Sunday, January 20, 2019

Finally done

The railing is finally finished. Only took three years! 
But the builder is a friend and well he has been busy. 
We needed him to come and fill in the top part of the wall above the fireplace to block of some of those cold 
Southern winds 
And he finished the railing too 


What do you think. 
I love it. 
Tomorrow the men from the blind company are coming to measure for outside blinds. We are going to put them on that southern wall and two bays of the eastern wall 
Stay tuned for that 
Right now I’m having a glass of wine and relaxing with some crocheting 
Enjoy your weekend 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 18, 2019

Keto bread

Yesterday I decided to try a new recipe 
This is keto bread made with creme fraiche 
There are only four ingredients and it’s really simple 
Doesn’t really taste like bread. But it is a yummy snack 

I used this recipe 
If you decide to try and make it let me know 
There are no carbs so a great for a ketosis diet 
It’s Friday. Have a great day 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My world

The perfect way to spend the morning 
These two cuties sure are helping to keep me young 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A night of magic!

Last night my sister in law, nieces and their friends went to a wizards dinner 
Oh my what fun we had lots of people dressed up and the whole night was full of laughter and 
Here we all are waiting to go in 

The hall was amazing and we even had a resident ghost 

The cauldron was busy doing it thing throughout the night  

Our house. 
Our head of house was master frigg 
It was a cross between Harry Potter and the Arthur legends 

Here we are right up the front. But it didn’t matter 
Action was happening all around and you could all get up on your seats and we were encouraged 
To bang, stamp, clap and song out loud! 

Some people’s costumes were amazing. 
Here I am with bellatrix and her sister sissy 

And my niece phoebe with dobby the house elf 
She stole the night. At the judging of the best costume the whole place was chanting dobby dobby 
Even we were and she didn’t Even belong to our house! 

There were even a snake and an owl there. But I can’t show you all the pics or this post would go forever 
Oh. We even had food and drinks lol 
It was a fantastic night and I had a ball 
I hope the others had as much fun as I did 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 11, 2019

Love at first sight

 Went and visited our new baby 
I’m smitten 
The next five weeks are going to go so slow 
I’ll have to pass the time buying things for her lol 
See ya 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New year new baby

Meet Beatrix 
But I will call her trixie 
She’s going to come and live with me as soon as she’s old enough 
She’s a toy poodle and I named her after the blond midwife in call the midwife 
Since I probably won’t be traveling extensively overseas  now I’ve had two anaphylactic episodes 
I needed a pet that I can take away with me camping around Australia 
She I’ll be my constant companion and eventually sleep with me 
So she will be able to come camping with us in the van 
I’m very excited 
And nervous 
She’s only two weeks and four days old so it’s a few more weeks before I get to bring her home 
I’ll keep you posted as I get more pics from the breeder 
See ya xxx

Thursday, January 3, 2019

52 today

Today I turn 52! 
The years are marching on 
I feel better than I did at 51 so that’s a good thing 
This arrived today. It’s my birthday and Christmas presents 
New outdoor furniture and it all matches 
Waiting on my buddy Bec to come over and we are going to christen it
With a few drinks and some laughs 
I’m a happy spoilt lady 
See ya xxxxx