Monday, May 13, 2013

Definition of frustration

Bella is really wanting to go outside to chase all the birds. She sits at any open window and talks to all the birds that fly past. It's a wonderful sound, it's like a chirping sound rather than a meow. We had a bird stuck in our fire and when hubby opened the door to get it out it flew right over her head. She was off like a flash and caught  it in about 30 seconds so she would be very dangerous outside. So she is definitely and indoor only cat. Sorry Bella you can watch them all you like but you cannot go outside.  


  1. I love the photos. Reba makes strange bird sounds too. When she is at the window where the bird feeder is. I just heard it this past year. For the first time. It was like communication.

  2. i don't know what is more disturbing- Bella's bird obsession or the fact that you have an ironing board WITH iron set up. I am scared for you Angela !!

    1. Haha Lisa it's only for my quilting, which hopefully I'll get back into this winter.