Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All systems go!

Since getting home hubby has been demolishing and clearing getting it all ready to start the big rebuild. Here we had some bottlebrushes that had grown huge! Today they were cut down and taken away. We will dig out the law and concrete ready for timber to be constructed as an open roofed pergola. It will be a perfect place to have a nice cuppa on a hot summer afternoon. 
But we are not the only ones working at improvements. The council have finally started work on our road. They will widen it and seal it and after 26 years of mud and dust we will have a real bitumen road! 
So slowly it's all progressing. A young man that grew up just up the rad from us is now a builder and he came today to ask exactly what I had in my head. 
He will be here in a few weeks to start the build. So it all has to be down by then.
It's all getting exiting. I promise to post pics as it all happens 
See ya