Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The not so glamorous stuff

This is how we wash the clothes, wash the clothes, wash the clothes 
Yup hand washing in that bucket of river water. 
You don’t waste drinking water washing clothes! 
So everyday hubby got me fresh river water and I soaked the clothes overnight and did them first thing 
It was so hot and dusty the clothes just got putrid 
Not to mention the smell of fish and mud crabs!

It was back breaking work and I have a renewed appreciation for my washing machine 
I hung my stuff on these clothes horses and kept them under the awning overnight to keep them dry 
A few times the fog was so bad even overnight that they still got wet through so I just had to keep an eye on them and bring them in as soon as they were dry 

Jody had a clothes line mostly it worked well. But some people. Like to speed past and lots of dust would end up on the washing 
Either way dust was a real problem. But we just capitulated and thought 
“Well as long as they smell clean, it will be fine”

The same inside 
Dust everywhere 
Kitchens to clean
Bathrooms to wipe down 

Beds to make 
But a women’s work is never done
So we gave it a good go every morning and then ignored it all the rest of the day

Until meal times that is 
But that’s a whole other story lol 
Go and hug your washing machines. They’re wonderful! 
See ya xxx

Monday, July 16, 2018

Back in civilisation

We have seen many many animals during my time in the outback 
Saw this wallaby outside my van one morning 
Saw lots on the road and lots out bush

So much bird life. Here is a hawk eating the carcass of a queenie fish we had caught and filleted 
We also saw eagles and lots of colourful parrots. 
Plenty of cockies both black and white

Wild brumbies, and cattle. 
Lots of cattle! 

We even saw a dingo, a goanna and lots of snakes 
But mainly we saw crocodiles 
Check out my videos 

I hope they worked! 
We had left that carcass on the bank and this cheeky bugger decided we had left him his dinner 
I was so lucky I was sitting there and was able to film it 
More to come later 
See ya xxx

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mount Isa

Today is day four. And as usual I’m over being in the car. I’m over the driving 
And I just want my home to be I the same place it was yesterday 
I’m homesick for my family and my pets and even though the weather is much nicer and pain levels are lower because of it 
The pain caused by sitting in a car all day means I’m not feeling the benefits just yet 
Add to that. I’ve got fibro fog and the laundry in this caravan park had not instructions on what kinds of coins,and how many I needed for them to work 
So I did all my laundry by hand 
It’s drying now outside but it just added to my pain and anxiety 
But you know something will always pop up to make you smile 
And my beautiful daughter sent me a Video of my precious granddaughter pushing a trolly and helping her to do the grocery shopping 
It made me smile and made me cry 
I’ll be ok in a day or two. I always go through this 
Hubby has escaped my wrath and gone to do a shop to replenish our supplies before we head into the wilderness 
Tomorrow night will be spent at Barkleys homestead. The last of civilisation before we turn off into the the great Aussie wilderness 
So for now I’m. Enjoying a quiet drink. Trying to calm my anxiety and remembering that my family and friends will all be there when I get home 
That this isn’t a punishment but a holiday to be enjoyed 
If I can post at Barkleys I will if not see you in a few weeks! 
Stay safe y’all 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 16, 2018


We have stopped again for the third night 
We are now in Queensland and the weather today was sunny and pleasant 
Even got up to 22 degrees Celsius 

Here is our van.  A quick set up for an over night stay 
Hubby had taken the car to fill it with fuel so we don’t have to stop too many times tomorrow 
And hopefully we will get another early start 
We were aiming for blackall today. But have gone past there to stop here. 
Not a bad days travel 
It’s till light and dinner will be salad with some chicken
Then relaxing and an early night for us oldies 

We had to avoid a few kangaroos today. It’s like they wait for you to come close then jump out! 
Very annoying. So once again we can’t leave until the sun is up. That way we can at least see the little buggers 
See ya xxx

Friday, June 15, 2018

Second night Bourke

Have made it to where the weather is warmer. But only just! 
If did get to 18 degrees Celsius but it will drop to only five overnight 
So once again. The heater is on! 
Once we cross the Tropic of Capricorn it should get much much nicer 
And I’ll be able to pull out the summer clothes! 
For now dinner has been cooked, eaten and I’ve cleaned up 
Soon I’ll have a shower and put on my warm pjs and settle for the night 
We had a little sleep in this morning 
Hoping to get nine hours on the road tomorrow 
But we shall see 
See ya xxx

And so, it begins!

We have left the state 
Have spent the first night just over the boarder in NSW
we decided to leave after lunch on Thursday rather than get up early to beat the traffic 
The weather is still cold, and apparently we are all getting some crazy winter weather 
Hopefully he head inland enough to miss it. 
The whole of the east coast is going to be freezing 
We aren’t that worried 
We will be spending the next few nights in caravan parks so we will be able to use the heater 
In the van 
Hopefully we will hit the warmer weather soon and I’ll be able to thaw this 
Frozen and sore body
So very soon I’ll get up and get myself ready for the next leg of the journey 
Stay warm everyone in the affected areas 
I’m so glad I was able to find those cat caves for my babies 
See ya xxx  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Something special for my babies

Since I’ll be leaving for six weeks   There won’t b a fire going   And even though they will
Be inside I don’t want my babies getting too cold. 
So I got them a cat cave each! 

Both Bella and Agatha have taken to theirs immediately 
Agatha gets hers near the fire. Even though it won’t be going. She will think it is lol 

Meanwhile this little rascal has decided he didn’t want to stay in his. 
But is meowing for more food 
Guess what sunshine. You have had dinner and your not getting any more! 
He really is a porky pig! 
What do you think? 
Do you like them? 
See ya xxx