Saturday, August 22, 2015


Here we are all set up. Sue is sitting outside her van and ours it on the right. We dug a hole and had a nice fire going in th evening. 
Sue and Keith have been doing a trek of the eastern part of Australia and have travelled right up the the most northern point of pur continent. The are now on their way home and we decided to meet them here and spend the weekend 

We are in the police paddocks near Rutherglen on th mighty Murray. It's not full. It it is moving quickly. 
Town in only a short drive so even though we are "roughing" it. No power or amenities, we won't run out of anything we need 
It was cold last night and it rained on and off all night. But we were snug as bugs in our van 
So much better than sleeping on th ground in tents!
So today we might go into town and visit some of the local wineries. Their area is famous for them. 
Or we might just sit around here and relax. Everyone is still in bed as its a bit too cold to get up and get moving just yet. 
But hey we are on holidays lol 
I do really need a coffee though. 
See ya


  1. I so glad you're having a good time. I love to camp too, but Peggy and I sleep in a van.

  2. If you have to camp - that is the way to go. No tents for me either!

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  4. Im so jealous, we love to camp to but sleep in the 4x4 with an awning. Cant wait to get going again ourselves. Have a great time xo