Friday, September 6, 2013

Cooking, preparing and fixing a minor mistake.

The other day when I made the orange and mandarin jam I didn't use enough pectin so it didn't set right. I suppose I could of recoiled it and added extra but I decided to just use it up in cooking. Here I have use the cheap chocolate cake mix you get from the supermarket and added some of the jam, to make choc orange cakes. One was taken to the shed for the boys, the other has been cut up and frozen to take away.
then I decided to make some salmon and egg mini quiches. I used one can if salmon, some frozen peas,corn,and carrots. Which I boiled and cooled, eggs and some flour. I mixed them all up and but the mix into muffin tins. These have now been put into bags and frozen to take away with us too.
and here is another cake I made to freeze and take away. Its the weight watchers one. You get some dried fruit, I used sultanas, and soak them in a cold cup of tea. I used a herbal blend. Then you add flour. It's two cups of each!  I also added some more of the jam to give it a more fruity taste.
It's cooling now but I think we will have some for dessert tonight and then I'll freeze the rest to take camping. 
Most of my cooking will be done before I leave at this rate.
See ya


  1. One of the lucky mistakes in cooking! Some of the yummiest things are made this way!

  2. My jam 'mistakes' usually went on pancakes. Never thought to bake in a cake. Looks good!