Saturday, August 5, 2017

Better late I guess

The roses really needed cutting back 
But being away I didn't do them 
So today the sun was shining so I got out there and started hacking away 
I didn't go overboard. They have already started to bud
So I didn't want to risk killing them 
I know. Apparently you can't kill them. But I think I can!
Yup. I'm that good 

My hydrangeas. I've cut them back and i will fertilise and water them. As you can see they too have started to come back 

My lavender. They got a hair cut too. 
The hopefully I'll be rewarded with lots of blooms very soon 
Roll on spring!
See ya 


  1. Great job. I bet that lavender smells amazing. It's heading towards spring for you and we're roasting alive with this summer. So many people had veggie gardens and flower beds that just got fried by the sun. I am so looking forward to fall.

  2. And the garden was bare!! Amazing indeed how they all come back. I worry about the hydrangeas more than the roses but they seem to love a good prune.

  3. Show me a hydrangea I'll show you a dead plant. Here today gone tomorrow. In the ground or in a pot. Makes no difference lol
    Don't grow them now 😊

  4. Great job. I bet that lavender smells amazing.


  5. It takes time and perseverance, but I am living proof that you can kill your roses ...
    Your lavender looks so nice, bet it smells lovely.

  6. Wow, time is flying. It is almost spring there. your flowers will be blooming in no time. Best wishes to you. :)

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  8. My mother loved hydrangeas and would bury bent nails around them because she thought it would enhance their color.

    Lavender is very popular here in Oregon, USA, but I don’t remember it from Mississippi.

    We have a rose that was here when we moved in 27 years ago. I’ve moved it at least twice, and find that its diseases and predators make it so much work and expense that as much as I love it, I think one is plenty.