Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Leicester square and guardians

Today we wanted to just take it nice and easy. 
So we went off to Leicester square to have proper look around. We kinda just walked through it on the tour 

So many statues of beloved characters 

There were a few movie theatres there so we decided to go see a movie. 
We almost went to see the new little mermaid. 
But then I spotted guardians of the galaxy. 
Nancy was a Good egg and even though she hadn’t seen the other two movies agreed 

I laughed 
I cried 
It was wonderful. 
And even Nancy looked it. She will now the other two movies when we get home 

Then a spot of shopping. It’s what you do when you have grandchildren, and then back home on the underground 

We are getting very confident now. Old hands at it
Resting before going to little Sicily for dinner 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

National gallery

Today it was all about art 

So much art 
I sent this one to my art teacher and fellow student 
I think we need to dress a tad nicer when we go to class lol 

And more art 

It was a tad overwhelming 
I did sit in front of the Monet bridge one and just absorbed the talent and inspiration 

Who knows. It might work. 
We will see when I get back home 

The best part of all the museums and galleries. Is they’re free 
Can’t complain about that 

Monday, May 29, 2023

Museum of natural history and the V&A

I really wanted to see the blue whale at the museum of natural history. Hubby and I watched a special on his it was placed hanging in the large room 

It was magnificent and an oh wow moment 

There were of course lots of other exhibits 

An escalator going through the earth. Kinda cool 

Cheddar man 

Some dodos 

An extinct marsupial 

And lots of other bones 

So much to see. 

We then headed off to the V&A museum 
Victoria and Albert for those that want to know 

An interesting light fixture 

The rape of Persephone  

That was just room and in another 

Nancy and I actually separated because there was just so much to see and we were interested in different areas. 

It was fascinating 
We had lunch at the cafe 
Got the tube home. It was really crowded as us a sunny Sunday and a long weekend 

And now back in our room resting 
A truly marvellous day