Sunday, August 23, 2015

Melbourne home!

I thought I'd do a post like a touris visiting a new city. This is Melbourne. My home. Although I live 45 minutes out South of the city, I love this city where I grew up 
It has interesting art over its highways and every city has a huge wheel these days 
The bolte bridge so we can get from one side of the river to the other 
Here is the Yarra river that flows through our city. Lots of people taking advantage of the sun and having a relaxing Sunday 
The tunnel that goes under the river so re can go over the the South east suburbs 
Sorry about the dirty window. We were camping lol but here we are in the tunnel 
So here is a little bit of my home city. I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour maybe one day if you haven't been you will come and visit us we would love to have you 
See ya


  1. Your city is beautiful, but I loved the most your camping site. It was fairy like. I have never been camping, it must be wonderful!

  2. Cool! I would love to visit, but unable to travel. Your pictures are great. Love the architecture!