Monday, November 11, 2013

Bellas big day

First I have to help unpack mums shopping
then we put a load of washing on
gotta help hang it on the clothes horse to dry
keep an eye on those pesky birds, mum needs the place clear to iron her patchwork on.
she can't even sew without me helping her
making sure she is cutting properly. You know measure twice cut once!
sometimes she just needs me to keep her company in case she gets into trouble
helping read her knitting patterns, she needs lots of help in this department. 
No wonder I'm so tired, it's hard raising humans. 
Have a greqt day y'all 


  1. Miss Bella, you are a good helper and I bet you needed a big sleep after all your chores.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. You are such a good helper, Bella. <3

  3. That is one beautiful, lucky kitty to have ended up in your nest. She is blessed to have found her way to you. x ( and vice versa)

    1. Yes we are lucky to have each other, and to think I nearly didn't take her as we didn't hit it off straight away. But the breeder had waited for the right owner and she really felt that was me. So I guess she was right