Saturday, March 17, 2018

I’m still here

Hello everyone 
Yes I’m still here 
I’ve been busy swimming five days a week for an hour and a half each morning 
I get up around five and I’m usually in the water between 6.15 and 6.30! 

As well as my usual granddaughter sitting 
Normal household duties, returning to knitting group, having coffee and shopping with the swimming girls! 

Yes I have been a busy little bee. 
I’ve also lost 14 kilos in three months, which makes all this business a little easier, I do have to remember to not push too hard 
Or I do crash. 
And that’s not fun at all 

Yesterday I, along with two other swim buddies, went off to see the 
Pirates of Penzance at a new theatre that has opened not far from here 
It was a small production. Only six people. But oh my it was wonderful 
I really enjoyed it,full of laughs and and very topical 
And at only $20.00 a ticket a very cheap day out. 
I have posted a pic of the front of the theatre and a link to the web page, for those that live near me. 
Check it out. Lots of great shows coming at reasonable prices 
And as it’s really close and has heaps of free parking, there really isn’t an excuse to 
Not go to live shows anymore. 

So after my full on day yesterday. I’m a little tired and sore 
But it was so worth it. 
Now to get up and get going
There are fur babies to look after, grocery shopping to do, housework to attend to and later this afternoon a visit from my 
Littlest most important person! 
Yup melody lol 
Enjoy your weekend everyone and 

See ya xxx

Thursday, March 1, 2018

First of March

The first of March and it’s the first day of autumn here 
The day was cooler than we have been having. But by the afternoon the sun did come out 
The leaves haven’t started to turn yet 
So I guess we still have some summer yet 
But this is my favourite season 
The days are frosty in the morning, sunny during the day and cool at night 
I can’t believe the year is going so fast 
Soon our new granddaughter will be here 
Only a few months to go, and Melody will be a big sister 
Time really does fly
It was only last week that her mother was a little girl. 
The wheel continues to turn and I can watch myself againg in the mirror! 
But really. Would we have it any other way 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Movie day

Today the swim girls and I went off to see a movie. 
This one. Called finding your feet 
I really enjoyed it. 
You laugh, you cry but mostly you enjoy a great story 
It’s got lots of experienced British actors and not violence or sex scenes 
But what it does have is a story that is believable. 
Maybe not for the young. But for those of us that have life experience, and just want to see a movie that 
Is honest and has something for most of us to identify with. Then this is it 
Highly recommend, especially if your after something you can take your mum too and not be embarrassed. 
Let me know if you have seen this or plan too, would love to know what you think 
See ya xxx

Monday, February 26, 2018

A blessed event

This is my beautiful niece and her hubby with their six month old baby boy 
On Saturday I became he’s godmother 
I feel very honoured 
Poor Natasia was trying to send me pics off her phone. But they didn’t come through clear. So I took 
This one off Facebook from her father in laws post 
So let me introduce you to 
Wyatt Andrew.  
He was very good and didn’t cry 
A lovely day was had by all 
See ya xxx

Friday, February 23, 2018

Time to pay the fiddler

After spending many hours, days, in the car. I came home to lots of body aches and pains 
Luckily I had my massage, torture, booked on the second day I was home 
Oh my.  Was I broken. 
I don’t think there is a part of my body she didn’t have to beat up to get back into how it’s supposed to be 

Also the pain has prevented me from sleeping, getting worse last night as hubby was away. 
So now I’m sore and tired. So very tired. 
I didn’t swim this morning and slept in, as I didn’t actually sleep till around three this morning 
Our government, in their wisdom, has decided to take away the meds that worked from us, and made it now only possible to purchase 
After going to the doctors to get a prescription. 
So even the ability to take those meds, to help get over a flair, has been taken away from me 

So this morning I have spent it in bed reading, 
But I have to get up soon as even sitting and resting will hurt in diff parts of the body 
I’ll get up shower and take it easy the rest of the day 

Hubby will be home round three this  afternoon and hopefully with him home, and my resting, I’ll be able to sleep tonight 
And wake up nice and refreshed tomorrow 
Well as good as I can be for me 

I figure that no matter what I do I will always have some level of pain, so I might as well do what I have to, live while I can, and deal with th consequences as best as I can. 

I hope your all well and life is good for you 
See ya xxx

Friday, February 16, 2018

Parkes and the dish

Tonight we ar staying in Parkes in NSW

I have been through this town many times. And always see this massive telescope 
But I have never stopped in and visited. 

So today we made the effort and I loved it 
I’m a little bit of a geek, I just don’t have the brains lol 
Love anything to do with space. 
The telescope is still a working telescope and it’s always monitoring the cosmos. 
While at the dish, we need to keep our phone on airplane mode so as not to interfere with the monitoring 
An interesting fact about the apples trees on the property. 
It makes science come to life. 
If ever in the area and you get a chance to visit. Do. 
It’s very interesting and there is even a few 3D movies you can see for only $7.50
In a few days I will be home 
Looking forward to that. 
It’s been a very nice short break 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Today is the day our travel buddies pick up their new van. 
It’s the whole purpose of this trip. 
They are currently at the caravan dealers and hubby went along as well. 
Me. I’m sitting by the pool having a nice relaxing day 
Yesterday we visited Australia zoo and then had a friend who I had not seen for close to 20 years come visit 
So that was a big day 
Today is melodys 2nd birthday 
I know she had no idea and really won’t miss us. But I did have a little cry this morning 
We did take her out on our long weekend together to buy her a gift or two. 
Even though I got her a few things yesterday lol 
It would not be long and we will head home. I can give her lots of cuddles then 
In the meantime I think I’ll go back into the water. It’s getting hot again 
See ya xxx