Monday, June 26, 2017

Second stop


Have reached Queensland. 
Stopped in Cunnamulla and it quickly got too dark to take pics 
It's safest to not drive in the dark. We see lots of kangaroos dead on the roads. 
They feed at dust and dawn so that's when most get hit. 
Best to avoid a collision with a roo as you will not only kill them but do major damage to your vehicle 
The temp when we got here at just after five was still 20 degrees. So after setting up camp I had a lovely cool shower and now I'm wearing a skit and tshirt 
I'm hoping to get some tanned legs and arms in the nesxt few weeks 
So now we are going to have a nice dinner of BBQ meat and salad
And after cleaning up we will just relax with a drink 
See ya tomorrow for the next update 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day one

Day one and we have been on the road for nine hours 
We are made it to hillston and will rest and start up again in th morning 

Luckily for me the toilet and shower bock is right next door 
Will eat. Take meds and then rest 
I bet hubby and I will sleep like babies 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy birthday. One more sleep

Today my sister in law, and my friend turns the big 50! 
Here we are when we were in Paris on our euro trip. 
Doesn't look a day over thirty does she. 
Happy birthday Fran. We are going part hard tonight and probably be in bed well before midnight Lol 
Frans birthday is why we are leaving on a Sunday instead of Saturday. I couldn't leave without celebrating with her 

And then I'll get home and this will be me!
We will sleep get up get ready and go! 
Off on our outback adventures 
A pret exciting weekend I think 
See ya xxx


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A rest day


Yesterday I had my hips all out back again. Only had them done on Friday and they were out again 
My wonderful myotherapist fitted me in as she knew I was going away. And wanted me to be pain free 
So today I rested and allowed them to just get used to their right place. 
I can't just not do anything so I decided I'd try my first amigurami 
Think that's how it's spelt. Anyway I decided Melody would love a mermaid. 
So I you tubed a doll and followed along for the head. But decided I didn't like the bloody. So found a pattern for the body 
And combined it with my head. Then I didn't like either of the tails. So I free styled the tail 

And pretty much free styled the rest of her as well 
I still have they eyes and mouth to embroider but she is done 
I used all left over yarn   So she is free! 
Recognise the hair?  Yup the last of that Caron cake I got as mill ends  
She's not perfect. Her bikini top is lopsided just to start you off lol 
But I'm sure Melody will love her 
So even though I rested all day. It wasn't a wasted day 
Only four more sleeps till we head off 
See ya xxx

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Seven more sleeps

Only seven more sleeps and we leave for our big outback adventure 
Hubby is busy testing all the equipment and packing it away
Everytime I think of something I pop it in the van
The route we have decided on is through NSW and Queensland so there will be more towns and supermarkets 
This has taken a lot of the pressure off. 
We Will be able to stock up before we go into the wilderness. 
A much better way I think. 
I'll keep you posted. 
Getting close now
See ya 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hair do!

This is the back of my head after my sister chemically straighten my hair 
No iron tongs were used. Just the dryer and a little bit of brushing 
Isn't it great. Going out bush in a few weeks with no electricity means it's going to be much easier to 
Keep my hair looking normal lol 
Forgot a before shot. But my hair has waves that go all over the place and it's frizzy as well 
So thanks Kerry!  Great job 
Another job ticked off the list before we go
See ya xxx

Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm so happy. 
My fireplace is done. 
It's been a long time but finally it's built 
Got to wait a week and then we can light a small fire 
I'm on the hunt for a fire grate 
Some tools and I need a mantle 
But these are little things that will come quickly 
Won't be long and I'll be enjoying laying in my hammock with a drink and relaxing in front of the roaring fire 
See ya xxx