Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The case of the missing remote

This is our Foxtel remote. It has been missing for over 24 hours. 
24 hours that I tore this place apart and was really upset as I never lose remotes. 
But I did. I was putting the baby to bed and moved it and then I couldn't remember where 
I checked all inside the couch. In all the grooves I even tipped them over and vacuumed underneath NOTHING
Then today I decided to peel this flap back. It's Velcro. I thought it's about the only place I haven't looked 
And look what fell out!
OMG it's been stressing me so much I didn't sleep!
But I have it now. Safe in my hot little hand 
What a drama 
Peace may now be restored 
Thank the gods 
See ya xxx


  1. Aha, you have to make a fanouropita, or promise to make one if you find what you've lost.! Agios Fanourios opens your eyes so you can 'see' what you've lost. I've made dozens of fanouropitas. Actually it is amazing the number of times this has worked. In parts of Italy they make apple pies and ask Agios Antonio.

  2. We find any number of 'lost' items there, is the first place we look anymore.

  3. Walking off with something, and putting it down in some strange place is the main way I lose things--especially my mug of co