Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your meal is served

This plus 

This equals 

A yummy dinner. 
I hope the sheep and alpacas enjoy it! 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A different view

Didn’t get a before shot. I forgot. But this is half way. It was really really overgrown 

And here it is. With an extreme make over. 
It was getting harder and harder to get large vehicles around there without the branches scratching them 
So now we have a large open space 
I have one protea to plant in there and I’m thinking of moving an olive tree that is in amongst the other trees that hasn’t 
Done much do to not enough sun 
But for now I’m enjoying just seeing the world 
There is a small tree that was struggling. But now it has lots of room to spread and grow. 
So what do you think?  The willow will grow again and it’s usually very quick at bouncing back
But this time we will be vigilant and not let it get outta control 
See ya xxx

Monday, November 13, 2017

In the garden



Petty flowers



Zucchini. Spring onions and beans 



And OMG olives! 
This tree is full. Do I thin out and if so how?
So much abundance and this is just my backyard 
Feeling blessed 
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The maiden voyage

Here we are all set up and ready to relax 
Took about five minutes 
So easy 

We organised our wood pile 
It was really cold that first night 
And here is everyone, except me, sitting around the campfire 
It was a relaxing couple of days 
As there was no electricity. We all had hot water bottles to keel us warm 
And lots of blankets. 
But the days were sunny and nice
It was great to just get away
Home now. Have unpacked and checked all our babies 
They have survived without us 
Thanks Mathew for looking after then while we were away 
But now. I’m having a little rest before thinking about dinner 
See ya xxxxx

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More blessings

For those that are not on Facebook 
I would like to announce that my baby girl is having another baby girl of her own!
Yes Melody is getting a baby sister in May 
We are all very excited 
Mum was pretty sick at first. But she has settled down 
Thank goodness 
We cannot wait 
I’ll apologise now for all the baby spam your going to get lol 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sad day

This little girl didn’t make it 
She must of been down longer than we though 
She had started eating. But her back legs lost circulation while she had been down and she couldn’t stand 
We even tried some physical therapy 
But she just didn’t get better 
She died quietly in hubby’s arms 
We are devastated 
The farmer life is one full of heartbreak 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Prep work

I was telling hubby yesterday, while we were packing all the things from our old van into the new one, that
I wanted to scotchguard the chairs 
That way they are easier to clean and as this van is primarily on off road camper. It’s going to get grimy with the Australian outback dust 
Well as luck would have it. Aldi had these for sale today! 
How’s that for manifestation excellence! 
So I got myself some cans and have given the cushions a first coat 
It says two light coats are better than one heavy coat 
So in a few hours I’ll go out and reapply
I did get a few spare cans. So I’ll be able to do it again in a few weeks. Just to make sure I’ve got it covered 
Gotta love Aldi! They always have what I want, pretty much when I want it lol 
See ya xxx