Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The big morning tea

Every year in Australia we have big morning teas to raise money for cancer research. 
The knitting group I have joined do one and this year I'm joining in
We all are bringing a tea pot and knitting a cosie. We also are brining a cup and saucer to auction off but I'll post more about that later. 
As in not th worlds greatest knitting I chose a simple pattern to knit and used you tube to crochet some flowers. 
Here is my first try, what do you think?
Here are some more. They did get better as I made more. 
And here I didn't use a pattern I just used the pot and knitted to fit it.
Finished product. What do you think. Would you bit a few dollars for this. 
I'm going to make another and what ever is the best I'll donate. The other will go to my mother for Mother's Day. 
She has to love whatever I make lol
See ya

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