Wednesday, March 22, 2023


After three days of granddaughters and pushing on Monday to get everything I usually get done over the the weekend that I didn’t 
I crashed big time.  

My car had to go in and it’s brake fluid changed or topped up so something in the morning so I took the opportunity to have a much 
Needed sleep in. 

Then I had an Ouchie massage in the afternoon so by the evening I was very very sore. 

A hot soak in the bath and then I continued working on my squares. 

They’re all done now. So today in knitting group I’ll start to sew them together. 
I’ve tried to organise them so they’re all different. Which I have succeeded at on this side 

They do have a back side. I’m not even looking at that. Or I’ll go insane. Or more insane than I am now! 

I’ll just be happy to have one side where they’re all different and not two alike are touching each other. 

A roast pork in the slow cooker for dinner
The weather has definitely changed now so the crock pot will come out more often. 
We even got some welcome rain. 

The wheel of life is definitely turning. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Can’t help myself

A few weeks ago. I took some cuttings from my oregano and put them in a glass of water and left them  in the kitchen window sill 

You can just see the little roots have formed 

I had some plastic cups from I don’t know when. So decided they would make excellent mini pots 

I went over to the shed and Terry helped me make some holes in them 
And I’ve potted them up. They all have two baby plants except one which has three 

I’ve also got five baby perpetual basil plants in two pots 

The pots with three plants each are for someone special who will pop over Thursday to pick these , and my leek seedlings , up for her garden  

Remember the cabbage seeds. Some have germinated. 
The string did stop the birds scratching them up. They are all coming up at different rates. And one variety is coming up quicker with the other only just starting. So I won’t have to harvest all at the same time 

I love baby plants. So much potential in that little green slip 
And I love making new babies from existing plants. Sharing is caring and I love sharing my babies with others. 

I think I have a disease. But that’s ok. I hope everyone catches it and we can suffer together 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Planting the babies

Hubby took these to the shed and revamped them. Then we filled them with fresh compost mix and I’ve planted out the biggest of the seedlings 

There’s radicchio, cauliflower and broccolini in the first five beds 

Those white butterflies are still around so I’ve netted them
Hopefully it keeps them off my seedlings 

I sowed the second half of this pot with the other packet of beetroot. 

So we will have lots to eat fresh from the garden 

Topped up this garden with more compost and planted more leeks. All this came out of one little square 

Yesterday was so hot. The hottest match day in over ten years. 

Today it’s much cooler and there is a drizzle in the air. 
A perfect day to plant out. 

With a bit of luck the winter garden will flourish 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Weekend at grandmas

We had a mani pedi 
Although only melody wanted her digits painted  

Melody Asked to learn some craft. She tried crochet first but it was a tad fiddly so we switched to knitting she’s doing really well and is currently still knitting away next to me 

Meanwhile Brianna was outside helping grandpa organise and cook a BBQ dinner 

While grandma watered the pots and veggies. The girls okayed on the swing and slide 

Then some chalk art. Trixie approved 

They will sleep over tonight and their parents will pick them up sometime tomorrow afternoon. 
Who knows what we will get up to by then. 

Friday, March 17, 2023

Everyone’s Irish

Happy st Patrick’s day 
Today we're all Irish 
Enjoy the fun day 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Slowly slowly

I decided to plant out some of the leeks. 
I ended up using three sections of this tray and the rest is back in the mini hot house 
Waiting for me to decide where they should go 

I moved these pots into place and filled them with compost. 
The compost pile is out the back so I had to bring it in with the wheelbarrow. 

It took three fairly full wheelbarrow loads to fill them 

You can just see the leeks   They’re small but I’ve planted onions and leeks this little and they have 
Grown. After a week or so. Once they’re established I’ll mulch them 

I swam three days in a row this week and almost two hours each morning so I’m now exhausted 
So dinner is in the slow cooker. 
Meatballs in the roasted vegetable past I made with more fresh eggplant and peppers 

Not the best looking but it’s so full of flavour I’m sure it will taste good. 
The rest of the day will be taken up with continued work on the big mosaic blanket until my arms start to hurt then I’ll swap back to the small fabric squares. 

I really need to water out front as well. It’s been so long since we have had any decent rain and we don’t have any forecast in the near future. 
But the time I do all that it will be time for bed 

Enjoy your day 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


The mulberry bush was in pot. It grew really well but didn’t produce much. Just a few sad berries 

So a few months ago we planted it into the ground and boy has it made a difference 

I call it my snack tree as I constantly snack on the ripe berries while working out side. 

Even Ana now knows that we can eat the black berries 

The two newer, white mulberries were planted into the ground at the same time and they have exploded with new growth 

With a bit of luck they’ll have lots of white mulberries for me to snack on next year.