Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Productive day

This morning I got to the pool at seven. Later than normal, but I’m still not back to full strength after covid
I was doing two hours one day and not able to get up the next two! 
So easing back in seemed the better option 

I was out and at the shopping centre a little after eight 
I did a quick shop, basically I went to get the Harry Potter folder for all the collectables.
Went into Kmart to get hubby a few new clothes and I bought some canvases for art 

Then back home to get stuck into todays agenda. 

I bought this the other day and thought I’d give it a go 

Your supposed to soak these in warm water until they swelled up. 
Took ages and ages 

I had to heat up the water a couple of times! 
I then planted the seeds into each one I’ve got one container for each vegetable 

There’s tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum, cucumbers and yellow button squash. 

I had purchased a mini green house just for this purpose and today I took it out of the 
Box and set it up.  Im hoping the concrete floor and the side of the house will keep it warm 
We are having beautiful sunny days. So fingers crossed. 

I also planted seeds into traditional seed mix 
There are zucchini, and tomatoes in these. So many tomatoes 
I wanted to use up all the diggers seeds from last year 

Hopefully I’ll get lots of tomatoes to eat and process. The semi dried tomatoes I made last summer are almost all gone and 
Everyone loved them 

And I’ve put them to bed, snug as a bug in a rug. 
Whatever that means lol 
All I can do now is wait and hope 

It was a beautiful sunny day and it was lovely to be able to get out there and get my hands dirty 
I even was able to wash all my bedding and line dry it 
It smells amazing. Full of the promise of summer 

How are your garden stories progressing? 

Monday, August 8, 2022


This is teddy o the day I brought him home. 
His mummy and daddy belonged to some friends of mine. 
They had posted pics of the puppies and I would always be drawn to the black 
And white pups. There were only two 

Fast forward six weeks and My friend hosted a candle party. 

All puppies were in a big play pen   Everyone was around this pen they were adorable 
There were 11 puppies if I remember correctly 

One little black and white puppy kept followed me around the pen and trying to get me to notice him 

I honestly did not go to that party t get a puppy. 
But he was so insistent that Leanne said that this is definitely your pup 

So I came home with a new puppy. 
Hubby wasn’t surprise at all lol 

This is teddy now 
He is eleven years old today 
He’s getting on in years but he still loves to play with Trixie 
And snuggle with his mummy 

We have tried everything to get him to come inside, including sending him away for a weeks training 
But he always prefers to be outside 
He was supposed to be in inside therapy dog 

But he loves his life
He’s got a huge yard to run around in and an outside room that’s almost as good as inside
And he just loves everyone 

Happy birthday teddy. 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

A first

My first piece of art is now proudly hanging on my wall in the craft room 
Hopefully as the months go on I’ll get better and better and maybe in a year of two I’ll look back at this 
And think omg what was I thinking! 

But I proud I pushed myself and actually painted, after all these years of being so afraid 
Of paint and brushes 

If I could tell myself anything when I was young it would be to not listen to anyone and do 
What makes you happy 
Painting makes me happy!

If you want to try something new I say go for it. 
What’s the worst that could happy. Seriously 
Even if you don’t become an expert, you might find the fun and satisfaction you get 
Is well worth the effort. 
You don’t fail, unless you fail to try 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Signs of spring

There are lots of buds bursting on my roses 

And bulbs are emerging from their slumber 

The magnolia looks like it’s ready to explode 

The dwarf black mulberry is waking up

Daffodils are coming along nicely 

More bulbs. Can’t remember what went where 
I guess we’ll find out when they flower 

While outside taking these photos I could hear baby lambs calling to their mummies   Not mine. Across the road 
We no longer have a ram and we need to decide what we are going to do with our herd. 

So spring is in its way. It doesn’t feel it as yet weather wise. But the days are getting longer.  
The wheel is slowly turning 

Thursday, August 4, 2022


I went out today to see the flock and feed them some greens. 
One of the white “hens” was looking a heap bigger than her sisters 

Sent off a pic to the breeder, with my suspicions 
And she had confirmed we have a white Roo! 

So she will be in the area early next week and will pick up the Rooster and when she has more hens ready to go I’ll be getting two new hens 

These things happen snd the breeder was so lovely 
She will swap one hen for the rooster and I’ll buy the second as introducing one chicken into the flock isn’t ideal 

We discussed what I would like and I’m going to get two different colours. 

If anyone ever wanted to buy chickens I’d very happily recommend my breeder  

Monday, August 1, 2022


Yesterday we actually got to go back into the city. It’s been over two years. The last time was the day before lockdown 

We started the day by getting driven into town by Dianne’s hubby. He dropped us off at Federation Square 

We had a lovely breakfast by the river and then walked around just being happy to be back. 

There was a craft market, and we spent some time looking at all the amazing things people had made 

We then had a quick drink and Young and Jackson’s in the famous Chloe bar. 

Chloe is the lady in the painting and she’s been hanging in the bar for over one hundred years I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life and never seen her. So that was lovely to finally say I’ve seen her 

The reason for our day in Melbourne was this show 
9 to 5. 
It was a lovely show full of singing and dancing 
A cast of local and international talent 
Would recommend 

After the show we headed to our favourite bar. Madam Brussels 

Dianne and I had mulled wine which was served in a tea pot with adorable vintage tea cups 

It was so yummy and warming, we ate in the middle of a Melbourne winter, we had a second helping 

We even had some scones with jam and cream 
We spent a few hours here laughing and enjoying the view of the city  we were outside on a roof top 

Eventually we went off to have some dinner and then headed home 
There are works going on the rail system so getting home was an adventure on its own 
We had to take one train to Caulfield, change trains and get one to pakenham then get off at Weststall and get in a bus to take us the rest of the way 

But we finally made it to Cranbourne station where Dianne got picked up by her hubby and Claire and I got a lift home by Anne’s lovely daughter 

A big day but one full of laughs 

It was decided that we would all sleep in today and give swimming a miss 

I’m a little tired. And by the end of the day I was very sore. But I wouldn’t of missed it for the world. 

Already we are planning our next big day out.