Monday, March 4, 2024

Garden clean up

This morning I decided to tackle this garden bed 
Lots of overgrown and dead plants 

I’d left it this long because it shaded the window from the hot summer sun 

I started by attacking the budleah plant. I’ve cut it back by two thirds. There’s lots of new growth on the branches so I’m pretty sure it will come back rather quickly 

The fox gloves had died back so they came out. And because of the over growth plant had dead bits or grown into funny spindly shape.  I’ve tidied up those 

Hubby moved all the cut offs for me 
I left the butterfly bushes along the side closest to my car. There were lots of bees, butterflies and other insects. So they still have some flowers to visit 

Everything got a good watering and now I’m pooped 

It will definitely be an easy afternoon crafting I’d say 

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Autumnal jobs

Today is a grey overcast day. 
Perfect for working in the garden 

We pulled out all the dead plants. The zucchini’s. They weren’t dead but production had almost stopped 

I pulled out the last of the beans. And tidied up the tomatoes 

Because the weather is do bizarre they have started to reshoot. So I cut them back to the new growth 

We will see what happens. I’ll let you know 

The capsicum and chilli plants haven’t find well this year. But the did kinda get over shadowed by the tomatoes. Hopefully now they will perk up. I might try to work out how to put a cover over them during winter. 
It’s worth a shot I think 
After giving everything a good watering. They were really dry. We are inside. I’ll have a little rest the deal with the produce I brought in 

How’s your garden going? 
If your coming into spring you must be getting excited about the growing season to come 

Update on the alpaca. 
He’s doing really well. The wound has stopped bleeding and seems to be healing nicely 

We will continue to monitor him for signs of infection 

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Warning angry post

Friday started a little different. Ana had an appointment with the doctor for just a check up. Which she passed. One of her parents drew love hearts on her to keep her occupied while waiting 

When she arrived at grandmas she asked to have her nails done. Doesn’t she look glamorous 

While watching my pet and me. One of the pets was a stick insect. They made stick insects with a stick and pipe cleaners. 

I didn’t want to use a stick. For safety reasons so I sticky taped two bendy straws which I think looked better as I now had the antennas lol 

Ana added the pipe cleaners. With grandma. And a new pet was born 

It was too hot to go out so we played dress ups in the play room 

Up until then. Friday was going well 

Now the angry part. Someone’s dog got into our property and bit one of our alpacas 

The second alpaca was guarding the flock. He had them in a tight little huddle. 

Our neighbour was outside and heard the poor baby screaming. 

The owners did knock on our door saying the dog had run to the back of our place and immediately we started to worry he had got my chickens. 

He had not thankfully. But he did continue into the back neighbours paddocks. Which houses horses 

With help from our lovely neighbour across the road. We caught the poor baby and tended its wounds. Our neighbour loves animals and breeds greyhounds. Have us some antiseptic spray which we applied straight away and again this morning. 

I am not a happy camper right now. 
Dogs should not be allowed to roam and especially not if they’re prone to attacking other animals 

The alpaca seems to be doing well today. But we will keep a close eye on it. If the wound looks like it’s not healing or if he looks unwell we will call a vet. 

And I’ll be personally handing that bill to the dog owners. 

What a traumatic experience that was for our animals. You could see them all checking on the wounded member of their herd 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hot dam hot

Today has been declared a total fire ban day. 
The temp is expect to hit a top of 38 degrees Celsius that’s 100 approximately 
In the old Fahrenheit! 

Strong winds a sudden change to thunderstorms and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster 
My emergency app is going nuts with warnings all over the sate 

Me. I’ve taken care of all the animals
Hung the sheets out to dry 
And I’m planning on staying right here. 

I might venture to the local supermarket to buy a cooked chook to have cold with salad for dinner 
And maybe some ice-cream for a treat 

Where ever you are around this big country of ours. Stay hydrated and safe 
What’s the weather doing in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, February 24, 2024

On the homestead

Life is moving along as it does. Not a huge amount changes. Just the  endless cycle 
Of chores, work, crafting and. A Little socialising 

But the exciting news is we are FINALLY getting access to this tank water for watering the veggies 

Here you can see where the trench was dug for the pipe to be laid   It’s quite a distance from the tank 

To make sure it was working grandpa and Ana sat and watch some water flowing into the dam 

That got boring so Ana decided she Needed to harvest some tomatoes 

Today the final part of the job. Installing the pipes 
And putting in taps 
One on this side so we can get water to the chickens and orchard easily 

The tap in the backyard. Central to all the food growing areas 

I’ll no longer worry about watering. Not about paying higher water bills or when, eventually, we are back in drought and have water restrictions 

I’ll at least be able to grow food 

What I’m processing today. 

The weather has cooled slightly 
And in the early mornings you can feel a change. 
Autumn is definitely on its way. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Just a bit of decoration

I know Easter is a while yet 
And I know it’s not spring here 
But after the last week I just wanted a bit of decoration to pep me up

I leave it up until both the catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter’s are done. 
Unless it annoys me lol 

This morning I canceled my pool membership 
After ten years. I was sad. But I’m
Just not going enough to justify the cost. I will still go. Just to catch up with everyone and pay as I go. 

If things change I’ll join again. 
Maybe after all these years I just need a break 

Sunday, February 18, 2024


After the storm on Tuesday we needed to clean up. We didn’t have a huge amount of damage but lots is debris 

The front was weeded and cleaned. The pots needed weeding but I had to wait on hubby as. Can’t climb ladders. So in the big clean up that was another job done 

All signs of mess was cleaned up 

This tree suffered a break. So it’s getting a good haircut and hopefully will survive 

All the animals are well and happy thankfully 

We haven’t had lots of rain so the dam is low. 
Hopefully it fills again over the next few months 

With a bit of luck we won’t have any more severe storms. Not for a while anyway