Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The crocheting continues

Here I have all 30 flowers finished. But to join them they have to be turned into squares
Ta da! This is where the pattern finished, although I didn't follow a pattern just the photo. 

I decided since I was doing it my way I'd continue and I've added more rows to my squares. 
I used up what I had for the centres so I was only able to make 30 rounds. To make the blanket bigger I'm making each square bigger and then once sewn together I'll add boarders,
But for now that's one down and 29 to go!
See ya


  1. Are you going to show us the finished project? I think it will look beautiful!
    Sorry about your missing the eclipse, bummer...

  2. Hi Angela, for some reason you'd gone from my sidebar (don't use the Reader to keep up with everyones' posts). Anyway, have sorted it out.
    I love how you taught yourself to crochet - quite an achievement in my book! I tried but was hopeless, so, well done. They will make such a pretty blanket. Cheers now :D)