Sunday, November 10, 2013

Summer residence

Here is the new chicken run. Ite perfect for summer as its shaded and has plenty of green feed for the girls.
this is the aviary that was given to me, unfortunately Molly our dog does not like seeing animals in cages or tied up and she dug a hole under it and then sat and watched as all the birds get out and fly away!  You could almost here born free playing in the background. 
I saw here watching and didn't realise what she had done till I saw a flock of birds fly away. Lol
So now it's been repurposed as the coop. Inside is the old grass catcher my other chooks used to lay in. Hubby made a hole in the wall so they can get into the run.
so hopefully the girls will turn this, 
into this! weed free. We will mulch and replant the roses we lost. Not due to the girls but due to me not being able to weed and the weeds getting bigger than the plant!  Maybe we will even grow another crop of pumpkins. 
And here under all this grass is a tree stump. One of the girls wanted to get a closer look at what I was doing. 
After they clean this up we will move them back to the rose garden and they can clean up any weeds that may have grown back. 
See chickens are more than recyclers of food scraps, producers of eggs,provide hours of amusement. But they also very hard workers in the garden for you. 
See ya

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