Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Thoughts for today

For all my fellow sufferers 

Pass the antihistamines round
See ya xxx

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Making memories

Today we decorated my trees 
I had put them up over the weekend and Diane came over to help me put the lights up 

Then she had to go 
But it was all good. As I had melody to help 
And what a great little helper she was 

Here she is helping Diane with the lights. Making sure they don’t get tangled up 

Trixie was quality control lol 

And here melody is out some baubles on the tree. She loved it as you can see by the huge smile on her face 

There was plenty of time to play too 
These two love each other so much. 
It’s just wonderful to see them together 

And here are the finished trees 
Not as good as Diane 
But I’m sure they pass
And I’ll get better. Plus I’ll add to the stash so I won’t have as many gaps 

So I’ve made a huge dent in the decorating 
One week until my medical procedure 
So at this rate I’ll be up to date and I’ll be able to recuperate
Amongst all my festive do dahs lol 

See ya xxx 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

That time of year

A friend who works at a nursery brought me lots of seedlings that were past selling stage but perfect for me 

So I spent the morning planting the out and giving  them A good drink 

I’m having a minor procedure on the 6th of November
So I need to get a jump on this years Christmas decorations 

I’ve put the trees up and finished the garland around the sliding door into my craft room

I’ll slowly get it done before I go into hospital 
It’s only a day procedure but I’ll be recovering for quite a few weeks 

But more on that later 
For now I’m having a rest 
I’m pooped 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 
See ya xxx

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Cooking and cleaning

I’ve been doing my experimentation in the kitchen 
I had heaps of cauliflower and broccoli cooked 
And I had a packet of bacon 
And lots of eggs 

So I got some of the vegetables and mashed then. 
Added salt and pepper 
Shredded cheese 
Eggs and almond meal 

Then I got the bacon 
Chopped it 
Added eggs 
Salt and pepper 
Shredded cheese 
And almond meal 

I thought I’d make a couple of slices 
To freeze and eat 

I’ve tried the vegetable one and it tasted great. I’m sure hubby will love the bacon one 

The bacon and egg is the rectangular pan 
And the veggie one  is the oval pan 

I’ll freeze some and have it when I don’t feel like cooking 
Using up leftovers in your fridge and not wasting food 
That’s good to be good 

I also finished cleaning out back 
I scrubbed the round table and now it’s dry we will use a 
Terracotta sealer on it. 
Concrete pants have been swept and left over dirt hosed off 
It’s looking much better out there 
Just one more area to do and I can enjoy the great outdoors again 

If I survive that is lol 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A glorious day

And productive too 
The day started very foggy but it soon turned into a beautiful sunny day 
Sheets on the line 
And I got stuck in 
The back gardens had suffered. 
They were all overgrown with weeds and there were dead plants everywhere 

With a little, lots!  Of help from terry I upended the bigger pots and cleaned them out 
If any potting mix could be saved. But mostly it was all old and needed to go 
Full of weeds that had matted and it was just too hard to clear them out 

We weeded and pruned and pulled out all the plants that could be saved 
And got myself a clean slate 

Once that was cleaned up off I went to bunings with hubby 

I got six bags of potting mix
Lots of punnets of seedlings 
And home again to begin 

This was one I saved. I emptied the pot. Saved the plant and repotted 

I rejuvenated the soil in these and planted them with cuttings I had taken last year. 
Well not the middle one. I bought that one. It was white. I don’t have any white 
Pig face type plants. 

But the ones on either side I grew over winter. 

Seedlings were planted in these pots after removing the dead plants and most of the potting mix. I mixed in new 
Potting mix and planted them out 

This was the worst. I’m actually sorry I didn’t take a before shot. 
Then you would see just how much work was done here 
But it’s looking much better now. 
Tubs were topped up with more potting mix 
Plants were saved if they had to come out to get the weeds out 
Yup. It was that bad, and replanted 

All finished pots then got a cover of mulch to help keep them from drying out over summer 
And well watered in. 

The next couple of days it’s going to be warm but then we will get another lot of cold and rainy days 
Which is fine. They will all need the water 

I still have many pots I need to fill and plant out 
But I’ve run out of potting mix 

And I’m pooped 
I’ll leave that for tomorrow 
I’ll get another dose of vitamin D 

It was lovely to be outside and busy 
Hope you can get to spend a little while outside too 
See ya xxx

Monday, October 21, 2019

Faking it till I feel it

It’s supposed to be spring, right? 
Well it hasn’t felt very springlike and I’ve been hiding inside 
But the garden needed attention 
So Hubby started a few weeks ago with the weeding and I’ve been cutting the overgrowth back 
I usually plant annuals in the front pots. But Yesterday I cut back the pig face and I just shoved some cutting into the pots. 
I’m hoping the grow lush over the pots and make a spectacular display 

Today I visited bunnings and continued the theme of succulents and have planted the hanging 
Pots with a variety 

The summers are getting extremely hot now. And as the front of my house faces west
This area gets burning hot! 

