Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Biopsy report

The results of the biopsy came in and I got a call from my GP 
That’s never a good sign when they ring you. 
Apparently I have inflammation and some bugs that cause ulcers 
Present in my gut 

So I am now on a strong seven day treatment to fix the problem 

It would explain why I’ve been feeling yucky for so long 
And imbalance in your gut flora is one of the reasons they give for getting 
ME. Or chronic fatigue. And I’ve been feeling so very tired for so very long 

Even though I got the meds on Saturday I didn’t start the course until Monday. Just in case 
The strong antibiotics made me feel sick. And I had already purchased the tickets 
To the Da Vinic experience. 

Hopefully this will fix the problem and I’ll start to feel more energised again. 

The silver lining of feeling so dam tired all the time is that I’m getting good nights sleep 
I slept in till eight this morning. I never sleep in that long 

I really needed it I can tell you 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Art excursion

Today my little art class headed off into Melbourne to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition 

It had reproductions of his art and lots of his inventions 

 Spectacular show with beautiful operas was shown on the huge screens around the room. You were in the exhibition not just looking at it. 

If you’re at all interested in art I highly recommend seeing it. 

I hope you enjoy the photos 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Pet peeves

Don’t you just hate it when you have to untangle yarn because there are extra bits inside 
I knew I was in trouble when I saw three ends coming out the middle   
I started to pull it all apart to try and untangle it all and rewind it into a ball 

What a drama. 
In the end there were seven separate bits of yarn all tangled up inside 
Plus three knots they had made joining up some of them. 

I spent a good twenty minutes sorting it all out. 

Now I’ve got three balls, I had to keep starting new ones as they were getting too big to pass through 
And untangle a knot. 

Now regular crocheting can recommence 

After my productive day yesterday I’m a tad sore 
So I’ll be escaping to narnia while I continue to increase the size of this blanket 

Don’t let the tangles of life get you down 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Washing day

The mornings are cold but the days  are sunny 
I decided I needed to get some  washing done 

Fresh sheets on the bed 
Hubbys clothes are hung up under the back veranda 
Towels are on a clothes horse in here and my clothes are hanging on another clothes horse in my craft room 

I don’t have a dryer so this is how I dry clothes in the winter  

I’ve lit the fire as the evenings are getting cold 
The days are definitely shorter 

And this will help things dry quickly 

I needed a break from the knitting it’s hurting my shoulder so I decided to add to this blanket. I used up all my pink scraps making it ages ago. 
I only stopped because I ran out of pinks 

I now have more odd balls so it’s growing once again 

Only problem is someone keeps wanting to sleep on it 
She’s a cute pest. Don’t you think? 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

A night to remember

Last night solar storms were the strongest they have been in twenty years. 

Who hasn’t wanted to see the Aurora in their lives 

Here where I live we were fortunate to be in the middle of earths most spectacular show 

I was able to just see the colours with the naked eye bit as soon as I views it through the phone camera it came to life 

It’s a huge bucket list item I can tick off. 
At no cost   How good is that! 

Still if I got the chance to travel north to see the lights, well, I’d definitely still go lol 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums.
Even Mother Nature is celebrating for us all 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Saturday news

Ana was over on Friday as per normal and she kept grandma busy. We had a fun day
And laughed so much. She is really a little person now with her own unique personality

This morning I felt almost normal, not that I’m normal in any way shape or form 
But normal for me. 

Hubby dropped me off at my art class and while I was there he got organised to go up to the farm 
When he picked me up he brought Trixie with him as we were leaving from there to go 

Here she is with frobie, the art teachers dog and Archie 
The German shepherd who belongs to Maree the other student. 
Archie comes every week and plays with frobie while we paint. 

The two bigger dogs were very good with Trixie but I don’t think I’ll be bringing her as I’d be worried 
The whole time she get trampled. The big dogs play rough 

It’s an adorable photo of them all 

We left class and headed off to the farm. 
The shed has been built and we wanted to see how it went. Even though the builder had been sending us pictures 

Here it is in all its glory 

It’s got a big sliding door so the machinery can be driven in and out easily 

And behind me there is a roller door that we can back the caravan in through 
So if we go up and the weather is crappy we can camp in the shed 

Tractor is in safe from the elements 
It’s a big tractor so this shows you how much room there is 

One of the neighbours as if they could put some cattle on our property 
Hubby said yes but we needed to fence around our camping area so that they wouldn’t damage the tractor 
Toilet and camper that we left there. 
At the time the shed wasn’t built. 

So they put in a heap of posts and some electric fencing and the cattle are happily eating all the grass 

When we are ready to buy our own cattle. They promised to sell us some at a great price
We didn’t want any money for them having their cattle there 

It’s just nice to be on good terms with the neighbours 

Our dreams are slowly coming to fruition 
We have worked so hard for this 
And we are enjoying every minute of it. 

