Monday, December 5, 2022


I have started a sock. 
I had to go to spotlight to get smaller needles but I was so busy checking the size of the needle I didn’t realise I only got ones that are 30 cm
So it’s a bit fiddly when knitting in the round. To counter this I have switch back to the bigger needles for the body of the sock. 
This means they’re going to be big socks. 
That’s ok. Hubby can have them. 
Or I’ll just do one to practice and go back to the store and get the smaller, but longer round needles. 

Meanwhile. Trying to knit socks in the round does need lots of practice well 
I need the practice. So I’ll keep going. 
If you hear rumbling it will probably be me swearing when I get to the heel part 

Send lots of thoughts and prayers for me. 

Sunday, December 4, 2022

The frugal choice

These are our rocking, put your feet up, chairs. 
There in perfect condition and I’ve had them for about ten years. 

Our sofa is new, only two years old. But the only colour I could get it in was grey fabric. Actually I could 
Get it in black leather, but the cost was half again more! 

So for the last two years I’ve had grey fabric lounge and brown leather chairs. 
Not a big deal I know. But it is nice to have things match 

I found these covers online for about $60 each. 
Not cheap, but way cheaper than new chairs. 
So I ordered them and they took ages, but finally arrived Friday 

So today I proceeded to cover one of the chairs. 
OMG. It’s hard work doing it on your own. You really need an extra pair of hands 
But me being me, and stubborn. I wanted it done now 
So nearly killing my self a number of times I got the job done. 
I had to hand stitch some of the pieces together as you could see the white elastic. 
Why they didn’t use black I’ll never know. 
Anyway I still have to stitch a few sections, but I had to stop. My back was killing me 
Having to flip that blessed chair over one way and then the other, not to mention having 
To stretch to reach ties, wasn’t much fun at all

So I’ve decided to leave the second chair for a little while. 
I want to see if the cover moves, or untucks, or even rips before I attempt the second chair. 

If it annoys me, having to fix it all the time, I’ll take it off and use the material 
In a project. I’m sure I’ll eventually find a use for it. 

I hope it’s ok. It does look better with the dark grey couch. 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Getting things done

Today was about finishing off. 
The pelican is done. He’s happily swimming along not a worry in the world 

Christmas tree done. 
I had started it yesterday but finished it off today. 
I did some before class and then after. It gave my back a rest 

Table and chairs done. All ready for lots of food and family to enjoy 

Now I’m resting. 
It’s beautiful and warm outside so I’ll go out soon and water the pots while getting some vitamin D 

How’s your Christmas prep going?

Friday, December 2, 2022


It was a very nice day today. So Anastasia and I spent heaps of time outside 

This cheeky little miss knows where the yummy strawberries are now and heads straight to them. 

We gathered a nice handful and she enjoyed eating every single one 

If you now try to give her store bought strawberries she will not have a bar of them. She points outside and says very clearly. Outside lol. 

I think you have to feed the bought ones first. Then the home grown ones 

We also picked the first zucchini of the season 
Very excited we were 

Now it’s December we started on putting up the tree. I’ll only do one this year so there won’t be lots of temptation and grandma constantly saying no don’t touch 

Not fair on either of us. 
Ana was very excited when I opened the box but the novelty wore off quickly. So I was left to finish the job myself while Ana ate watched telly or played 

Once Ana went home I added the lights 
I’ll finish tomorrow as I’m exhausted now 

I did put the wreath on the door. 

So the Christmas preparations have begun. They’ll be toned down this year since I started later. By the time I get them all up. It will be time to get them down. 

I’ll still do the table but I think that will be it. 

We will see 
Now it’s rest time 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Change of scenery

After the big clean I’ve been wanting to come out here. 
Just a different scene can help you feel better after feeling down and crappy. 

I had left some rose clipping in here to dry so decided to start a fire. It’s a tad cool right now so the crackle of a fire makes you feel warmer.  

I brought out mr scrappy quilt and my mosaic crochet to keep me occupied. Trixie gives it the thumbs up. 
If she had any 

Teddy was settled by the fireplace by got up when I did to take a pic 
I’m sure he will resettle 

It’s nice just sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of the community 
Just like camping. But with luxury 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Moving right along

Got up this morning and off to swim I went 
The weather is still cold but at least it’s no raining 

After coffee with the girls I’m home cooking from the freezer. Using up what we have to make room for what is hopefully a bountiful summer harvest 

I love being able to grab things from my freezer or pantry that I’ve grown here and preserved 

After all the cleaning yesterday I needed to rest today or I’d crash again. So work continues on the big blanket 
It’s slowly but steadily growing 

If summer is going to be cooler and wetter than normal I think I’m going to need this wool blanket to keep me warm in the winter 

I’m not liking the cold at all