Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A very productive day

The wrath today has been wet and cold. So it was another day spent in my sewing room.
The boarder has been put on my bag of mixed lollies quilt and I'll take it to class tomorrow to get it all pined together to quilt.
at craft quarters they had a sale on monday and they had boxes of good size pieces of material all for a dollar each. I found some that I thought would match some picture squares I had at home. So I turned them into stack and slash blocks and put them together.
the pink looks way brighter than it really is. It actually goes well together but it doesn't look like it here. I've sewn it all together and will take it to class to find something to boarder it with.
the pile of dark squares were more of the one dollar a piece finds. All are browns, or greens or oranges and very retro looking. I have cut them up to use in a scrappy quilt. The spotted stuff is a flat flannel sheet we never used and the wadding is from my stash. So the whole quilt will cost me around $20.00! 
And here is more of the one dollar finds, I loved these prints some have made some owl softies to send to the hospital the next time my knitting class sends off a box. 
They are not perfect but they are made with love and I'm sure the kids will appreciate it.
So there you have it, I also got housework and laundry done so I'm a very tired but happy girl today.
See ya


  1. Wow Angela - you go girl ! How clever you are ! Totally LOVE the owls x

  2. They are all beautiful! You are so creative.