soon as I've finished. The socks not going as quick, it's too hard to get speed Jo with four needles but I'm working away at it. 
See ya

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well that was unexpected

This weekend Bella started to act unusual. Friday night she was getting very cuddly, hot her usual self, and Saturday she tried to escape out the front door twice.
By Sunday she was calling for a Tom and just laying on the floor in front of us and presenting.  
Now if I didn't know any better I'd swear she was in heat!
But she couldn't be right? I mean she has had her op. she has a certificate and a tattoo in her ear.
Apparently if they accidentally leave just a sliver of ovary in it can grow back.
Since she was "fixed" at three months it can happen.
So right now I have a cat meowing and sliding along the ground wherever I walk. 
Kinda annoying really. But she had a vet visit yesterday and she is booked in next Monday for neither operation.
Really didn't need this, I mean I'm stressed enough with having to put her in a cattery, now I've got an operation to worry about.
So lots of love sent her way would be appreciated.
See ya

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I'm sitting at home on my comfy couch, there is nothing on, except for the lights. I'm quietly working on my stitchery, and I can here the clock  tick, and the fire crackling away, the kettle softly boiling, the birds outside, the chicken that has just laid her egg for the day, the baby lambs calling their mother, and I realised that this is bliss.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Very tired

On Saturday night we went out to dinner and a movie with my sister and brother in law. Got home around midnight and it was another half an hour waiting for the meds to kick in so I could sleep. Sunday I crashed! Today I'm still really sore and tired so I decided to just sit and work on my knitting project, it's a sock! This is what the wonderful ladies at knitting class are teaching me. I have gotten this far before and just could not get the heal so I'm hoping its easier to understand with a real life person there to assist me.
meanwhile this is my stitchery I'm working on in quilting. I'm not quite up to dragging sewing machines around so this is a good way to get back into it. It's easy to transport and very therapeutic. The girls who were in my class from the begging are reminding me how I first looked at one of these and adamantly announced that I could never finish one of these. Well I have not only finished about eight, I actually designed four of them. Yeah I know you never know what you can achieve until you try. 
And here is miss bella, you just cannot take photos without little miss princess getting in on the act.
Hope your weekend was a great one.
See ya

Thursday, August 1, 2013


The wheel turns and the darkest days of winter come to an end. The awakening has begun with the promise of life reborn

with the festival of imbolc the potential of new life is abundantly clear, and that thought warms the heart.
Have a blessed imbolc everyone, get out in the sunshine and top up your vitamins D. 
See ya