Sunday, February 26, 2017

Getting ready

My son and daughter in law have sold their home and are going to find something bigger. But while they are looking they will be moving in here with us
They have two indoor cats who will spend most of their time out here. I don't think I could cope with four indoor cats all the time 
So hubby and I have purchased this. I wanted somewhere where my cats could go out and play but I never seemed to have the time to organise it or the funds. So this kinda made me  have to organise it 
I think it looks great in the back yard and as their cats will spend most days out here we will throw a tarp over it. Just to make sure they stay nice and dry 
I have bought some new scratching posts and some chairs an we I'll turn it into a cats paradise 
Lots of places to snuggle and sleep. They can access both cages via the two tunnels. 
Pretty swish I think 
I hope they like it 
See ya xxx


Friday, February 24, 2017

Being frugal


This is my favourite place to sit and craft. Especially during early autumn and late spring 
It been a faithful companion for many years. But the cushion had started to perish and now it split totally and needed repairing or replacing 
I've been looking and nothing I have seen has taken my fancy and really there is nothing wrong with the seat. Just needed new cushions. 
But as we know they don't make cushions for this anymore and if they did they cost as much as a whole new chair!
So me bing me I did this. 
The crochet blanket has seen better days and has many repairs itself. Found a roll of ribbon that I probably would never use and 
This is what it looks like now 
Not exactly cuttin edge fashion. But I like it and nothing has gone into landfill no money was spent by me and I have the satisfaction of giving teo old well loved items a new lease on life
A good mornings work I think 
Now to sit and swing and enjoy!
See ya xxx

Friday, February 17, 2017

Easter bunnies

Someone at knitting made a few of these. So someone else had the idea we should all make them and send them to the Royal children's hospital in Melbourne for the sick kiddies at Easter 
 Think that might of been me!lol 
So here are my first two. Neither one is perfect. One of the eggs is too big as I got carried away and kept knitting, but I'm sure some little boy or girl will love them 
And with each one I will get better. I hope! 
I just love their little tails 
So I'm going to be making a few of these. Each week to add to the pile we send off. 
Hopefully we get a good many to bring smiles on the faces of those kids stuck I hospital over Easter  
Especially ones that won't be able to eat chocolate 
It's a great way to use up all those half balls of yarn!
See ya xxx

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wedding day

Today we were very privileged to attend the wedding of Dale and Vanessa 
Dale works for us but we have know him since he was a  School boy. He had been at school with our kids
They have a beautiful daughter Mia who is two years old 
So another one of my adopted children is now married and on the road to the rest of their lives 
Hubby has dropped me off at our cabin. We are staying in town rather than driving home 
And he has gone back to continue partying on. 
Chronic pain has cut my party days short. But I wouldn't of missed this for the world 
Seeing all my children's friends happy And getting on in life. Makes me very very happy
So a long and happy life to the newly weds 
May they always be as happy as they are today 
See ya xxx

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A little affordable luxury


It's been hot here lately. 
So very very hot. 
Yesterday I spent the day in my sisters pool and loved it. 
We used to have one. But once the kids grew up and didn't use it we got rid of it. 
And it was a lot of work. Which I just couldn't do anymore 
But I did miss it 
So I went to Kmart and got this. 
It was only $25.00! Including the pump!
So if you need me. I'll be here for the rest of the day 
See ya xxx

Monday, February 6, 2017

Party girl

My beautiful girls. Over the weekend we had melody's first birthday party. 
She isn't one until the 13th but it's a busy time of year with one thing or another so this weekend was it  

Her cake. Isn't it adorable. Minnie Mouse is a favourite in the house 
And here she is with her nana eating some birthday cake. That's what grandmothers do. We conspire to feed granddaughters cakes and sweets lol 
I'm sure she had a wonderful day. Lots of beautiful memories to treasure 
The years are flying by too fast. 
See ya xxx

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Baby surprise jacket. Done

Well I finished the jacket and even sewed on the buttons. 
I have lots of buttons I bought years ago when they were on special. So I finally was able to use some 
I think it turned out well. And it will fit perfecfectly 
Although melodys birthday isn't for another two weeks. Her parents are having a BBQ party this weekend so I'll get to give it to her then 
Now I've started another for the charity pile at knitting group. We had our first meeting for the year yesterday 
I think I may make a few now that I have remembered how to make them 
Only one more day till the weekend 
See ya xxx