Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday update

Here are the gardens after to pulled out what was finished producing and planting all my seedlings 
I even and to put some in pots I had so much and I gave some away to Leanne's dad. There was so much 
The boys have finished the bones of the outdoor room. Next week they will come back and either do the roof or the fencing round. I'm not sure but slowly it's getting done 
I feed all the plants I pulled out to the chickens. They loved it. But they were full and there is still some left. I'm sure they will get through it in a few days lol 
And today I got these for th grandbaby. I couldn't resist.  Are they not so very cute  
I also manage to do another row on th shawl. So I had a very productive day. Very soon I will be putting myself to bed. I really need a sleep in. Hopefully I'll get one tomorrow. 
See ya xxx

Sunny Saturday agenda

Today's agenda includes planting all these. But first I have to get the winter crops out. 
The boys are back and things are taking shape 
And I hope to keep working on this at some point. 
Throw in a visit from a friend some washing and a BBQ dinner and our Saturday is looking kinda full. 
I hope I hVe the energy to get through it all lol
What are your plans today?
Have a great day everyone 
See ya xx

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday funnies

In honour of the Spring Equinox. I decided today it was going to be all about chickens lol 

And finally because I love my chickens so much. This last one is oh so true. 
It's almost the weekend. Have a great day 
See ya

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Then and now

Another layer of bitumen will be layed once the whole street is done. But boy oh boy what a difference. 27 years of dirt roads have gone and now keep the car clean is going to be so much easier 
See ya 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New beginnings

The Equinox has come and new life begins 
Some more babies. First year this tree has been in.  Lost my other almond when I got really sick. So very happy girl we now have this one

And finally s new bitumen road. Soon all the road works will be over and peace will descend again to our little community. 
But most of all with the birth of our first grand baby in a few months a new chapter will begin in our lives. The maid will become the mother and the mother will become the crone. 
And  so very excited about that. Loving this spring. 
See ya

Monday, September 21, 2015

Spring Equinox

The wheel turns and the days will get longer. The darkness is receding. 
It feels likes it's been such a long cold winter this year. I'm looking forward to the summer for the first time in a long time. My bones need thawing. Just remind me of this when I start to whine about the heat lol 
Have a blessed day. To our friends in the north. Blessed mabon. Enjoy the retreat into yourselves time to rest and rejuvenate 
See ya 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Final stage has begun

The posts have been up for a few weeks but today they were made straight and ready for the framework 
The framework is up there was much measuring and re measuring and hammering 

all the pieces for the A frames have been cut and ready to put together next week. 
Then there is fencing and an open fireplace. It's going to look awesome 
See ya

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday funnies

I can't believe how quick the weeks are flying by. This week we have had another death in the family. My fathers brother so a funeral for Monday. 
The weather turned cold and wet so I've been battling the pain but the weekend is looking to be nice so hopefully I'll get a little relief. 
Baby girl had her twenty weeks scans and grand baby girl is perfect. 
So we have had a week of ups and downs. 
So here are some pics I got from a post called someone forgot something. 
I really could relate to these this week lol 
Have a good one 
See ya

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A wonderful day

This morning we had a sleep in and boy was it wonderful. Then we went out for a brunch and visited garden world. I'm after some bougainvillea. But apparently it's still too early for them. So home went. 
On the way we did some grocery shopping and some wine shopping and then stopped off at a nursery right near our home. Now you know. You always mean to go but you just never do right!
Well. We went in to see what they and and walked out with this pot and this Vulcan magnolia 
Love magnolias and have always wanted one 
Not the cheapest of purchases but how good does it look. And it matches the smaller pots I have in th new pergola area. Perfect 
Now this is what my afternoon will consist of. Hubby will join me as soon as he has finished doing whatever it is he is doing and we will just relax and enjoy this magnificent weather. 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 
See ya

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Finally done

Remember those garden beds from Aldi? Well finally put them together and planted them out. Because they were going on a concrete slab we also used a layer of rock to help drainage 
Hubby putting them together wasn't as hard as I thought. 
Some pots I had. I got hubby to screw them into the retaining board. So I have more room for more pots 
So I planted all these into the two new beds. So soon I hope they a riot of colour 
So slowly an ugly concrete slab will be transformed into something Beautiful. I hope 
Well it's a start 
How's your weekend going?
See ya 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday funnies

Morning all. I can't believe it's Friday again. I've not been a we'll girl. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Back to swimming this morning for me. Enjoy these funnies and have a great weekend what ever your doing. Be well and happy 
See ya

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Garden adventures and birthday boy

Lookie at what I got today from Aldi lots of seeds
Tomato plants
These are lavenders I got from a nice lady at knitting 
And garden beds to plant them all in. These are from Aldi as well! So I'm going to try and put these together on my own. If it's too hard I'm going to have to wait for hubbies help. 
And here is hubby! It's his 54th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Funny how it's his birthday but for got the tummies lol 
Oh well he will eat the produce too
See ya xx

Monday, September 7, 2015

Roadworks update

One driveway is concreted and the shoulders done. They will backfill and then do the road. But before then they will do our other driveway. If your not lucky enough to have two driveways they do half at a time. Apparently we cannot drive on them for ten days. 
Hopefully they will finish soon and life can get back to normal 
See ya 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wedding day

The beautiful bride with her dad
Cutting the cake
My nephew and his girlfriend. He's the brother of the bride 
My baby girl and her hubby
The next to wed. My wonderson and his fiancĂ© 
The bridal party. 
May they live happily ever after