Sunday, December 4, 2016

The things we do

This is just one of the things we do 
When we have an on the move baby in the house 
Now I don't have to worry about melody getting into cat food, water or poop! 
See ya xxx


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting summer ready

Although the hot weather really hadn't started yet. You can see it's really dry here 
Getting water to the stock is hard work. But now the new back fence is done and the door is better positioned we have put a bathtub close so I can at least keep one full constantly 


View from the old permaculture area. With me being sick all these last years  it's all gone. 
Breaks my heart really 
But you can see the back hose reaches easily. So it's not hard to fill the tub 
And the view from the outdoor covered area 
I can see instantly if they have water 
Hopefully we get rain occasionally during the summer months 
See ya xxx

Friday, December 2, 2016

Last of the babies. ?

The last two babies are out. This one was out of its nest a few days ago. A pretty green

And this one came out today. 
The first three babies were from the same nest. But this one from another. 
It's mother had now gone in to look after the eggs if the third nest. It's mummy has given up on them 
So who knows. Maybe more. 
See ya xxx

Thursday, December 1, 2016

First day of summer

Summer is here so I thought I'd show you what's happening in the garden 
We have baby tomatoes 

And some corn 
It's not very high. Not sure what breed these are. We were given seedlings from a friend. So just grateful and we will eat whatever grows 

The berries were neglected and we totally forgot to cut them back. But they still have produced some berries. Yummy 

The garlic almost ready to harvest. I planted in the shortest day of the year. Will harvest on the longest 
Over the weekend we planted some cucumber seedlings 
The oregano is going strong. Will harvest some over the weekend and start drying for winter use 
This is my wishing well. With the only rose that survived in the hanging baskets out front. The possums ate them. This was right in the middle. I'd say they couldn't reach it 
My climber had come back after frost killed it over winter and the roses are still full of flowers 
And my flower corner is coming along. Again frost killed some plants. So I'll need to replant some pots 
So all is well here. A long hot summer is predicted. I'll be mulching and keeping the water up to these 
What's happening in your part of the world?
See ya 

Monday, November 28, 2016

A little bit of Christmas


This is my Christmas decorating  almost done for this year 
I bought myself an optic fibre tree and if you look closely you will see the lights as the end of the branches 
They change colours so I don't need any decorations on it 
With two cats and a very active baby I'm thinking this is the best option 
I have the Christmas shopping almost done 
Don't like the crowds so I like to get it all done and dusted well before Christmas 
I have a wreath on my door and some indoor lights and that's about it. 
For those that know me. This is a lot 
I really am a Scrooge at Christmas. I not into all the commercialism and the frenectic hype 
I just like it for the kids, and the getting together with the ones that matter 
So Christmas will be a less hectic affair this year. Christmas Day is at my sister in laws 
What are your plans?  Are you getting organised?
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The boys are back

The boys were dropped off today 
Don't they look handsome after their relaxing holiday away at the beauty spa lol 

And here is their fleece 
I have a friend who knows how to spin. So I'm hoping she will be able to teach me and another friend of ours how to do it 
There is lots here to practice on 
Exciting isn't it 
See ya xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feeding time

Have given  my budgies some fresh greens. 
They love the parsley so I tried some apple as well 
They have nibbled it. But the parsley is the clear winner 
Might have to plant more 
See ya cxx