Monday, April 20, 2015

Back into the groove

I'm slowly getting back into my normal life. Fire is lit and keeping me snuggly warm while I'm heating up soup. Hubby has come back with the flu so Greek chicken soup was exactly what he needed. 
I've got the house back to how I left it. Two cats and kids coming to look after them and it wasn't as neat and tidy as I liked. Although baby girl did tell me she vacuumed at least once lol
All washing has been folded and all clothes have now been unpacked and put away
And I've even got some crochet done.
Over the jet lag now and this morning I even started back at the pool, although I think I'll give tomorrow a miss as I think I've overdone today.
So even though I'm tired and pain levels have increased I'm happy. 
It's so very nice to be home.
See ya

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