It might not seem like much to lots of people. But to us it’s bliss
A place to go and escape from it all and just to relax 

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Strange days indeed

This morning I felt better. So I went outside to water all the pots that don’t get any precipitation. 

The garden is looking neglected right now. Weeds everywhere and lots of pruning required. 

I’m waiting on the weather. We keep having nice days so lots of things are still blooming 

This poor little azalea looked dead. But I never pull things out straight away because I’m ever the optometrist 

And look. She’s come back to life. I’ll have clean her up and maybe give her a topping of compost but I have every faith in her 

These are daffodils. 
Winter hasn’t even started and they’re coming up 

Self seeded tomatoes 
They’re everywhere. I might transplant them and put them in my little hot house. See what happens 

My capsicum are flourishing 

Not sure what this is. It looked dead so hubby pulled it out. I planted it in a pot and now it’s fruiting 
See nothing ventured nothing gained 

Again not sure but I suspect broccolini 
They have gone straight to seed 

Camellia flowering 

Still getting roses 

The rosemary is flowering. Lots of bees visiting my garden they’re loving it 

The dwarf mulberry trees are starting to lose their leaves 

I’m thinking they’re too big for that area so once dormant. We will cut them back and transplant them. Give them a bit of room to breathe 

And teddy. Keeping guard protecting his domain 
He’s getting on and feels the cold so I have lots of jumpers for him 

Going outside I saw all the work piling up. But I have to be realistic and just leave them for now. 

It was nice to get outside. It’s not too cold. And the fresh air was lovely for my poor stuffy nose 

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The worst ( I hope ) day

Today is day three of this cold. I’d almost call it a flu only I wouldn’t know if I had body aches and pains. I kinda have that every day 

Hopefully this is the worst day and I start to feel better from now on 

Yesterday I didn’t craft I just spent the day dozing. The brain fog was really bad and my arms felt like lead 

But today I started looking for something to do. 
I had run out of blues for hubbys jumper, or so I thought.  I decided I’ll do something quick and easy instead 

But when I actually had a look I found 

Three more balls! 

I was very excited lol 

So I’ll put something on the television to watch in the background and continue to knit 

Netflix has some great documentary’s. 

I’m slowly working my way through some of them. 

I might end up very clever at this rate lol

Have a great hump day  y’all 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Not Covid

I’ve got hubbys cold 
But as always we check snd its a negative for the dreaded spice cough 
I knew it would be. I had to have a Covid test to have my procedure last week and I’ve not been near anyone who has it 
But as I’m having Ana Friday I needed to make sure. 

It’s not too bad. A sore throat and runny nose 
Paracetamol and lots of hot beverages combined with rest and I should be much better by then 

I was late getting my flu shots this year. Serves me right 

I’ll be here crafting if you need me 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Birthday girl

Yesterday we celebrated Brianna’s birthday 

She’ll be six on Friday 

I love how close the girls are. Grandma is so proud of them 

Today is orthodox Easter 
Xristos anesti.  

Happy Easter to those that celebrate 
Enjoy spending the day with your family 

This is the second post 
As the first was published on the wrong blog 

Sorry Boud I think I lost your comment but I did read it 

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Regular checking

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy 
The gastroscopy isn’t an issue. Usually you fast for 12 hours before hand go in and 
Bobs your uncle out again before you realised you have been asleep. 

The colonoscopy is a whole different animal 

You fast the whole day before. Having only clear liquids, broth 
And black tea or coffee. 

These things do not fill the tummy at all!

Then you have to start drinking a powerful laxative drink. One every two hours starting at a specific 
Time depending on what time your appointment is 


You live in the toilet, or your running to the toilet 
Which if you can’t run is always a game of chicken 
And you end up having a bottom like one of those baboon’s 

I just telling myself bowel cancer is way worse. So suck it up and just get on with it. 

Happy to say all clear. 
The barretts hasn’t come back 
And I’ve got the cleanest bowel ever! 

So I need to go back for a gastroscopy every three years. And I don’t need another 
Colonoscopy for about ten years. 
Unless of course I have symptoms 

So to end this horrid post. Here’s something to make you laugh 

Don’t forget to get yours checked 

Saturday, April 27, 2024


Today all three girls were here 
They all play well together and keep each other amused. 

The weather was lovely so we went outside to check the livestock 

Sitting on a Log watching the sheep and alpacas while the chickens were clucking behind us 

Grandpa and his girls 

Trying to get the alpacas to come and say hi

Back instead relaxing watching bluey 

A pic out of order lol 

The two younger girls are especially close 
They’re doing puzzles together here 

The older and more mature granddaughter was knitting on the couch with grandma 

It was a wild day full of fun and laughter 

Ana has gone home with her parents and the older girls are in Bed 

Grandma and grandpa are resting. Ready to start again tomorrow 

How lucky are we to have quality time with our girls