Sunday, August 1, 2021

Productive weekend

During the week, I ventured to koo wee rup to the quilting shop and bought my backing fabric so I could 
Finish my little quilts for charity 

I also needed a hanger for this wall hanging 

I bought the fabric and I also bought a new tracing pen that disappears after a few days 
For those quick stitching projects 

I knew there were two things I needed to buy so with my two purchases I headed home 
Only to remember I had forgotten the hanger 

So the next day I had to go into cranbourne so I stopped into spotlight 

I found some Harry Potter fabric. Oh my 

I made these two as a dry run and they will go into the gift basket for Christmas gifts 
But the other four panels I will make for me 

I even got matching towels.  One for each house. 
How cool is that lol 

Then today I finally got the lemoncello out to finish off 
Because the grappa wasn’t a strong batch I let it stew for longer and I only added two cups of water so as to not 
Water it down too much 

Along with two cups of sugar it became 

This.  The colour isn’t as strong as I would of liked it 
But both hubby and son have tried it and passed it with a big thumbs up 

And today our couch finally arrived. 
All the lockdowns had it being delayed 

Being an ikea product it came in lots of boxes and it had to be all assembled 

But we got there, without too many raised voices 
And now I can relax 

And keep working on this little blanket 
All blankets, both crochet and quilt, are pram size 
Perfect for keeping baby warm while out and about 

I hope someone will enjoy them 

For some reason I can’t access my list of blogs I follow 
So I’m only visiting those I can remember the web address of 

Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon 
If you leave me a comment I can follow that link to you blog 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Friday, July 30, 2021

Our anniversary

On this day 33 years ago we were married 
Not many thought it would last lol 

But here we are 33 years later 
Two beautiful children 
Married to two wonderful partners 
And three granddaughters 

Very blessed we are 
Hard lockdown is over so we are going out to eat 
It’s exciting after all the weeks of being locked in 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

For me

Before  lockdown number  four I got to go to the quilt shop and I bought myself some stitcheries 
I love sitting and hand sewing and I especially love something not too complicated 

I then make a quilt or wall hanging with the finished pieces 
The problem is my hands are now not as strong and they ache, especially in horrid weather like we are having now 

So stitching the binding was always a painful experience 
But I saw these little clips in a couple of sewing tutorials on YouTube and thought they would
Be great for holding the binding then I just have to just sew and not have to hold the binding down the whole time 

They work a treat and make sewing a much more enjoyable and quicker experience

And here is the finished product 
I searched my scrap bag to make the wall hanging. 
The spot I have in mind isn’t very wide so I didn’t add any extra fabric to the sides 

Once lockdown is over, and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later, I’ll go back to the quilt shop and buy
A special wall hanger 

Sometimes it’s nice to make something just for me 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Getting ready

In a few weeks, assuming lockdown is over.  Our daughter in law is going back to work part time 
So I will have Anastasia one day a week to come and play 

Unfortunately Trixie loves her. Soooo much that I wouldn’t be able to lay her down to have some play time without 
Trixie wanting to play with her. So I ordered this play pen 
It comes with plastic balls which will be nice for Ana to throw out and have Trixie play with lol 
But she won’t be able to do that for a little while yet

Numbers are going up unfortunately, but hopefully they will steadily decline and then stop as the lockdown starts to work 
Not holding my breath though. 
We will deal with whatever comes 
We always do 

Stay safe 
See ya xx

Friday, July 23, 2021

The hardest part

I know lockdown is hard on many people for many reasons 
But for me. This is the hardest part. 
Not seeing my girls 

They grow so fast. Specially at Anastasias age that I feel I miss so much 
Last year I missed almost a whole year of Melody’s and Brianna’s life 
At least that’s how it felt 

I do look forward to the day we can visit again
And I can get cuddles    I never have enough cuddles 
Hopefully they will continue to give grandma cuddles for a long time 
Even when they are much older 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Another day of crafting

This morning I woke up around seven again 
I wish I could sleep in that would make the days shorter but 
It just doesn’t happen 

So after doing the quick morning chores, like bed making 
I went into the craft room to see what I could get into today 

I did have a few patterns I had printed and some I had made via YouTube so I packed them into a binder 
And then I saw the bag with all the tea towels I have purchased during our trips around Australia 

I’ve already made one quilt using tea towels, and I have enough for another one 
So I’ve washed them and they are drying near the fire 

I’ll get onto that once they’re dry and ironed 

But today I think I’ll sit and stitch 
I’ve got my audiobook going 
I don’t have to think while doing the stitchery so I can concentrate on the story 

I just don’t know what people who don’t craft are doing to keep busy while in lockdown 
Binge watching Netflix I guess 
But I really need to keep my hands busy 
What are you up too? 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Well we are back to day one 
We are in lockdown for seven more days but at least today the rain has gone and we have sunshine 
Might be an omen, maybe it will only be seven more days 

I spent all day hand stitching the binding. It’s now finished and hanging with the other quilts 
It turned out nicely and will keep someone warm 
Probably me. I think I might end up putting it in the van but I’ll decide later. 

I went looking through my stash and found a bundle of lion king fat quarters 
So I think a simple square quilt would show off the pictures. 
It’s rather large so I think I might make two smaller quilts and then give them to charity 
For little boys 

It won’t take long to sew the tops up 
And I have a few other packs of the fat quarters with Disney characters 
I think lots of smaller quilts for charity might be what I’ll be making over the next few days 
I won’t be able to finish them as I don’t have backing fabrics 
But if I get the tops done that at least will keep me busy, and away from the kitchen! 

I need to lose the lockdown weight ive gained. I really don’t need to add to it 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx