Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Same old, same old

I've been mia for a while now 
Nothing really going on 
The weather has been firghtful lately 
So I've just been home doing the same old thing 
Working on another baby blanket

Trying to stay warm 
And getting on with the homey stuff 
I'm slowly getting back into swimming three times a week,
Which has helped with the pain levels so that's good 
I hope your world has been calm and blissful like mine
See ya xxx


  1. Sounds like winter is giving you some good licks, huh? Lovely blanket, I like that stitch. Looks warm and cuddly.

  2. That is a beautiful blanket. I am glad to hear the swimming helps. Sending you healing wishes.

  3. There are so many crochet stitches that are hard for knitters to replicate - that or they use oodles of wool to do so making them uneconomical. Your blanket will be gloriously warm when it's finished.

    Lol after all my good swimming intentions the cold mornings have got to me and they've been no go! Good to hear you are back on track!

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  4. Hope the weather gets warmer.
    Your knitting/crochet is amazing. Wonderful pattern. How's the garden doing?

    1. Terrible. Too much water.
      But with spring there will be new hope

  5. Hey there sweet Sister. I m sorry you are in pain. I picked up swimming too.. I does help quite a bit. Have you tried the corticosteroids shot? It was the first time for me and it gave me such relief...
    You are right about our insticts but logic must preveil.. I have to get smarter about it!!
    Lots of love from half the World away!

  6. I forgot to mention that this work of art of your makes me long for Wonder even though i love summer...