Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This is buggy our rescue cat. We got her about 15 years ago. She was so malnourished and abused we were not sure how old she was. No one could near her,especially young kids and males. 
It took along time for her to trust us enough to let her pat her and many years before we could pick her up. Many years only our family could touch her but now she loves to be patted by anyone. Lately, since the weather has turned  cold, she has been going to work with don in the mornings. She just follows him. The boys have been give her food and they feed her every morning then after she eats she goes straight into the  office and sits on the chair. So she's dons right hand man. We are getting worried about her, but as long as she's eating and happily interacting then we will let her continue. But as soon as she turns for the worst ill have to make the heart wrenching decision to take her to the vet. She was not very loving at first and would even attack. But she has learnt to love and has become the most loyal and loving cat, and we all love her to bits.


  1. Aww little sweetie. We hope Buffy is happy for a while longer and enjoys her work. She must feel that she is helping, maybe helping warm the chair up.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Lucky puss to have landed in your nest Angela. I hate to think what she went through before she found you. poor Angel x