So succulents have a much better chance of serving these days 
Fingers crossed 

And as I’m getting more decrepit as I age. I’ve decided agains garden beds 
I’m just going to plant this area out with bushes 
Hubby will have to wiper snip for a little while but I’m hoping as the bushes grow they will block put the sun 
Enough to stop the weeds 

I’ll slowly add bushes over the next 12 months or so. That way I’ll hopefully have something flowering at every stage of the year 

And the rose garden 
Those wonderful roses came back again! 

Maybe I can call myself a gardener now. I haven’t killed them in well over ten years lol 

Some are not that old. But there originals are still there. 

Now. Maybe Mother Nature will get the hint and start the spring process happening 
Still have more pots to revitalise 
But I’ve made a huge dent 
See ya xxx

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Brain glitches, and strange rashes

Hello all 
I know you all think I’m very clever with my crochet but I’m here to tell you I’m really not 
The above pic is a big doily I’m making for my mother’s Christmas present 
It’s ok. She’s not on the net lol 

Anyway I was happily crocheting along. Thinking how easy is this pattern, until I had to start to decrease 
One of the triangles wouldn’t work no matter what I did 
So I looked down, down, down, till I found the problem 
See the hook? 
I had put an extra stitch there. 
So it all had to be pulled out! 

The bottom pic is where I finished off
I was not happy but it needed to be done! 

Also the other present I have made wouldn’t sit flat at the ends 
I used a thicker ply and it was fine till the last three rows with all its chains 

So I ripped out those and re did them adding extra stitches. 
It’s now much nicer. 

I had decided to clean up around the dogs couch area outside and as there couch was looking a little worse 
For wear, I had purchased a cover 

I cleanup up all the leaves and took their mat out to dust off and put on the new cover 
Hubby helped and we got it done 

As you know. When your busy you don’t notice things. But afterwards, while ripping out my work I kept itching my arm 
A huge red welt had come up and was slowing getting bigger 

Now as you know. I’m not good with reactions so I immediately took antihistamines 
As it was starting to itch up my arm and little red dots had begun to appear 

My Facebook family advised remedies and I took it all onboard 
This morning it looks much better. And I still don’t know if it was a bite of some kind 
Or me touching a plant that I’ve reacted too 
As I did do some planting earlier in the day 
But I will keep an eye on it, and hopefully by tomorrow at the latest it will be gone 

So you see 
I’m not clever at all 
And I’m kinda accident prone too lol 

Don’t you feel better now you know how silly I am! 
Your welcome lol 
Have a lovely day 
See ya xxx

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bathurst weekend

It’s Bathurst weekend and the eight hour race has begun 
Hubby and I went swimming this morning and then did a quick grocery shop before getting home in time for the big start

Don’t ask hubby to do anything for the rest of the day! 

Me. Well I finished my butterfly square blankets yesterday and they have turned out 
Nicely I think 

I had one square left so I’ll just add rows to it until it’s a nice size for a baby blanket I think 
I’ll use up the odds and ends of my carron cakes 
I think it looks ok 

I have some ideas for my next projects but as I’m going to give them away as Christmas presents I won’t be able to show you 
But for now 
I’m just relaxing, watching the race with hubby and feeling much much better than I have in weeks 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 
See ya xxx

Monday, October 7, 2019

A painful few weeks

Three weeks ago. I threw my back out bringing in firewood 
And as usual. I never do things by half and was in excruciating pain. 
I babied it and slowly stretch it as much as I could 
And finally just as it was getting to a point that I could bear it 
I got a bout of gastro 
If you have ever had a sore back. You know bending is pretty hard 
So having to Bend over and throw up is painful enough 
But when you run out of stuff in your tummy. The dry retching is even worse! 

Not to mention, the running to the loo for the other delightful symptom of tummy bugs! 
Enough to said about that. 

Anyway. The gastro has pass, but the back is still pretty painful 
I have an ouchie massage appointment tomorrow, hopefully it will be fix then 
Hopefully I’ll be on the road to wellness again after that 

The biggest problem of the last three weeks is the mental side effects 
Not being able to sleep, makes you tired and cranky anyway 
But add the pain, and the gastro and you feel totally washed out 

I hadn’t be able to leave the house for well over a week 
So no swimming, no walking and not interaction with friends 
Not a good combination for mental health issues 

Depression and anxiety have been at record levels and the little voices in our head 
That tells us all the bad things like 
Your lazy, fat unlovable was absolutely screaming at me 

The only silver lining was the fact that I finished all the 198 squares I needed to make the two blankets 
And I’ve even finished stitching one whole blanket. 
Once the second one is stitched I’ll crochet the boarders 

Once again. I didn’t swim this morning. 
But I did make it to coffee with the girls 
Baby steps 
And as the weather slowly gets nicer I might even be able to go outside and get me some free 
Vitamin D 
But for now. I’m going to sit inside, listen to my audiobook and start stitching the second blanket 
Hope all is well in your world 
See ya xxx