Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bathurst weekend

It’s Bathurst weekend and the eight hour race has begun 
Hubby and I went swimming this morning and then did a quick grocery shop before getting home in time for the big start

Don’t ask hubby to do anything for the rest of the day! 

Me. Well I finished my butterfly square blankets yesterday and they have turned out 
Nicely I think 

I had one square left so I’ll just add rows to it until it’s a nice size for a baby blanket I think 
I’ll use up the odds and ends of my carron cakes 
I think it looks ok 

I have some ideas for my next projects but as I’m going to give them away as Christmas presents I won’t be able to show you 
But for now 
I’m just relaxing, watching the race with hubby and feeling much much better than I have in weeks 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 
See ya xxx

Monday, October 7, 2019

A painful few weeks

Three weeks ago. I threw my back out bringing in firewood 
And as usual. I never do things by half and was in excruciating pain. 
I babied it and slowly stretch it as much as I could 
And finally just as it was getting to a point that I could bear it 
I got a bout of gastro 
If you have ever had a sore back. You know bending is pretty hard 
So having to Bend over and throw up is painful enough 
But when you run out of stuff in your tummy. The dry retching is even worse! 

Not to mention, the running to the loo for the other delightful symptom of tummy bugs! 
Enough to said about that. 

Anyway. The gastro has pass, but the back is still pretty painful 
I have an ouchie massage appointment tomorrow, hopefully it will be fix then 
Hopefully I’ll be on the road to wellness again after that 

The biggest problem of the last three weeks is the mental side effects 
Not being able to sleep, makes you tired and cranky anyway 
But add the pain, and the gastro and you feel totally washed out 

I hadn’t be able to leave the house for well over a week 
So no swimming, no walking and not interaction with friends 
Not a good combination for mental health issues 

Depression and anxiety have been at record levels and the little voices in our head 
That tells us all the bad things like 
Your lazy, fat unlovable was absolutely screaming at me 

The only silver lining was the fact that I finished all the 198 squares I needed to make the two blankets 
And I’ve even finished stitching one whole blanket. 
Once the second one is stitched I’ll crochet the boarders 

Once again. I didn’t swim this morning. 
But I did make it to coffee with the girls 
Baby steps 
And as the weather slowly gets nicer I might even be able to go outside and get me some free 
Vitamin D 
But for now. I’m going to sit inside, listen to my audiobook and start stitching the second blanket 
Hope all is well in your world 
See ya xxx 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Still here.

Hello all 
Yes I’m still here. I’ve not been well. I finally crashed I think. 
I’ve been home doing only the essentials and resting. 
But today I woke up and I feel better. 

Had an ouchie massage appointment this morning and 
For once I wasn’t that bad. 
Resting has its advantages! 

So after being fixed I wasn’t as sore as I usually am. 
This meant that I was able to do things that I needed to do 

So far today 
Bed stripped and remade with clean sheets
Sofa that was ordered on line arrived this morning and has been put together and currently being used by me! 
The old sofa, which is still in really good nick, but doesn’t have the support it once had,
Has found a new home.  It’s going to be picked up this weekend. 

Meds have been bought and restocked!
Supermarket shopping done, and put away! 
Coffee at a friends house, got to keep those friendship ties going 
And a new remote for the television has been ordered. 

I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel it later on 
But for now I’m happy I’m back up to date 

Feeling under the weather and not being able to drive really does put a spanner in the works. 

Hope your all well and up to date in your lives 

See ya xxx

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Happy birthday hubby

Today hubby turns 58
Not long till he can get a bass pass lol 
Happy birthday hubby 
Enjoy your special day xxx

Thursday, August 29, 2019

A magical 24 hours

My friend Nancy and I are both tragic potter heads. 
So of course we had to go and see
Harry Potter and the cursed child 

Playing in Melbourne, which is approximately and hours drive away, 
We decided we would take a train into the city and stay the night   Making it a mini break 
And allowing us to rest between the shows

We decided to stay at the Windsor Hotel which is only a hundred meters or so from the theatre 

So easy and convenient 

It’s a beautiful old hotel that was established in 1883 

It’s very posh. 
Way more grand than we are used too lol 
We had dinner and breakfast in the restaurant and the meals were lovely 

Many famous people have stayed here.  Pretty sure we didn’t have the same rooms as they did lol 

This was our room 
It was spacious warm and comfortable 

The bathroom had all you needed 
It was clean and practical 

The small kitchen area for coffee and tea facilities 
We really didn’t use. Nancy had one cup of tea and that was it. 

And here is where the magic all happened 
There were two shows 
Part one started at 2.00 o’clock 
And part two started at 7.30 o’clock 
It was an amazing experience 
It is pricey and taking a family to see it would require saving
But oh my. It was worth every cent 

You will need to know the Harry Potter stories 
But if your a potter fan at all. 

I’m home now. 
Tired, sore and oh so happy 
See ya xxx

Friday, August 23, 2019

Two years old today

This is my beautiful niece, her hubby and my godson wyatt 
Is is a big two today 

Happy birthday wyatt. 
May you have many many more