Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something special

Here is what I bought yesterday. Before having to leave and find a pharmacy. It's got heaps  information and lots of old fashioned recipes. 
If you click on the pic hopefully it will get big enough to read. Some very handy hints can be found within. 
So what do you think. Nifty isn't it
I'm feeling much better today. I do feel light I've been punched in the mouth but the swelling is gone which is good. And no Cathy I didn't get bitten so before its a mystery. But I'm like that. An enigma lol
See ya xx


  1. That looks like an interesting read. Hope you find it helpful.

  2. It sound delightful, I wish I had time to read... remind me about it around July, would you?

  3. I have this book and yes there is some interesting stuff in there. We picked up our copy at the Ballarat when we went to Sovereign Hill :)